OVI Maps showing Pakistani cities in India

OVI Maps is mistakenly showing Pakistani cities as part of India. Though, their location can be rightly spotted with-in Pakistani borders, however, description of POIs relates them with India.

For more details and screen shots visit this

If you remember, Indians went violent when Kashmir was shown as part of Pakistan, Similarly one may expect repercussion in Pakistan on equal scale. No doubt its a serious mistake on Nokia’s part.

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  • fahad

    ye koi mistake nahi hai
    ye bhi policy hai inki

  • Mudassar

    dear country fellows, we have to realize that all the world is uniting against us gradually except few of our friends and they are trying to wipe the map of our beloved country off from the face of the earth………so plz wake up and stop living any more in fantcy life, get yourself out of selfishness and get proper education which is the best way to tackle the situation like this instead of violence……GOD bless Pakistan.

    • Corporate Wars

      oh dear :)
      some moron tried to get some attention on OVI map in India.. which gets side lined due to google’s far more efficient map.. and we made an issue out of it.. like always..please dont end up burning our own lahore or karachi coz some european did something stupid.. and totally ignorable again :D

  • Syed Hasan Shahid Bukhari

    I Agree with Fahad

    These wise guys should stop the Psychological war games, and fight their own petty wars … on their own soil.
    But I Suggest, we try establishing our own cable TV channels in Belfast and Hawaii …

    • Syed Hasan Shahid Bukhari

      In, the NAME OF WORLD PEACE …