Telenor Celebrates its 5th Anniversary with Karo Mumkin

Telenor Pakistan has launched the ‘Karo Mumkin’ campaign with the aim to position itself as a leader in innovation, and provide the people of Pakistan with a platform for inspiration and realization of possibilities. The campaign is designed to showcase the vision of Telenor Pakistan which seeks to explore new business opportunities in telecommunications, financial services and media. The occasion also marks Telenor Pakistan’s 5th anniversary.

Director Marketing Telenor Pakistan Usman Javaid introduced the ‘Karo Mumkin’ campaign. “Everyone has an idea or a dream that they wish to transform into reality. With its products and services, Telenor Pakistan hopes to inspire hope and self-belief in the people of Pakistan. Just recently, Telenor Pakistan transformed an opportunity into an achievement by launching the country’s first real mobile banking service, easypaisa. In the same tradition, we aspire to extend this faith to everyone that any possibility can be realized if pursued with commitment, confidence and belief,” said Usman.

Ever since its launch on 15 March 2005, Telenor Pakistan has been a driving force in changing the local market to the customers’ advantage. In the past five years, the company has introduced a number of revolutionary first’s, has created the second largest mobile network in Pakistan, and provides the country’s widest EDGE-enabled GPRS connectivity with a strong rural foot-print.

Telenor is the largest European investor in Pakistan having invested more than $2 billion, and has several corporate responsibility initiatives to its credit.

The ‘Karo Mumkin’ campaign invites people to realize possibilities by coming forward and sharing ideas. Participants can register on the ‘Karo Mumkin’ web portal and respond to the question “Where do you see Pakistan in the future?” An idea that best describes the future Pakistan will be selected by a national jury of specialists as well as public voting and aired on the “Karo Mumkin” TV show.

To participate entrants need to visit the webportal or send an SMS to 576 or call 0345-555 5540. Entries must be sent in before 31st March 2010.

Charges for sending an SMS are Re1 plus tax per min for IVR and 50 paisa plus tax per SMS. For calls, standard charges apply as per package plans.

  • Excellent campaign !!!!!
    It would be Very very good for telenor’s reputation and their CSR towards the society.
    I dont work for Telenor but their media campaign will motivate youngsters !!

    !! Great minds think a-like !!

  • Telenor made the difference and other telecoms (specially the national telecoms) should be ashamed as they don’t do any thing for the country and nation. Rather, they are destroying our young generation with their useless and meaningless ads and packages!

  • Mobilink is doing its part too with corporate social responsibility, it has one the largest IDP camps in NWFP too, why dont u guys get to c that ?

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