Dawn Allegedly Used Photoshopped Pictures of War Zone

Previously we had covered MQM’s photoshopped image published in various papers, and here it comes another blooper.

This time by Mighty Dawn, displayed a picture of Intermittent shelling by helicopters and artillery destroying a large food storage facility, in a recent news story.

Look at image yourself:

CyberDera caught the whole scene, and rightfully suspects following

  • This image is cropped out from some game or Google Maps
  • weird terrain that is for sure from some old old game
  • the gunners hand that are not proportional
  • Gun’s barrel which looks weird and flaky from places like it just disappeared

CyberDera applauses the courage of Dawn people, who have to show it to the world that yea wherever the army goes we are with them not knowing that people also have eyes.

He mocks by saying “I bet this is the result of too much MOHA, COD and Photoshopping noobs at Dawn.com”

you can see the fake picture in action right here on dawn.com

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  • cyberdera

    i found it to be some seriously funny stuff :)

  • Altaf

    our Media is useless industry!

    they are not loyal to country and neither they are concerned about any thing. All they want to post some thing that they believe will make people say their names / watch their channel.

  • “I bet this is the result of too much MOHA, COD and Photoshopping noobs at Dawn.com”

    LOL i agree with you 100% dude lol

  • Ali Ahmad

    hahaha… bas yehi daikhna reh gaya tha

  • Graphic Designers to dhang k rakhte.Sirf English news channel hone se koi farq nahi parta :|

  • Pakool

    Well i dont agree. ISPR releases so many such pictures for media so why they need to photoshop one themselves? The angle is such that the gun seems out of proportion.

  • G3

    With experience I can say that on Light Machine Gun (LMG) can be installed and back of the rifle is of LMG but the barrel is certainly not :)

    Very poor thing published by DAWN.

  • Nouman

    Cheater… Thsy makin ppl fool by doing these things..

  • Ismail Dhahrn

    it is the game of the hour. Like you have your page of sms..you click any thing that will open the free shiping window.

    GOOD MAN with clever eyes

  • I heard that our city FM 89 is also of dawn?

    A dirty english FM radio channel of Pakistan, objectionable songs can be listened at city FM 89, and after midnights they play worst, I heard this at night for about 20 minutes at city FM 89 with girls producing objectionable voices, enough shame for a good person.

    At every morning fajar times, when all other channels stop playing songs and they start talawat or azans, that time only our english channel city FM 89 continues playing songs, or sometimes they play english christian/yahood prayer songs at fajar, also english prayer songs of occupied territory israel with hebrew language words. like hallelujah etc.

    [Comment Edited]

  • cyberdera

    @Sacha Kaka .. dude take it easy man

  • cyberdera

    looks like dawn.com removed the image.. according to dawn it was a image released by APP that got picked up by some night shift people… :)

  • Originative

    ya sab to awam ko bawaqoof banaty han apni chat pati khabroon sa…

  • moz

    I can find a lot of objectionable crap on this site too. Why only target Dawn? You can find photoshopped image of mqm, but you can’t find the fake newspaper site called “The london post” that is managed by people in mansoora, Lahore. Is this a tech site or a political site? Cut the crap “propakistani”. We are full of BS and hypocrisy.

    • admin

      So you are justifying Dawn’s act coz there is a paper called “The London Post” available too? Really WOW!

    • Khalil Ahmed

      We have a problem here in Pakistan that everything bad happening is justified by another evil happened in past or happening.

    • True Pakistani

      Absolutely True

      Please dont do any thing on this site which smells politics…..

      • True Pakistani

        Agreed with MOZ comments

  • moz

    What is the point of this? I don’t think that the picture is photoshopped, unless if you are a professional photographer.

    • admin

      You are little mistaken moz, not only a professional photographer, but a copy maker, designer, and even the editor (if he regularly visits the desk) can confirm the orientation of this picture.

      About your viewpoint, that this picture is not photoshpped, is recorded and appreciated.

      • moz

        Thank you.

  • cyberdera

    @moz dawn just confirmed that it was photoshopped and they said that it was a mistake so they changed the picture :)

  • Akmel

    well, there is no reason for dawn to edit the image in photoshop, it adds no value to the image if it is edited,

    where as according to my perspective the soldier is in helicopter, the sun light is from his left and putting the same shadows on his hand and his face, where is google dont give this view of maps, MOHAA dont have such weapons

    @ cyberdera: even if dawn edits the image , it wont admit it, changing is far beyond that, proof what u say

  • ridhwan

    ok… so its more like smoke and fire syndrome story…