PTCL Hosts NOC Workshop for Etisalat Team

Etisalat team during the two day workshop at PTCL NOC headquarters in Islamabad

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Network Operation Center (NOC) team hosted a two day workshop for Etisalat team visiting from Dubai. During the two day workshop, PTCL NOC implementation and roll out was discussed in detail.

Etisalat team were represented by Madhad Ali Said Al Jabri, Dr Riaz Ahmad, Ahmad, Farhan Mahmood, Hassan A Al Aghbari, K Al Sowaidi, Essa B Hassan, Mohamed Ali Al Owais, Wael Abdul Razzaq Sheikh M. Nimer, Hacene SALI,  and Muhammad Sharique.

The workshop started with the key note address by CTO PTCL, Muhammad Nasrullah, who after welcoming Etisalat team hoped that the session proves to be mutually beneficial resulting in a valued learning experience for participants. Introduction was given by GM NOC Mateen Malik who talked in detail about the NOC Project, the implementation and operational strategy, issues o program management and project timelines. Detailed presentations on complete technical solution implementation were given by Ajaz Ahmed Khan, Senior Manager NOC Planning & Development, and his team.

The demonstration of NOC capabilities, its customization and extensive operational development by PTCL generated immense interest among participants. Special focus was laid on integration strategy, fault auto diagnosis and isolation. Practices adopted to improve network robustness and service availability were also discussed in the workshop.

The workshop proved to be a platform for a positive and extensive exchange of knowledge and information to formulate a comprehensive framework of collaboration between the two companies. PTCL NOC infrastructure and the gains made with in a year of launch were appreciated by the head of Etisalat delegation in his closing address. Workshop was concluded by presenting souvenirs to the visiting Etisalat delegation.

  • Thats nice, they came to visit !!! But did they bring the money they OWE us. I bet they were given VIP service and there stay was paid for again by the Pakistani people.

  • Sir they will bring nothing except just come for a visit & stay at the expense of PAKISTANI NATION MONEY & don’t even see what EXTREME POOR SERVICES are being provided by the PTCL to the CUSTOMERS. I think a TEAM from ETISALAT should be coming & having a WORKSHOP in ISLAMABAD & CUSTOMERS should also be invited to express their point of view there & let them know what the CUSTOMERS have to say.

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