Warid Down by 2.6 Million Customers, Ufone at 3rd Slot Again

Cellular phone subscribers’ base has witnessed a significant contraction by 2.22 percent in January as the result of ongoing data correction process.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s (PTA) latest statistics show a decline of 2.17 million users in the overall sector, which reduced the teledensity of the country by 1.4 percent to 58.20 percent by the end of January 2010.

Warid remained the worst effected operator as it lost 2.65 million customers in total in January, taking it back to 4th slot in terms of subscribers.

The number of total subscribers in Pakistan now stands at 95.4 million after reducing from 97.57 million in a month.

More details in below graphs.

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  • This is still under discussion b/w warid and PTA next month stats may clear some situation

    first i was mobilink
    2nd ufone
    3rd warid
    now its turn for telenor

  • aamir there is a mistake in your 2nd graph u haven’t mentioned that which colume belong tpo which operator

  • I am using Ufone & warid both.
    Ufone call quality is not good in majority areas of Karachi while warid voice quality is very good but warid has no good sms bucket as compare to ufone/zong.

  • Its time Warid stopped with its fake counting of subs. Another faker like Ufone ! Pretending to be more than they are !

    • Well looking at all the feedback I can see we have a mixture of fans for Mobilink, Warid, Telenor and Ufone.
      Lakin baichara Zong..
      koi tau taras kha kar 2 lafz recommendation kay boldo :P

  • OMG, Means Telenor is growing faster.

    One or two good moves by telenor or few mistakes by Mobilink the Telenor thing will be on the top.

    U-fone was doing well right from start but don’t know what happened to it.

    Anyways I am stick with mobilink right from start and happy with it.

    • Ufone’s coverage is not up to par. As you can see from the user comments in this article, people face coverage problem even in Karachi. So how can you say it covers almost all corners of Pakistan?
      I’ve not travelled a lot in Pakistan but have some visits in interior sindh, and many places are out of reach of Ufone’s signals. Mobilink is best in terms of coverage and Telenor is second to it. I’m user of Telenor and I never faced any coverage issues at whatever place I went to.

      Don’t know about Warid or Zong’s coverage.

    • dear bro, i am a resident of one of the major city of Pak, Rawalpindi having a franchise of Ufone just on a walking distance and dont get signals at my home, to listen a phone cal, i shud not only have to cme out from my room but also from my home as well. . .

  • I am using Ufone from the day of launched and stick with Ufone due to its VAS and Good Customer Services. Whenever, I visited to Customer Services Centre or call 333, staffs always care and give me priority than other companies. I checked Mobilink and Telenor Customer Services which were not good. I am satisfied with Ufone.

  • Good picture of customers’ response for massive campaign in market for variety of packages confusing everyone with less response from customers for signing in.
    Look at packages & campaign of Mobilink and Telenor and see their growth. It is food for thoughts for other operators that do they really think introducing new package every month can bring more customers???

  • Hmmmm, Its a war against Cellular Operators.

    ZonG is Fifth Operator. Tu aissa tu hooo ga na kaliya :P

  • Looking at sms rates, packages, call rates and packages and gprs rates etc, I think best is Zong

  • Warid & Telenor voice quality is best, but warid`s call rates are very high as compared to others, Telenor is offering 63 Paisa Package, in which 0.75 / 30 sec (incl tax) are charged but warid, mobilink and ufone has no such packages,

    or zong to is dhor ma nahi ha, zong voice quality signal power, call connectivity, customer support serevice all things are unsatisfied.

  • oooooooooo ji. East and West warid is the best. 6 years m nay ufone use ki but ab.!!! main nay to apni sim ko aag laga di. bekar hogae hay ufone bus commercial bht acchay hotay hain. ye sach hai.I LOVE WARID GLOW.

  • where did 2 million subs go? they stopped using mobiles? or was it an adjustment too late for the inactive subscribers?

    Drop should be more than 2 million once other operators do the same!

  • Aamir bhai mujhe internet se free pakistan karne ka koi method ya phr koi website btaday plz..

  • wow! i always though ufone was on top and then zong and telenor on 2nd/3rd..the rest espically mobilink..no one uses… suprise suprise

  • UFONE is graet..i love ufone, dis is our Pakistani company, my all family is user of Ufone… wah kia aat hai ufone ki…pkages and voice quality is v nice of UFONE… i proud UFONE is pakistani.

  • main ny warid use ki, zong use ki, telenor use ki, now i m user of UFONE… east the west UFONE is the best…baki sab bakwas… cal and sms pkages r v nice of UFONE… telenor service is v weak now.. hamare area me telenor k signal he nahi aaty. UFONE zindabad.

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