Celcos Have Never Used R&D Fund for Research Projects

Cellular companies operating in country have not contacted/submitted a single request for any research and development project to National ICT R&D fund, as told by top level sources at R&D fund.

This shows that large scale research and development is not happening at all at cellular companies, despite the fact that there high demand is always there for research and development at different level of telecom cycle.

Industry sources agreed that cellular companies operating in Pakistan usually invest on out-sourced research reports and solutions, and there is no in-house or government funded research work being done in local telecom industry.

It merits mentioning here that all cellular companies give 0.5 percent of their annual revenues to R&D fund.

As per estimates, a total of Rs. 350 million has been spent by R&D (since its inception – 3 years ago) on different projects.

Cellular companies must encourage local universities in carrying research and development for their needs/requirements, while getting the funds from Government of Pakistan. Local talent should be used to invent new telecom technologies or for enhancing the available channels.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • absolute rubbish, everytime celcos approach the R&D fund they resist every step of the way. they would rather give the money away to individuals as a scholarships, to keep people happy.

  • All Celcos should start their own R&D centers here in pakistan, invest in chip fabrication , open design centers here, otherwise its no use to us, they r just earning from us

  • you guys are total nuts. telco level in pakistan is no different than a telco level in african countries . we are dumb and stupid to make noise that we have a telecom boom in our country, real boom stays with nations that have a grip on knowledge and markets of telecom and these nations can be counted on fingers. they r doing lot of and because they are selling it and got return on investment. operators are and have to be concerned about business and not technology because investment in technology requires big scale (global) to earn back and more. I dont see anything hard to understand here but pakiz brain are unable to catch these facts and think they have done wonders in pakistan in ICT.

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