Dawn Allegedly Used Photoshopped Pictures of War Zone

Previously we had covered MQM’s photoshopped image published in various papers, and here it comes another blooper.

This time by Mighty Dawn, displayed a picture of Intermittent shelling by helicopters and artillery destroying a large food storage facility, in a recent news story.

Look at image yourself:

CyberDera caught the whole scene, and rightfully suspects following

  • This image is cropped out from some game or Google Maps
  • weird terrain that is for sure from some old old game
  • the gunners hand that are not proportional
  • Gun’s barrel which looks weird and flaky from places like it just disappeared

CyberDera applauses the courage of Dawn people, who have to show it to the world that yea wherever the army goes we are with them not knowing that people also have eyes.

He mocks by saying “I bet this is the result of too much MOHA, COD and Photoshopping noobs at Dawn.com”

you can see the fake picture in action right here on dawn.com

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