Breaking: 2 Mobile Companies Want an End to SMS Packages

Two leading Mobile operators are favoring to impose 10 paisa charges on all text messages sent to other networks, while another two operators opposed the idea – fifth operator remained somewhat neutral, in a high level industry meeting held at PTA headquarters yesterday, told us sources at PTA.

These other-network charges (interconnection charges) can be the death of SMS packages, as currently mobile operators are allowing as many as 500 text messages a day for Rs. 4 to 5, which will become impossible with 10 paisa per SMS charge.

Telenor and Mobilink were of the view that due to their larger customer base, they receive highest number of text messages from other networks.

However, industry sources revealed that actual hindrance is network capacity of these two operators.  A good explanation of this fact is that Ufone is opposing the charges, which has somewhat same size of subscriber base as of Telenor.

SMS facility is widely used and liked by mobile phone subscribers in Pakistan. Some researches consider the low priced SMS as key factor behind the fast growing communication trends in the country. Due to its low price and nature of channel, SMS can’t be replaced by any other mode of communication.

SMS lovers were first threatened by Government taxes, which were later on withdrawn by Prime Minister, but now the current regime by cellular operators may put all SMS packages on halt.

It merits mentioning here that Telenor has already slashed their SMS packages by limiting the off-net and on-net quota. For instance, if a SMS package allows 1000 SMS in one week, customer can’t send more than 500 off-net or otherwise on-net messages.

As per anticipations, if regulated, other network SMS charges will be widely opposed.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Here they go…

    I knew that Telecoms will do any thing to take every penny out of our pockets!

    Shame on Telecoms!

  • they are offering to stop sms packages because they have no sms packages thats why they are trying to close these packages.

  • A good move. Reason: Pakistan mein Roti ki price zayada aur call sasti hai…people doesn’t have money to buy bread but have mobile phone. Telecoms must also be allowed to have at least some breathing space in this intense competition era.

    • jiger tmhe kia lgta hai, idhr is py paisy len ge to tmhe roti or in cheezo py kam paisy dena parega,,,,,,soch hai tmhari

  • Jazz kaahta hay k “Apna hai” kahan say apna hay agar wo apna hota tu sms quality ko improve karta ya pahlay say b cheap price sms pack intro karta.

    Telenor jo aj kal campagin chala rha hay k Pakistan ko kaysay taraqi ki rah per gamzan kar saktay hain “Karo Mumkin” kaysay ye sub mumkin ho sakta hay agar tum logun ko pahlay say b mahngi service provide karo gaye.

    ye sub sirf or sirf apna profit chahtay hain nothing else zyada say zyda in k dilun main hamesha zyada ki tamana he rahti hay

      • main hud sms karta he nahi hun mujhay is say koi nuqsan nahi hay lakin nation ko nuqsan hay or i think be true Pakistani jo b unfair ho or kuch nahi ot kam az kam ur k hilaaf dil ki bharas to nikalni chahy na




  • A day would come when these 2 companies will b chargin incoming(sms,calls)for the “sake of better service” and who knows they even might finish there prepaid services. aik he cheez sasti hai PAKISTAN mai wo bhi mehngi kardo gay tau peechay reh kya jaye ga???

  • Telenor aur Mobilink wale bahir k _____ hein kahen na kahen to ______

    Ufone Rocks!!!

    [Comment Edited]

  • first they addicted people and now they want to use it for MORE profits … one think is for sure if this is happen at least i am not going to use it…

  • If i am not wrong, these two companies are Telenor and Mobilink (aur koi dosari company nahi ho sakti). Because they first introduce free services or VAS and then they impose charges on the services. For example: charges on Help/Call Centre, Balance Checking, Split of SMS packages (On Net + Off Net) etc…. I have many reviews on these activities related to Telenor and Mobilink. I like Ufone who always focus on the customers needs.. Good bundle offer call + sms.

  • This Will impact in increase of Net profit of all companies and also increase of Govt Tax.

  • agr Telenor ic trh ka charges impose krta hai… tu ma apna nbr Ufone me MNP krwa lo ga.. had kar di hai.. bijli nhi (24Hours ma sa 4 hours ati ha aur bill 9000)… petrol mahnga.. pani nhi.. ata aur cheeni khtm.. aur ab sms bhi cheen raha ha ham sa..

  • Waqay telenor or mobilink ghatya companies hain apna ufone sab ka ufone mind na karna
    0333 9400444

  • bad idea for imposing 10 paisa tax on sms to other networks.
    by doing this they will loose lot of customers.

  • telenor ki to msging service bhi aj kl bilkul farigh hoi pari ha…. evening time ma to msg send hi nahin hota…. bar bar msg sending fail a error aata ha… or call milao to error in network connection…….it really sucks in evening and at night… :'(

  • Here is the drama of big monopolies in the market
    I am going to convert my sim into warid glow
    Telenor djuice calls are 4.5 per min and they to make sms rates like this i don`t understand what they are going to ?

  • There is no one from Government side who continuously check and balance mobile operators….All companies make their decisions independently…I want to say that portable to other networks and do fight against such robbers….ufone and Zong rocksssss…..

  • Ufone bhi koi doodh dhula nhi hai. Delivery report khatm kr k phir charges lagane aur balance check pe charges lagane mein Ufone ne bhi bilkul der nhi ki. Ufone hazir hai har waqt ghatya decision lene k liye.

  • salam to all Pakistani!!!! so sad news yar pakistan main kia ho raha ha dunyia aagy ga rhi ha or logun ko cheap facility day rahi ha or pakistan main dakho jo facility ha wo b chean rhay hain .
    asla min teak ho raha ha pakistani nation k sath wo is lia k pakistani nation uth k khari ni hoti govt ki tarf sy jo action lia jata ha us pay reaction ni hota isi lia dakho aaj kal pakistan main mangai kitni ha har chezzo ki price dakho!!! bahio utho apny haq k lia warna jena mushkal ho gye ga
    weak up pakistani nation


  • Shame Shame telenor..
    as a loyal user of telenor from the very begning im disappointed big time because now a days network is performing very very badly especially sms failure and late sms delivery is common..
    the quality has come down sharply compared to 2 years backk…
    Awful service..
    Not to blame wholly telenor , PTA is the regulator and is equally responsible for not regulating the providers as they showld have been..
    Wake up PTA

  • Let Em be – This way may be we can partially get rid for forward messages and people wasting time to compose them!

  • That is why i have port my # 03014404442 from Mobilink to Ufone, because Mobilink service is not good as compared to Ufone

    Ufone is very good Network

  • ٹیلی نور کیلئے شرم کی بات ہے، اتنی اندھی نہیں لگانی چاہیے ۔ لوگوں اور عوام کا بھی خیال رکھا جانا چاہیے ۔
    مال کماؤ لیکن کچھ لگاؤ بھی تو۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • ye koi itna bara issue nahi hai sms packages mostly waste of time hi hain har tarha k sms forward horahe hote hain,
    agr protest karna hai to basic necessities k liye karo, gareeb sms fwd nahi karta usko khane ko chahiye or phir hum in companies ko kya bolain jab ham khud hi apne sath sincere nahi hain to dusra q hoga.
    or koi bhi telecom company achi nahi hai ufone se to call hi nahi mil k deti hai, warid mai koi occasion ho sms send hi nahi hote and zong to pata nahi us k signals atay kahan hain. Aise mai ye 2 companies to faida uthaingi.
    apne sath khud sincere hojao to dusre bhi apk bare mai sochain gay

  • my question was this k if asa kuch hova 20 paisa sms pay Tex laga to kia propakistani free sms service ban kar day ge k tab b provide karian gay

  • Good day,

    That’s really good to put charges separately on every SMS, because SMS packages make our Pakistanis sick. Kids & students are future of the Nations but these SMS packages spoil them. Especially late night packages. Indeed i appreciate this decision of authorities.

    In Pakistan, electricity is not available most of the time. No business in Pakistan. Life is going down day by day in our beloved country. Due to this everyone is free & playing with Mobile SMS packages.

  • I think it is good move to impose a Tax of 10 paisa upon every sms, we people are mis using these services.
    Our Government should impose this tax ASAP.

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