LDN Wraps Up DSL Operations in Smaller Cities

Reportedly, Link Dot Net is closing its broadband operations in smaller cities, including Chakwal, Sukkhar, Okara etc, as confirmed by sales and support staff at LDN.

As per company sources, closure of LinkDotNet DSL operations is being carried in phases. Customers were served notices well before time for this.

We were unable to contact LDN’s spokesperson to have company’s stance over this. However, internal sources say that due to business viability and hard competition from PTCL, company has decided to close its operations.

Bad copper and unfriendly behavior from PTCL are said to be other reasons for business clousure.

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  • I believe there must be some other reasons too.

    Recently LDN users have experienced severe quality and connectivity issues.

    Maybe they are facing capacity issues.

  • Yasir sb aoa u are right there must be some other reasons but if u want PTCL DSL I can extend help to u on NOMINAL CHARGES my contact no’s are: _________ & ____________ my email is: ______________ pls contact me in case of any help thank u

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    • I want PTCL 2MBPS but they say, they have Media fault in my area and they aren’t working on it since 2 years. The exchange says they aren’t interested!

  • well for me LDN is the best ISP for dsl in quetta city . using it for 9 months straight. havnt found a single problem in it.

    rest i dont know what might be the reason.

  • The Inside sources said that these cities are being closed due to the security reasons and ongoing Army operation in some areas.

  • Btw, There is no security reason or army operation in Okara :) Being from Okara, It’s the safest place in terms of security. This stance can be due to competition with PTCL, also there is not much customer base in Okara City.

  • As per my knowledge following are the reasons for the closure:
    * Less Revenue Generating Cities
    * Higher costs
    * Poor Media Issues due to which more support related issues
    * Security issues (northern areas)

    I dont think that fierce competition is a reason for leaving these cities. Just look out the names: okara, chakwal.. these do not lye in fierce competition areas.

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