Buying iPad in Pakistan

Sleek iPad is on sale primarily in United States – but tech enthusiast from Pakistan are already looking for ways to get the device in hands, locally.

When inquired, Apple’s authorized distributors in Pakistan are not giving out any estimated date for iPad’s sale.  Unlike their earlier claims, Media Center PK is not very confident for iPad’s arrival on their stores. iRaffles, Pakmac – no signs of iPad there too.

Online stores, and are left the only options for masses to get an iPad.

Homeshopping.PK is already delivering iPads, that’s quite amazing actually. When inquired they said they just got iPads today and are delivering to those who had pre-ordered the devices.

Those who will order iPads today or onwards will get their deliveries by 20th of April, 2010.

They have all three variants of iPad, as following

  • iPad 16 GB – Rs. 64,990
  • iPad 32 GB – Rs. 72,990
  • iPad 64 GB – Rs. 84,990

Here is the link for ordering online at Homeshopping.PK.

Other online stores are saying they won’t get iPad before July 2010.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • omg.. Homeshopping.Pk is offering tooo much for iPad.. i can wait till late april :P a difference of 20 k is way too much

      • Let me do some basic maths for you:

        iPad: $499
        Recycling fee: $8
        Tax: (I chose California): $44.79
        Shipping to Pakistan: lowest rate is USPS flat-rate uninsured and non-trackable: $45
        Customs in pakistan: ATLEAST 6000 (I know it from experience)

        Adding them up makes: $668.79 = 56,281/= (Google’s conversion)

        So difference is roughly 9k which is justifiable considering the overhead and everything else included leave alone the investment.

        BUT having said that, I highly doubt they will land iPads so early as they claim.

  • How could Homeshopping said that they deliver few pcs? Amazing seriously :) Because IPAD Launched on Saturday 3rd april & they start delivery after 12th i think Homeshopping have some relation with Apple owners & they got the pcs before launching. Anyways i also order on Homeshopping & after checkout a message comes in my inbox
    Apple iPAD in Pakistan
    Pre Order – Will Deliver in Pakistan in the 1-2 week of April.

  • Beliscity offering @125000 with Wifi, Carrycase, Keyboard dock. Its quite high price but they are giving exact time. Dont know why people lying that they already delivered IPAD its not possible before 12th April. Apple even not giving deliveries

    • As for the case of 12th april confusion. The initial delivery date was 3rd April until a few days ago since Apple ran outta supply so probably they ordered the pieces when delivery was still scheduled for 3rd April.

  • I got in touch with the owner of a couple of days ago and I think he really does justify his point.

    I wouldn’t even want to comment on the price that Belscity is offering because it’s closer to what we call as ‘corporate insanity’

    As for, the price offered by them includes the US tax, the shipping charges, the custom charges once it lands in Pakistan and the Pakistan Government tax + A little of their premium (which I truly believe that they deserve)

    I have ordered two iPads (One from and one from a friend in US). I am waiting for the one from to arrive so I can review their service on my blog.

  • Moreover! the device has been released in the US only with no more availability for 2 devices per person.

    In such a scenario, the efforts of team are commendable. The device will be shipped to your doorstep in Pakistan.

  • I am still confused about this date things. I mean how can it be possible to have an IPAD delivered in Pakistan before its launching date. Its official date as per on Apple website is 12th April

    Means they will start shipping by 12th April, which will take around 7-9 days to reach Pakistan and then after all the clearance from customs and reaching warehouse of the store, add 2-3 days more. so in total it will take arnd 12 more days even after 12th April to be shipped to customers locally, which is 24th April. So how can HomeShopping claim that they already got few.

    On the other hand i went to to see their claims, and according to their website it says they will deliver by 28th April which does justify my earlier date calculation. And the reason for me choosing Beliscity to buy this product, (I Ordered 2 for my clients) , coz they are offering some accessories as well.

    Anyway just to check with HomeShopping i was trying their number, mentioned on the website. No one was picking. So if any one from HomeShopping can clarify my in this.

  • I would be more happy when I read the news that Pakistan has made its own computer of world standards

  • well,,, i ve already,, booked my iPad on,, they charged me 499$,, i paid through my credit card,,, they told me that i ll get my iPad on 3rd of June, 2010.,,,,, and i am waiting

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  • iPAD is not as much effective because of its size but it has great features and effeciency.

  • exactly the high quality but quality not always the perfect thing to choose…!!

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