ICAP To Get Discount on EVO Services

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited and Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan ICAP Karachi have signed an MoU, under which, PTCL agreed to provide special discount on EVO (3.1 Mbps wireless broadband service) to ICAP members, faculty, staff and students.

Under the MoU that is valid up to September 15, 2010, 3.1 Mbps EVO (unlimited package) rack rate USB cost Rs4,000 after 30% discount Rs 2,800, monthly line rent rack rate Rs 2,000, after 30% discount Rs 1,400.

MoU was signed by PTCL Senior Executive Vice President Business Zone South, Karachi, Abdulla Yousef Abdalla and President ICAP Karachi Abdul Rahim Suriya.

Thanks Saqib for tip

  • doesnt worth even 1400.. Its good only if there is no coverage by Wateen and there is no landline..

  • I second Adam Ali..evo is highly not recommended :P
    p.s if you want to buy the USB device call me :)

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  • Assalam o Allekum!

    I am using Evo USB since one year and their service is satisfactory so far …

    Secondly, the main reason to use EVO USB becuase in my area there is no coverage of Wateen or any other service and even dont have PTCL line. I also used WC EVDO for six months but their speed is not consistent and not satisfactory.

    So, in my case I left with only this option.

    GEO PTCL Evo…


  • I wonder on those guys who are paying 2000 per month. Dont follow PTCL’s hype about using EVO. It does not payback to your money.

    I am using employee package, and pay 1000/mo to them for unlimited package. But I cant go streaming radios, no downloads, just normal browsing and emails.

    Watch your needs before you go for it.

    • I am also using EVO since its launch last year plus also have a 2MB DSL connection at home. My average download speed is around 350Kbps with Torrents. PTCL EVO is the best in the Market…

  • but i have done internship in PTCL and get in monthly 1300 only no first time fee but i think the speed they mentioned is not true. wi-tribe is going nice. i used EVO good only for those who want to browse only. if any one want to get this on monthly fee 1370 (on name of PTCL employee)bc i am bound of it due to 1 yr contract. mail me scorpianpk at gmail dot com

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