Avoid Accepting Free Giveaways, from Anyone

There was a PTV drama called “Ainak Wala Jin”, in which lead child hero was once told by his mother to not to accept any giveaway, while you are on journey. This advice is so true and valid for anyone, particularly in today’s age.

We have earlier reported sales teams’ involvement in fraudulent activities for offering fake internet services. Now it is told that group of criminals, posing as sales representatives of reputed companies, are giving away key-rings, and similar techy giveaways to victims.

Reportedly these key-rings contain tracking devices, while movement of those holding these gadgets is monitored. And ultimately looted when they reach a area which is considered safe for criminals.

This group targets well settled people only. Below is a security alert distributed at Bank of Punjab, which is pretty explanatory at its own.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • this is just a rumor .. and their is no bank of punjab anymore it was renamed a long time back … i guess some person tried to spread the rumor further and enjoy it :)

  • but still this news of give aways looks more like the same news that hit the sms network saying ur phones gonna blow up and u gonna die if u pick up any call from any such weird number

  • i dnt think so its just a rumor because BOP is an authentic source..and secondly by keeping an eye on today’s Pakistani condition it can be true..

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