NADRA Urges Citizens for CNIC Verification to Avoid Identity Fraud

National Database & Registration Authority, NADRA has urged the citizens to get CNIC verification for tenancy and other business purposes. This New CNIC Verification System has been designed mainly for the convenience of the public and law enforcement agencies to verify individual’s identity through Mobile Phone.

Verification shall be done in real time communication with NADRA’s National Data Warehouse. CNIC verification will be a great help to wipe out menace of identity theft and terrorism. It was stated in a press release issued today from NADRA headquarter.

Tariq Malik, deputy Chairman NADRA said that NADRA VERISYS is also playing a noteworthy role for the verification of the particulars of any identity card holder while through mobile SMS citizens instantly can validate the particulars of any person whom they are doing business.

He said that the NADRA mobile SMS verification system is for the convenience of the public. Public can verify any registered citizen instantly using their mobile phone. The service is beneficial for general public, as it would allow them to verify the credentials of the people with whom they are making business deals and can also verify their employees, household workers, maids, etc.

He informed that CNIC verification is being done by sending the CNIC number (which is to be verified) on any of the special numbers “7000”. In response, NADRA will provide the details associated to that CNIC such as the name of person to whom that CNIC number stands allotted (in Urdu) along with any other content deemed appropriate by NADRA pertaining to the CNIC.

“With the strong will and absolute commitment, Government has planned to provide citizens public services that are safe, secure, accessible and seamless. Government wants to engage and involve the public in what it does, so that the outcomes are better and it is also more satisfying both for the citizens and the public” said Tariq Malik, Deputy Chairman NADRA.