Microsoft is Relying on Adsense to Promote IE in Pakistan

Microsoft Pakistan is apparently worried about declining market share of Internet Explorer in Pakistan, which has dropped down from 75.07 percent in July 2008 to 52.79 percent in March 2010.

For the purpose, Microsoft is promoting IE 8 in the country, through a campaign that is heavily advertised on Google Adsense and interestingly not on its own Ad network.

One may argue that it’s a cross network promotion campaign, but what for those who are Mozilla users and are on Bing?

It Merits mentioning here that Microsoft has previously used Adsense for promoting their other products as well, including their search engine Bing.

Campaign asks users to download IE8, in order to enter into a contest that can win you shirts, caps, bags and Notebooks. To view details click here.

Watch terms and conditions which say: Personal data which you provide when you enter the contest may be used for future Microsoft marketing activity.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Makes perfect sense! Especially in a Country with average, yet increasing computer literacy.

  • Video is in English, while most Pakistanis will prefer Urdu, this also dismisses there slogan “Explore Pakistan”, any way i am not going to return to IE now.

  • so ultimately microsoft has bowed down to google. yes why are they not not advertising on bing, msn, messenger, hotmail etc

  • But the fact is that IE8 far behind the other browser (atleast do me :D), I’m using Opera 10.5, Its really amazing and RICHEST in features.

  • Microsoft is trying everything that it could in order to save its browser but it got competition not only from one browser but four different browsers Firefox,Chrome,Opera and Safari.

    If i had to change my option from firefox i would chose from the above three.

  • So what if they are using Adsense? The whole purpose of this campaign is to market IE8 and everyone knows that Google’s advertising program offers Microsoft a better chance of reaching out to a larger audience

  • Haha.. its funny that they are using google ad sense but M.Ali above is right, they stand a better chance of reaching a larger audience..

    But i think its still great that someone is giving away free prizes online. How many times have we all gone through all steps to get to know Pakistani’s arent eligible! :D

    • Its called a business,I’ll make the same decision if Microsoft is mine company :-)
      Personally i like both of them
      Microsoft=Windows xp,vista,7,office,softwares,games etc
      Google=Best search engine nd Best advertising network
      Nothing wrong if Microsoft using Adsense for promoting their products :-)

  • I am very much fan of IE since IE 7 was released.
    And IE8 is huge improvement…
    Definitely better than Firefox and Chrome…

  • Waise is mia aisi lon c bat hai. Its normal that microsoft is using google adsense for marketing, Wats strange in this. Comon Propakistani try to do good.

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