Court Puts Ministry and RnD Fund Officials on Notice

The Lahore High Court issued notices to secretary ministry of information and technology and the head of National Information and Communication Technology Research and Development Fund (NICT RDF) to submit their comments in a petition alleging initiation of different IT projects in violation of rules and regulations.

Justice Rauf Ahmed Sheikh directed the officials to submit their replies within three weeks after Javed Akhtar Malik, the general manager of Solicitation and Evaluation (NICTRDF) challenged certain projects and the appointment of the CEO of the Fund.

Making secretary ministry of information technology, chairman board of directors and CEO of the NICTRDF Dr Qasim Sheikh as respondents, the petitioner through his counsel Syed Murtaza Ali Pirzada maintained that many IT projects had been launched in violation of rules and regulations wasting huge public money.

He said the NICTRDF was created as a non-profit organization in 2005 and registered as a company aimed to promote information technology through research and development. The company is funded through different grants provided by the federal government and contribution from telecom operators.

The petitioner said the CEO had unlawfully sanctioned funds for a project, Real Time Implementation of H.264 decoder, that was a joint venture of a local university and the subsidiary of a US-based company of which he was the founder member. He said Rs 14.98 million were set aside for the project whereas similar solution could be downloaded from the internet free of cost.

The petitioner said he had informed the chairman and directors of the BoD of the company about the contractual employment of the CEO against a permanent post and him being beneficiary of an IT company as illegal but the authorities did not take any action.

The petitioner said he had even informed secretary of the ministry and the prime minister about the alleged illegalities and nepotism in the public company but no action was taken. Instead the BoD initiated action against him and issued him as a show-cause notice.

Mr. Akhtar prayed to the court to direct the authorities concerned to recover the misappropriated public money from the management of the NICT Fund and appoint an independent commission to look into all the projects approved by the CEO and his team.

Via Dawn

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  • Stealth

    I must say that it cannot be worst then that. H.264 codecs are so many out there, free and open source. Like:

    * ffmpeg
    * mplayer
    * gstreamer
    * xine

    And there are yet too many more.

    • Usman

      Pakistani people has to make one thing sure.

      A degree /qualification never ever makes people smart or better.Best thing to judge a person is reputation.

      We are hell bent about making more PHDs but there is no sure-ity PHDz are smart or capable of producing success for the country. I met lot of very very dull /low IQ phds in my life.

      Never ever make an organization run by one person. One person can fuck whole organization like Dr. Sheik was fucking whole future of Pakistan because
      RnD fund was the ticket to innovation based economic growth in our country.

  • Zubair Shah

    Dr. Qasim Sheikh is not only corrupt but a self obsessed psychopath. It is truly unfortunate that such individuals are allowed to spoil state institutions. He has moved to NUST at some senior position. I wouldnt recommend anyone i know to send their children to an institute which can employ individuals who are mentally deranged.

  • infotechnic

    Thanks to the S&E GM the whistle has been blown on the ‘gang ring’ of the NICT RDF management.

    I have had a first hand experience of their ‘irregular’ corrupt behavior.

    I had an opportunity to apply for a position at NICT RDF fund, I was short listed for the interview. I had extensive experience & I could over 85% of almost all projects that NICT RDF covers, but, during interview where at least I had the opportunity to go for 15 – 20 minutes, I had been informed they are ‘looking for the other 15%’ the other 85% was already being done!!! by 30 employees???

    My resume had all my qualifications, why call me it was just for show so they could give the six digit salary to someone that had preplanned the whole charade.

    Many jobs are offered but not given except to the people that have either high contacts or pay bribes.

    Shame on NICT RDF CEO Mr. Qasim with all his USA 10+ experience they are still crooks making cheap dollar from the already poor Pakistani public!!!

    If in USA he would do time in jail for his conflict of interest in making money of things that are already free???

  • abbas

    Qasim has destroyed the fund badly.I had a chance of meeting him twice in a year and i must say he is a psychiatric patient. His friend Fawad is the same breed.

  • Infotechnic

    So very true Fawad & Qasim are both previous employees of ‘National Semi-Conductor’ USA, I think they both got kicked out cause, the ‘Conductor in their head does not conduct’. LOL.

  • Jamal

    This nation is not progressing because of such individuals who are just self obsessed.All the senior management of R&D should be fired with AK-47.

  • hasan

    Why Geo is not pursuing these criminals? There need to be investigation who is part of this ring as Qasim must not be alone. Obviously both donar and reciever must be party to each other.

    I wish Qasim be hanged because of treason to Country for misusing this ultra important and sensitive post.

  • Amar

    I completely agree with Mr. Hassan’s (one of the most powerful comments) Where is the Media ???
    Where is GEO ?????
    I assume All the media reports are dominated in the areas where they get bribe to publish/report/ share.
    It is nothing but hell to do such heinous crime with the funds allocated for research and development.
    And we all know how these funds are collected thru taxing the poor public (Through Calling Cards)
    Justice is required to be done

  • Amar

    And here I will raise the question Where is Justice ??????
    Justice Chaudhary saheb kahan hain ????????
    Kuch Gharibon ka bhi khayal kijiay ??????
    Where is Justice ?????????????
    Where is justice ?????

  • Ehsan

    I have a different opinion. I think he is just being victimized. As all you people know that Mr. latif Khossa has already fired the members of board of directors. Just due to the reason that they refused to appoint his brother in law as CEO of NICT RDF. What is happening right now. I am working in one of ICT funded project and for the last four months we could not get our salaries. The funds are seized for all projects running in Pakistan. And now we are about to close this project like many others. I am not here defending Dr. Qasim but just telling the fact that in his era atleast research culture was flourished at university level. And now everything is being rolled back. This will be shocking to everybody that this government had shifted Rs.18B from education to Bainazir Income Support Program. “Jamhooriat Behtreen Intiqam hay (Bilawal)” and now they have started their revenge from the educational institutions.
    Dont you think that what is the need for a law professional to be the minister of IT who i think would not even know to check his email.