Ufone’s PR Head Gets APNS Award for 2005-06

Moazzam Ali Khan, Head Public Relation, Ufone

Moazzam Ali Khan, Head of Public Relation, Ufone has won best APNS public relation award for the year 2005-06, in a ceremony held last night at Islamabad.

An APNS official while speaking with ProPakistani said that Ufone did the best in terms of Relations with media and customers during the mentioned period. “Moazzam Ali Khan, Head of Public Relation was nominated by Ufone to receive the award”, confirmed the official.

APNS awards are given to journalists, newspapers, advertising and PR agencies for the outstanding efforts during the year.

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  • xRay


  • Insider

    Moazzam Khan wasn’t with Ufone in 2005, was he?

    • xyz

      You spotted it right, Shoaib Sheikh was head of PR Ufone from Nov 2004 to 2008

      • Imran

        So this complete article became dumb ?

        • ROFLMFAO!! Xd

          EPIC FAIL LOL

  • Jaguar

    hahaha favoritism

    • Imran

      Well Said

    • someone

      ever you can think positively? Why you guys are always pulling the legs, instead focus hard to win the glory next year

      • Ali Imran

        dear there is an embarrassing mistake about this ad and you are saying to focus on next year glory. APNS does not have credibility

      • Jaguar

        Honey there is no point of thinking positively; awards in Pakistan are widely recognized as forged and bogus activity.

        As told by above commenter shoaib sheikh headed the designation during 2005 to 2008. No offense but moazzam was never was PR guy.

        Here is his linked in profile for details that shows he had nothing to do with PR prior to feb 2008 when he joined Ufone: http://pk.linkedin.com/pub/moazzam-khan/18/404/531

        Point to ponder, how Ufone was so dumb to appoint an advertising person to head its PR dept.

        APNS grow up guys

        • Imran

          And so with PP guys.

          Grow up now

          • admin

            Okay here is the situation, we reported while quoting first hand conversation with APNS officials and external link to Jang Newspaper.

            APNS officer had mentioned (which we added in above report) that the award is given to Ufone, while Moazzam Khan was nominated by Ufone.

            On reporting part, we dug all fronts.

  • Ali Imran

    I just want to bring in notice of the authority that the best PRO award given to Mr. Moazzam Ali Khan of Ufone in 20th APNS Award ceremony is technically not correct. check his profile at http://pk.linkedin.com/pub/moazzam-khan/18/404/531 where is says he was in MCOM during that period. So other awards by APNS is also in doubt

  • Amina Hameed

    The amount of selective information and favouritism is amazing – Moazzam Khan didn’t join Ufone until 2008 and then too as Assistant Manager PR. He was in MCOM from 2005 till 2007.

  • Azmeh

    Aamir bhai, please ask Ufone’s people why the had wanted the award in this category where they even don’t meet the criteria and how this have possible. what other Telcos are doing??? come on Telcos competition is on…

  • K R

    MAK is a best guy and really deserve this award. Those who have served in Ufone know this very well. However Shoaib Sheikh its my personal view abt him that he is the rudest person in PR field.

  • Kamran Sheikh

    Moazam Ali khan is the best person i have ever met in my life. He may have received this award on Ufone or any other company’s behalf but he truly deserved it.
    The guy was in advertising field from childhood :) and if he got the award for that, whats the big deal.

    By the comments i read, i have come to the conclusion that This nation can never succeed, aik musalman dosray musalman ka bhala nahi dekh sakta..Qayamat Kareeb hai bhaiyon..WAKE UP

  • salman

    Its good to see APNS recognized PR Services but it is not fair to nominate that person who don’t know about PR if you can see the track record of said person he was in marketing department in 2005-2006 and have no PR achievement in mentioned tenur, In Pakistan very big name in PR industry like Javed shah CMC,Zuhair Sharif APR,Ayaz Babar from Mediator ,Aniq Zafar from CRS, if you can watch from company side we have lot of name who has served in PR field, I am sorry to say its not achievement its just to pay and purchase some thing from the market its totally unfairness nomination anyway Congratulation U FONE,

  • Mobarak Almas

    The Poor Ufone Services Hows Get APNS Award?