PAC Orders FBR to Lodge FIR Against 4 Telecom Companies

Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly has directed Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to lodge First Investigation Report (FIR) against Directors of 4 telecom companies within 48 hours for stealing tax worth Rs. 320 million in fiscal year of 2006-07, reported Online and carried by various newspapers.

Ch Nisar Ali, Chairman PAC asked FBR to freeze assets of directors of 4 telecom companies including Dancom, Global Telecom, Union Communication and World Call and must recover tax from them.

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  • To what level ch. nisar can sink to target his political rivals? this whole FIR drama is launched to target salman taseer’s world call and others have nothing to do with it. Shame on bringing politics in telecom, Mr. Bean AKA Ch. Nisar

  • PAC is targeting 3 other operators also, not just worldcall. Worldcall is a corrupt company which has been evading taxes by showing less profits than actual. PAC should start legal proceedings against worldcall and 3 other operators.

    Worldcall fooled Omantel by jacking up the value of the company during the acquisition in 2007. Now Omantel is in deep shit.

    According to this article from december 2009

    Their (omantel’s) cash purchase of a majority stake in WorldCall Pakistan from an Omani businessman [Sheikh Sulieman Ahmed Said Al-Hoqani] in late 2007 has been a total disaster.
    They paid US$190 million at 25 Pakistani Rupee per share for 65% of the company, a suspiciously large premium even at the the time. Their investment has since plummeted in value.

    The shares were trading at around 4.8 PKR per share today, compared to Omantel’s purchase price of 25PKR, equiv then to around $0.42 cents. So they’ve lost around 80% of their investment – around US$150 million!

    This whole Taseer family is a bunch of crooks. His daughter Sara Taseer stole jewelry designs of Farah Ali Khan. His son, Shan Taseer, has been caught in sex scandals. Salman Taseer himself is a womanizer and a corrupt businessman. And the list goes on………

    • I am also the part of affected of pakcom (Instaphone) which is part of the Arfeen Group. The group which owns other telecoms like GO-CDMA and Telecard, Super net and envicrate, bonanza, we have tried to get our money from Arfeen Group from last 2 years but still there is no luck and we are waiting for our hard earned money that is still pending towards the company. It is requested the Chairman PAC to please act on this matter.

  • We the employees of Pakcom Limited (Instaphone)request the Chairman PAC (Public Accounts Committee)Ch. Nisar Ali Khan for your help and support in getting our hard earned money (4-5 months salaries, Provident Fund, Gratuaity, Leave encashment, Leave Fare Allowance, Bonus and settlement amount)from the owners of Pakcom (Arfeen International group)which are with them for more than a year and a half, though they have enough funds available to serve all needy, hardworking and devoted employees who had spent a good major part of their life time in this company.

    • As company is not taking this issue seriously we the employees had spent our precious time in serving the company and we all are facing hard time in reward now almost two years had passed and we cuold not received our provident fund graduty 3 months salary and other dues most of us are not succeed in getting an employment to run the kitchen of the family the above dues are the only support throug which we can mannage some alternative as most of us was release by the company without any notice I request the authorities to please do something emediately otherwise many families are going to be suffer just because they all are white collar ordinary employees of the private company and have no influnce to achieve juistice.

    • We are requested to Chairman PAC Ch. Nisar Ali Khan to take action against Pakcom Limited (Instaphone) owned by (Arfeen Group Internation) as this company had played with the future of its employee even they have not payed the governmnet taxes as well as does not pay the empolyees final settlements those have even resigned since two years. The owners of this company have strong relationships in the current government and previous govenment. Nobody from the government has take the action about this company even lot of employees had submit the applications to PTA but PTA higher management only sent the copies of these applications to company CEO with no action. I once again request to Ch. Nisar Ali Khan to order the committee to investigate and help us to get our dues as well as the pending amount of taxes from the company as well as from Other operations of Arfeen International Group.

    • we,ex employees of pakcom(insta phone cellular company)are victimized by virtue of non settlement of our dues i.e sallaries,provident fund,gratuaty,bonus and medical expensess to be paid by new owner M/S ARFEEN may b mentioned that these dues are lying pending since two years.The new management has a group of companies and financially welloff but are reluctant and pretending in settlement of our due.

      we have no alternate but to put pur geniune request before your goodself for resolving our problem as most of us are still jobeless.

      we are optimist that you will be kind enough to ask th new management for payment of our dues in token of our services and precious time we devoted to instaphone which is now owned by M/S ARFEEN INTERNATIONAL who are as responsible for liabilities as they are entitled for assets.

      looking forward to gain your kind courtesies at your earliest convnience

    • I am one of the affected employees of Instaphone. Company has not paid my dues amounting to approximately 250,000 which include provident fund, two and half month salary, Leave fare allownce, leave encashment etc. Company has deducted tax from employees salary and has not given tax deduction certificate to employees.

  • Like Mr. Mohammad Saeed Khan I am also an ex-employee of Instaphone and would like to add something in his comments and appeal to Chairman Public Accounts committee Mr. Chaudhry Nisr Ali Khan to take notice of the flagrant irregularities carrying on by the Pakcom(Instpahone)management for the last 1-1/2 years and so which has deprived its employees hard earned money in shape of Salaries, Leaves Fare Allowance, Leave encashment,Gratuity, settlement amount and they only got a minor portion of the Provident Fund so far. The CEO did not seem to pay any heed to the hue and cry of the employees despite having been reminded on countless occasions and is not giving any deadline that when his company will settled employees dues. The worst part is that many of Intaphone’s ex-employees and their families have living in torture since they had been fired off because they have not yet received their final settlements. They can’t pay school fees and its becoming difficult for them to keep the kitchen running. Therefore we the ex-employee of the Pakcom Instaphone appeal to Mr. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to look into this serious matter and rescue the effected employees and their families which is suffering due to mistakes of Pakcom Management since long.

  • I request to Chairman also please do some thing for us as many of us living hand to mouth. but Instaphone management has no tension for our dues.

  • Like Mr Saeed and others, I am also an affectee of Instaphone which is part of the Arfeen Group. The group which owns other telecos like GoCDMA and Telecard and SuperNet. Even though the many people have tried their best, but still there is no luck and we are waiting for our hard earned money that is still pending towards the company. I request the Chairman PAC to please act on this matter.

  • I am not an effectee of Instaphone but was lucky to leave the company before all this mess. I am amazed how the Government is silent over the affairs of Instaphone. Everyone in the industry knows what happened and how the employees were treated so badly but no one seems to do anything about it. Specially PTA, an organisation made for this purpose have been a silent witness to all this. I personally know few of the ex-employees of Instaphone who spend more than 10 years in the company have have been not paid a penny. Its the responsibility of the Government and the PAC to look into this matter.

  • I am also an effectee of Instaphone we are victimized by virtue of non settlement of our dues i.e sallaries,provident fund,gratuaty,bonus and LFA etc .it may b mentioned that these dues are lying pending since two years. I request to Chairman PAC please do some thing for us as many of us are facing financial crisis.

    looking forward to gain your kind courtesies at your earliest convnience

    • I have noticed this e-mail address from your channel and want to be get rid off from all those culprits soon can you help me out as my Final settlement is block with Instaphone disloyal Management,I am now hand to mouth in my life I have to borrow money from my friends and relatives to feed my kids ,there is no any job for me as other companies don’t want instaphone labled employees,I visited Mr.Javed Feroz (CEO)to get help against my funds which are near about 900,000/-but he refered me to his CFO Mr.Farhat Abbas Naqvi who is still the employee of I-I-L .(Instaphone infra structre Ltd)cell# 03145105851
      Mr.Farhat made me the point of joke and also warned me to never come to his office regarding this type of demand.I need cash to pay the University dues of my son & my loans which are only taken due to none payment of 4-months salary and also final settlements still pending to pay just for funds arrangements which fresh management has distributed in between them
      Please help me in this regard as I want to live a prosperous life..
      Hope you will not let me down and give me the full support to release my funds from Instaphone(Pakcom Ltd)
      Best Regards
      Kokab Qamar
      Cell # 0321-5671868.
      Ex-sr.Procurement Executive.
      Pakcom & Paktel
      June-1996 to Jul- 2008..and till now living a poor & full of patience life.

      • I am not an effectee of Instaphone but my younger brother. It is astonishing that the Government is silent over the affairs of Instaphone. Everybody knows what happened and how the employees were treated so badly but no one seems to do remediable against this serious issue. I am afraid people may not start suicidal attempts. PTA should play a part to settle this issue as soon as possible. Many of the ex-employees of Instaphone who spend more than 10 years in the company have not been paid a penny. It is the responsibility of the Government and the PAC to look into this matter at the earliest. Media should also play his part to open the eyes of the authorities and responsible people before the happening of any incident of loss of life.


  • In our country any thing can be happened, here one can only safguard his interest,belonging, assets etc by adopting the same route plane which is very comon & popular i.e. of cruption, no one can safeguard or can win war against the crupt people, indeed it is very sad on our part being Pakistani but it is true reality, being an effectees of M/S Instaphone we have tried our level best to get our money back from the Arfeen Groups,the owners of Total Telecom, SuperNet, Telecard, Envicrete, World Trade Center at Clifton, from the last almost TWO years but nothing has happned positivly, the effectees suffered alot & are also suffering, no one from the company or Govt. regulaterly side has taken any step to settle this issue, we all are humbly requesting to Ch. Nisar Ali to interven in this case as well and being a Chairman PAC he should also pass/ issue the same orders against the Managment of Arfeen Group the Ownewrs of Total Com.

  • It is requested to all authorties that we have been struggling and raising our voices since last year .But still no one responded to our issue .We request you all plz plz play a role to resolve the issue .

  • I am also one of the many affectees of Pakcom Instaphone which once was a leading organisation. Working there was a privilege but after Millicom left, the owners (Arfeen Intl.) dented this once esteemed company so badly that the employees have still not recovered due to their bad and delayed decisions at the critical and crucial moments. The employees are helpless as the judicial system is so long and tiring that it will benefit only “THE ARFEENS”.
    It is my humble request to you, as the Chairman of PAC to pay some heed in any way which will benefit hundreds of Pakcom employees get their hard earned money back from the group.

  • I was also an unfortunate employee of Instaphone (Pakcom Limted). After 12 years of service all I could get was a “letter of thanks” on 15th April.

    At that time my 4 months salary was pending.

    It has been more than a year that our salaries, Provident Funds and Final settlements are pending.

    With a heavy heart I mention that almost 1,300,000/- is outstanding till now, and we have no means to recover it from them.

    It is a known fact that Mr. Javaid Firoz, and Mr. Shahid Firoz are the major shareholders of Instaphone.

    These two gentlemen are extremely rich people . They have rented out 148 BTS sites to Telecard, Zong and Telenor and get handsome revenue from them.

    I am going through extremely difficult financial circumstances,

    Anybody with more than 12 years of devoted service in an organization can imagine my agony

    We are humbly requesting to Ch Nisar Ali to intervene in this case to clear our dues from them.


  • I am also one of the effectee of INSTAPHONE who had served the organization since 20 years and couldn,t imagin that after a long time service with full of dedication I along with my family suffer this hard time of unemployement and could not give a reason to our dependent why we are facing such financial constrain as this all will be due to the wrong policies and decesion of the company the innocent employees are facing the suffrings of unemployment and our employer are totaly unaware with our grievences they gave us sudden notice of closer of opperation but as per our findings stiil some persons are getting full benafits and on pay roll but they are not paying
    the leagal dues like Provident fund,Graduity,pending salaries,Leave Encashment,Bonus Etc,with a high hope i request your good self to please insure the immediate release of our above dues thanks.

  • Dear All,
    I am also the part of pakcom.(Phudoo company ty Jaida Hawaldar)
    Everybody knows what happened and how the employees were treated so badly but no one seems to do anything about it.
    we the ex-employee of the Pakcom Instaphone appeal to Mr. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to look into this serious matter and rescue the effected employees and their families which is suffering due to mistakes of Pakcom Management .

  • Ch. Nisar has done a tremendous job of pushing the big-guns of the country to pay the taxes and let the country prosper.

    Also, it will certainly be a great favor on the Employees of Instaphone if His Highness (Ch. Nisar) pushes Mr. Javed Fairoz, a Trillionaire Owner of Instaphone and the Husband of Mrs. Nausheen Saeed (MNA – PML (Q)) to pay the hard-earned money of his POOR EMPLOYEES which has not been given since almost two years now.

    Through this forum, it is kindly brought into the notice of Chaudhary Nisar Sahib that Mr. Javaid Fairoz is one of the few richest icons of the country. He owns World Trade Centre (WTC) on Shahrah-e-Roomi, Clifton; Karachi. He owns Instaphone Builiding 75-East, Blue Area Islamabad. Almost endless list of his belongings does not stop here Sir. Mr. Javaid Fairoz can easily pay 8 Crore Rupees of the Employees of Instaphone by selling the SMALLEST of his Guest Houses in Islamabad.

    Ch. Sahib, please assist us in getting our Salaries, Provident Funds and Graduities back.

  • Nazia Batool Sahiba,
    Javed se to ban gaya ‘ Jaida ‘
    Fairoz se ‘ Phudoo ‘ ????

    Samjh Nhi Ayee.

    Zara Roshni Paao :)

  • Dear All,
    pl no personal attacks, we should concentrate on our main objective and shouldn’t behave like that

  • Stop pleading PLZZZZZ…..We need to be organized,We have the same heads which made this company,what it was.So, why can’t we just do it for each other.Call a gathering & start the process.NO one & i mean NO one is coming to your rescue.

  • Dear Mr. Nisar Ali Khan, Chairman PAC, you are doing tremendous job by focussing on so called big guns in the society.We wold appreciate if you look into the affairs of M/S Instaphone (Pakcom Ltd)of Arfeen group, who destroyed the fuure of many employees.And most of the employees who worked more than ten years are still waiting for their final settlement from the compnay which is in hundred of thousands of rupees, which is a big amount especially for the job less people. We are waiting for any Mesiah to provide justice to the ex-employees of Instaphone.

  • I am also an effectee of Instaphone we are victimized by virtue of non settlement of our dues i.e sallaries,gratuaty,bonus and LFA etc .These dues are lying pending since April 2008. I request to Chairman PAC please do some thing for us as many of us are facing financial crisis.

  • i would humbly request to make arrangements of payment whihc ever is left behind on urgent basis

  • I am also one of the victom of INSTAPHONE but i am worried that they have passed almost two years and have not paid even the amount of Provident Fund which is a most secured fund of the employee
    and i thing there is nothing a example in the corporate world like this that without knowledge of trustees the fund was misused in my openion if all of unitly protest through a plattform and through media compaign it could be noticed by supreme court or PAC may directly interfare and forward immediately for which how long we further wait for.

    • Dear all,I think the employee who atteched with Arfeen Group are feared that if they express their grievences they may lose their jobs so they are waiting that the efforts of others will automatically becomes fruit full for them but professionally it is there inner fear this is their leagal right no body can harm them they should also put their comments in support if they realy think that it will harm them they can jus put there feelings as INSTAPHONE effectees so that we should at least geathered at one one platform.THANKS

  • Legal Actions should be taken against the criminal act done by the Arifeen Group with the life of its employees. They all have dedicated their precious time; devoted a part of their life to INSTAPHONE and in return get a hopeless life. continues month without pay!! and a clean Thanks letter after miserable time and still deprived from their 4 months salary and clearance money. I dont know Mr. Nisaar Ali khan will ever read this thread or not but I know If all the employees just get united and put a F.I.R against the Company then defiantly will be some out come.. I am also employee in the Engineering Department of Instaphone and my pending dues with instahpne is more then 1,50000 apart from money a dimension less career which is gift of the experience we have get at INSTAPHONE. I request to GOD give these millionaires a heart to give our money back

  • Mr. Javed Firoz is a sweet-tongued individual and no sentence escapes his mouth without a heavy doese of “Inshallah” – I am sure all ex-Instaphone epmloyees, vendors, suppliers and creditors have experienced it and are used to it. As a vendor & supplier, I have heard it a great too many times and am sick of it – especially coming from his mouth. The word has lost its meaning to me.

    Word has it that Ch. Nisar recently called Javed Firoz and upon inquiry of unpaid dues of employees & suppliers, received an all familiar list of empty promises, followed by a resounding doses of “Inshallahs”. Ch. Sahib, please take an advice from the all-too-often bitten souls — Javed Firoz’s promises are hollow, empty and carry a minscule weight compared to the one his poor legs have to carry. The whole clan of brotherhood, beginning with the elder Sultan-ul-Arfeen to the youngest Rizwan Firoz are self serving, hypocrit, two-faced individuals who have no shame, sorrow and sympathy for anyone.

    Let’s look at the facts — Arfeens acquired Instaphone from Milicom for $1. Yes, $1. On top of that, they received $5+ million from Milicom as additional compensation. Additionally, Milicom paid the first license revewal installment ($14 Million) to PTA on behalf of Instaphone. Arfeens also shifted majority of Instaphone liabilities to Pakcom. They received a company with over 500,000 subscribers, good revenue, for free. And it did not take them too long following that to run it into ground, along with the future of its employees and their fortunes. The Group, prior to demise of Instaphone broke up its assets into Instaphone Infrastructure Limited (IIL – Cell towers sharing – major clients such as CMPak, Augere, etc.) and Instaphone Limited (IL – Call center business – major clients like Allied Bank, etc.) The Group is receiving handsome revenues from the 2 entities. The move was done so that in case of license and asset seizure by the Govt of Pakistan due to lack of license-related payments, these money making assets would be protected. The two operating companies (IIL & IL) were sold to the Group by Instaphone for a paltry sum of PKR 110 Million. None of the PKR 110 Million was ever received by Instaphone, but was adjusted on paper against management fee, etc., by the band of brothers.

    Now, Javed Firoz keeps telling all that company has no money and employees & suppliers will be compensated once funds are received. Let’s visit that fact.

    Instaphone is owned by Total Telecom, which is owned by Arfeen International. Arfeen International has numerous lines of businesses. One of key lines of business for Arfeen International is pharmaceutical raw material imports, and they control a whopping 60% market share. Does anyone believe that anyone who is in pharmaceutical business in Pakistan is not making any money? Strike 1 JF.

    Arfeen International also owns Envicrete, which is a fast growing business for the Group and specializes in ready-to-install bricks. Envicrete operates 2 factories – one near Attock – right next to Javed Firoz’ lavish farm house, and the other in Karachi. The demand is so big that the Group is implementing 2 more factories. Still not convinced that Group has no money? Strike 2 JF.

    Now lets visit Total Telecom – which owns Instaphone, Telecard and Supernet. Supernet just announced a PKR 1.5 Billion deal with Telenor. Telecard sold it’s 3.5G spectrum to Augere for $37.5 Million. Where did that $37.5 Million go? To an offshore account? Still no money, JF? Strike 3.

    With respect to other assets such as the World Trade Center in Karachi, the Instaphone Plaza in Blue Area, personal houses, guest houses, residential, commercial and agriculture land — I mean, come on now. Still no money??

    These individuals are criminals and should be behind bars. The Government should sieze their assets, sell them and compensate its creditors.

    Inshallah soon, one day!

  • This is my humble request to all the effectees that a public protest is necessary to get justice for our grieviences.In the present circumstances once a compaign which is not highligted on media authorities not reachs to them for rescue nobody is bothering to listen the cries of gentlmen because they are waitting that juistice will reach to their home.Up till this is a dream.Now the time comes that we persistantly demand and get the written schedule that when we get our outstanding dues.

  • As few of our seniors are still atteched with the group and getting salaries from the ZAKAT of INSTAPHONE effecties fund and enjoing on the pay role of INSTAPHONE they are silent as their today is passing without any problem they are giving them strength for delaying the issue but time will come soon they will be in a same boat but nobody will have sympathy for these people curses are behind them but when our efforts are successful they are on atop for receiving the cheques.

  • Akhtar Shaheen Rind says:
    April 12, 2010 at 5:49 pm
    I am reporter with Geo News Tv in Karachi. I think this issue is worth airing on Geo. I will request affectees to contact me individually or through any group/platform. Cheers.
    Cell: 0301-8250765, 0300-3642759
    E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

    Affectee says:
    April 13, 2010 at 2:53 pm
    THANKS A LOT 0345-2578663

  • I have been victimized by a multinational company M / s Instaphone subsidiary of Millicom International cellular S.A. (MIC) and they have entirely damage our financial position. Almost two years has been past and simply they linger on to pay our own amount (including provident, gratuity five months’ salaries and bonus). To fulfill my day to day financial requirement i.e. monthly house rent all utility bills, credit cards bills, children doctor fees for their medicines & hospital expenses whereas as my daughters couldn’t going to School just because of non availability of monthly fees. Due to current worst situation I have been mentally sick and lethargic to proper take care of my two daughters.

    If management of Instaphone will not clear my dues before end of this month than I will protest in the media for resolution of all pending issues.

  • Dear Mr.Rind,
    I would like to say that you have insured that you will highlight the issue on media now you are hasitating and waitting for spare time to collect the facts while so many of them have given you their contact Nos.
    But it is a fact that media projects only those who wash their dirty clothes in the middle of street.You can find so many effecties and sufferers of INSTAPHONE in every region of Pakistan.
    thanks for your verbal support.

  • Mumtaz says:
    April 16, 2010 at 4:02 pm
    I dont understand what is the purpose of PTA this authrity can not take action against the tax avader PAKCOM LTD one of the pioneer in cellular industries disapear from the seen along with TAX avesion in millons of dollers as also the liabilities of their employees they have deucted the Tax from employees salary but not paid to FBR but PTA could not asked them Inspite the poor employees had approched the authrity many times still the employees are facing tough time of unemployment.


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