China Mobile to Invest $300 Million, Biggest Single Investment in 2010

China Mobile will invest US $300 million in Pakistan in 2010 which is the largest investment by any telecom operator in the current year.

This was revealed by Mr. Wang Jianzhou, Chairman of China Mobile Communications Corporation who is visiting Pakistan with CMCC’s delegation. The delegation has met several government dignitaries.

ZONG has so far invested US $1.66 billion in Pakistan and has generated more than 1700 direct and over 40,000 indirect jobs in the country. This investment has been made in less than two years since its launch and China Mobile is expected to invest more in the country in the years to come as the company has chalked out more future investment plans.

China Mobile, which has made the largest investment among all Chinese investments in Pakistan, also has the distinction of being the only offshore company operating in Pakistan which has invested more than US $ 721 million in Foreign Direct Investment so far in the current year.

ZONG now stands third in terms of number of base stations and the Company has established more than 5000 cell sites in Pakistan showing rapid growth.

ZONG is China Mobile’s first venture outside of China and has attracted attention not only in the global cellular arena but also with the international finance experts and investment houses. China Mobile has made the largest investment among all the Chinese investments in Pakistan and is considered an emissary of friendship between Pakistan and China.

The Company continues to invest heavily in the construction of GSM networks, support systems and transmission facilities, and for the development of new technologies and new businesses. China Mobile pursues continuous innovation in the provision of services, business, technology and management and has sustained a leadership position in the telecom industry.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Yar maza to tb hai kay is bar 3g services shuroo zong hi kray
    3g service sab keh do (say it all)

  • I dont think Zong will score even with all the money coming in. The telecom market is really saturated, all the customers are getting wht they want from the operating companies, nobody wants to move to zong.

  • I Think if ZONG announce only one package in Pakistan which never before from any operator which is ” JUST PAY RUPPESS 500 AND GET TALKTIME( ZONG TO ZONG FOR WHOLE MONTH), SMS, MMS TO ANY NETWORK FOR WHOLE MONTH. It will become the largest customer company in Pakistan. Note:- ZONG should do audit of the site acquisition team because they are the problem creater for the FIELD OPERATION HOW..they show them the dreams before installation of site but don’t bather that after…..which causes maximum outages…….so Zong wake up..hurry up..dont waste ur time..other wise they(site acquisition team) will waste u..wish u best of luck ZONG

  • I think zong can’t lead by Ufone. Because zong have highly call rates. But have internet packages . I hope that zong fix their boosters in Sambrial

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