Introduction To Web Analytics

This is a guest post by Mohsin Khawaja, he is a certified Google web analytics professional. Mohsin is an Internet Marketer and SEO expert by profession.

Web Analytics or more specifically speaking Website Analytics is a process of understanding the behavior of Website Visitors. It answers questions like what visitors are doing on your website: what they’re reading, how they navigate, what they’re ignoring, what type of visitors turn into customers and How they leave your website?

Why Web Analytics is Important?

Web Analytics has grown into a million dollar industry; there are web analytics software and applications that cost from zero to thousands of dollars a month. However, an average webmaster or website owner may ask that why Web Analytics is Important and why should anyone bother to understand the audience of his website? And the answer is simple – Because you built a website for a purpose and without analysis how you are going to tell whether you are successful or not?

What type of Websites Need Web Analytics?

Gone are the days when websites were built by programming gurus and managing a website was a nightmare. Nowadays it is as simple as registering a free account on Blogger or any other free host and within 15-30 mins, you are ready to write your first message to the whole world.

With website development and management getting easier everyday, it is getting more important for every website owner to analyze or improve his website, if he is gonna stay on the web.

If no one is reaching your website, or a very small number of people are able to see it then what’s the point in building a site? Similarly, what if a number of people arrive at your site but none is satisfied and people just leave your site disappointingly, then once again you have failed to serve the purpose of the website. And Web Analytics is just the answer for all this.

I think that website analytics is a must from hobbyist blogger to an ecommerce site. Even non-profit organizations need web analytics to understand whether they are spreading their message effectively or not.

Hence, each and every website should have web analytics software installed. And the best starting point is Google Web Analytics. Not only it is free but it is powerful enough to fit the needs of virtually all kinds of websites.

This was my introduction to website analytics, in my coming articles I will share with you the various types of web analytics softwares and the type of information you can get from web analytics.

  • Nice to learn about this topic. Mohsin bhai, can you please share something about the standardization of a website’s contents format?
    As the non-official sites usually incorporate a diversified range of formats, without bothering any standard layout.
    Thanks for your interest in educating us on the important issue of web analytics.

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