This Taxi Driver wants you to Search Him on Google

Search Engines are vital for any business. This is valid not only for the online businesses and entrepreneurs but a Taxi Driver from Rawalpindi is also well known to the benefits a search engine can bring to him.

Asif Ali Shah running a full fledge PR, branding, online marketing and lead generation campaign for his book “For Hire” with no budget in hands at all. For instance, he is using un-used space of his car to show a message for generating leads, supported by media coverage – that’s PR, and then he is using search engine for online marketing and branding.

This guy is one of those enthusiasts who don’t want to grow up, marry, have kids, get them married and die and not to be remembered by any one when their kids or their die.

Asif Ali Shah is truly an inspiration for many, particularly for those who live with limited resources.

I am not sure if he was taught these strategies in his pre-school, but this is an extra-ordinary example of running a business using internet and conventional media, effectively.

Via ijafri and labnol and sfweekly

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    we should encourge him via web abd media

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    hmm Great yar we must encourage him………

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  • He needs our support and we should support him.In Pakistan We the people got the knowledge and information of everything but some of us don’t have the funds or say finance to work on that.This is where unity comes.
    Media should give him some coverage.

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  • Actually as far as I know it was originally published by san fransisco weekly on 28th Feb :

    and became a popular story on digg :

    I think you should link to the original source.

    Moroever, “For Hire” is a book published by ferozsons that he has written about his experiences that he learnt from the people who hired his cab.

    This is the video about his book :

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    old news!!
    It has been already published on bbc somehow 1 year b4

  • we must need help him to publicize or monitize his book. It will be more good for Pakistaniss.

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  • Wow… we need people like him he is really a nioce person…