PayPal in Pakistan – Looks Possible, but it May Take Time!

Talk of PayPal entering Pakistan got buzzed up in previous 2 days, especially after some professionals got involved in discussion on TGP.

As always, Fouad Bajwa was amongst the campaigners, who announced that Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi (Director Raffles Pvt. Ltd) has promised to voice the need of PayPal in Pakistan during Obama’s presidential summit.

Discussion caught further attention when a member revealed that Paypal’s advance team recently visited Pakistan. He further said that PayPal is already engaged with local lawyers and other related institutes to start building their infrastructure to offer Paypal services in Pakistan.

This looked quite fascinating and importantly it made sense, particularly, after a recent announcement by PayPal to aggressively campaign in Asia (to be number one in region like they are in Europe and America) with an evident focus towards the mobile commerce along with traditional e-commerce services.

For the purpose, PayPal announced last month to double its employees from 1000 to over 2000 this year, with 100 new jobs alone for Singapore, company’s regional headquarter.

Though, PayPal has officially not authorized all this. Anuj Nayar, Director, Global Communications at PayPal in a communication with ProPakistani accepted that like always, PayPal is looking at ways to grow the business in Asia. However, he said that he has nothing in hands to announce about PayPal’s specific plans for Pakistan market.

A source at PayPal, who wanted to remain unnamed, told ProPakistani that Pakistan has some serious issues relating to its ecommerce infrastructure, payment gateways, which make it impossible for PayPal to step in to Pakistan. He said, PayPal’s usual feature of linking an email with customers’ bank account will never be possible in given banking infrastructure of Pakistan.

He admitted that PayPal has studied Pakistan, and recognizes the potential, however, stated problem is not in hands of PayPal.

In his opinion, PayPal may start operations while accepting limited banks, probably starting with Citibank (which has payment gateway), and then rolling out solution for other banks of the country.

Regulatory issues with State Bank of Pakistan are considered as hurdles too, but as stated earlier, there is no question of arguing over regulations when there is no infrastructure in place.

This is where our local banks and of course the government has to play some role. Payment gateways are a must have thing. We had reports of PTA working on it, but nothing concrete could be said on it, as of now.

So as a crux, one can safely say that its not PayPal who is not coming in Pakistan, its our banks who are not well equipped.

On a side note, as PayPal has plans to offer mobile banking solutions in the region, companies like EasyPaisa can come in, and join hands with PayPal (given that their banking partner– Tameer Bank, starts offering electronic payment solution).

But only time will tell that EasyPaisa and PayPal will work in hands or will become rivals.

Interested in knowing how to make PayPal in Pakistan? Click on the link!

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • If it happens, it would really be great thing. People of Pakistan specially those who are in IT sector are going to benefit much, It would add a new dimension to working online.

    Also paypal is going to benefit from it very much, Pakistan is huge market for them if they decide to enter here.

  • Why would Easy Paisa need to join Paypal. Why not someone in Pakistan starts a Paypal like service?

    Paypal is already there of the rest of the world and we just need a solution for Pakistani market. We can have a local company just for Pakistan and then Paypal for the rest of the world.

    • You are saying something like, “Why we don’t have our own Facebook, let’s develop a facebook for Pakistan, and let the rest of world enjoy their own facebook” – to put in simple words,

      Transferring money from one PayPal account to another is a single click activity. Number of PayPal accounts around the world make it more simpler to sync with each other.

      On a side note, as mentioned in article – once banks are equipped with payment gateways, when they start serving API’s for integration – anyone can have this system set up, be it PayPal or a local company.

      • Facebook is different business model because no bank transactions involved in it but Paypal is different. If it would have been that simple then Paypal would have been here since last many years.

        I have an email in my inbox which i sent to Paypal back in 2002 but they replied with a general message that they would be soon expanding their business to more countries. I was student at that time.

        I don’t know how many millions of dollars a company would have made in last 8 years if there would have been a startup in Pakistan.

        Now let me tell you how I see it.

        Anyone in Pakistan who has a credit card can already buy things by using VISA or MASTER.

        Most Pakistani business owners would also have no problems receiving online payments because they are still managing it somehow. They are businesses and they can manage it by providing an international bank account or something, i don’t know how everyone do it. (even a local solution might help them.)

        The only problem that I see is that everyone else with no credit card wants to buy things online from Pakistani sellers or websites. And some local small businesses want to receive and send online money within Pakistan. So I think we can even have a local solution.


        We have 1000’s of ways of transferring money in Pakistan but still EasyPaisa exists. This is because there is no business in the world who hold 100% of market, every business in the world would always have competition with a little bit different business model. And no business in the world can meet the needs of all the market. There are always people with different needs and they want different solution. Even I can list 100 things which I want to have in Paypal but they dont have it.

        Why would we want Paypal to hold 100% of Pakistani market. Even in the worst case, Why wont a Pakistani solution hold 30 or 40% of the local market.

        Google have Google cart in USA although Paypal might hold 90% of US market then why are we scared to initiate something on our own?

        • Sohail you are very much mistaken here, for the country in which Paypal is having technical problems in entering the market, how on earth the locals will handle those things.

          Also if we talk of our own paypal like solution, even if its possible, its of no use, we have thousands of means to transfer our money inside country but here we are talking about accepting payments from the international clients easily.

          The biggest service after paypal is that is available in Pakistan and I have their verified account, but even that does not work for me mostly when I need to accept the payment from a international client mainly because in existence of PayPal no one bother using any other services.

          We can do much to improve the money transfers inside country but concern here is to bring money in from international clients. Even India is paypal accepted country and they are bringing lots of money in, look at their IT sector.

          Hope this helps!

        • if we establish our own salutation we can use it only for internal transactions. but if we want to make a transaction with other world then what we do??

          em not saying that pakistan don’t create its own salutation. pakistan must have a company for online payment salutation but paypal can connect us with rest of the world.

      • @admin: Before the banks start serving with gate ways and publish their APIs Paypal still can enter the market.

        They would have options for people to charge their paypal accounts via visa/mastercard credit/debit cards and money can be transferred back to bank accounts via EFT when someone wants to withdraw, this would be model change for them for a while in this country but they would definitely not go in loss for this but will be making lots of money!

        • @K. Shahzad

          I am not sure if you really have an experience working overseas in an internet company. All the western countries and their banking systems are different than Pakistan.

          Even in daily life, everyone here use EFTPOS all the time in their daily life. Cash is not an option in the western society even if u need to buy a chewing gum.

          In western countries, you need to pay money every month just to have a bank account. And then you pay several other fees for different types of transactions. These are the things that might be a problem for Paypal in Pakistani market. Their profit margin might not be good enough because they make money in dollars and they don’t want to make money in rupees koz Pakistani currency is not that strong. Pakistani culture and it’s people are different and also there is a great risk factor for businesses like Paypal.

          I am not saying here that Paypal cannot fit into our system. But all i am saying is that a local similar system can also cover a large percentage of market. so, we can have something on our own until Paypal comes into play.

          If we can make ourself a nuclear country, i cant see why can’t we make a paypal like system?

          Previously,I gave you an example of Google cart, it is not international. I am sitting in Austarlia and have been emailing Google since last two years to bring Google cart to Australia because i don’t like Paypal as a seller. Google cart might give me more profit.

          In my view, a wise business man never says no to competition between it’s service providers. If CocaCola already existed, does it mean that Pepsi should not start a business. If there is MySpace and you don’t build Facebook?

          An experiences businessman knows how to make money even in a highly competitive market.

          If there is Allied BANK or MCG OR Alfalah. Does it mean other banks cannot do business? Anyone can still have its market share by providing services bit differently.

          Even if our local system will not work internationally and it wont cover all the Pakistani market but it might still help millions of buyers and sellers and it will still make profit.

          • Last time i went to Pakistan, i was pleased to see Gourmet Cola in Lahore. If they can build their local brand and get some market share from PEPSI , why cant we do same thing in online payments.

            Believe me, If I would have that much money, i could have build a system but the problem for me is money not technology.

          • A local solution would never solve the problem for us. If Pakistan goes with your suggestion, then we would have to make sure that our Local solution is the one everyone uses internationally.

            Right now, the only people in Pakistan who need PayPal are free lancers and businesses who sell their services internationally. Having a local solution wouldn’t help them at all because it still wouldn’t be recognized outside Pakistan.

          • I believe Sohail is 100% right.

            Now I will try to explain those idiots who refuse the local paypal idea!

            Anyone in Pakistan should start paypal like business to solve local money transferring. Some of you guys think that how are we going to connect to international clients/parties. Is that really an issue??? No, its not. International companies like paypal and local companies can easily connect through web service model.

            Don’t beg the World to solve your problems! You are on your own. Muslims always like to beg. You tech followers, you, yes you SUCK!!

            • WTH is with u guys u never do online business and giving your useless opinion keep it in your useless brain.
              No Paypal =
              Equal to 0 online Business.
              No online shopping.
              Beg moneyexchangers.
              Hardly freelancing.
              Use useless “ALTERNATIVES”
              +++ many problems

              • Sohail I appreciate what you are saying but I have to agree with the other opinions, we can’t make everything of our own. No one have ever matched popularity of paypal world wide how is some foreigner is gonna use a paypal like service from Pakistan when even payPal have not listed us.

                Believe me as soon as paypal lists in Pakistan, we will get heck of a business and foreign exchange inflow. Our so called leaders have to do their part.

    • Well, i live in Pakistan and i somehow got a verified Paypal account. There is some lady who provides verified paypal account to non-listed countries like South Korea, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc. My friends too requested an account, we have been sending and receving money worldwide without any problems. You can mail her and see if she still provides this service, her id is [email protected]
      Best of Luck!

  • @admin
    I’ve sent you an email, regarding your forums,
    Subject: About The Development of Your Forums
    please check it and reply me as soon as possible.


  • im Waiting For Paypal From 3 years Now

    I Lost soo much money Open India’n Paypal Account But They Also Start creating problem’s

  • What ecommerce infrastructure does a country like Somalia have which we don’t have? (Since Somalia is on PayPal!)

    • Exactly. The Pakistani banking system/infrastructure have developed a lot in the past decade. I do not agree with the argument that we are not ‘developed’ enough. The services offered at our banks are unarguably better than many countries, esp. countries like Sudan and Somalia.

      I did read once that the SBP regulations do not allow easy access for Paypal in Pakistan. That could be a more logical argument.

  • Hi,

    The alternate we can use is 2checkout, as 2checkout started support for payment from PayPal customers along with Credit cards.

    2chcekout send money to our local bank account through wire transfer and your balance should me $300+

  • i am eagerly waiting for PayPal, i dont like Moneybookers and other Online payment processors :( whenever i want to do a online transaction through PayPal i pay Indian’s 5-10$ extra for each transaction.

  • as news is good but still paypal is facing problem hare in banking sys. i think if paypal comes then lot of ways of getting foreign exchange opens.
    but i think many people have paypal like mine from uk and doing lot of work on internet.

  • I think all of you are just talking about receiving online payments from overseas as a seller or a freelancer. Even with a local solution, it wont be difficult to receive payments by adding a VISA BUTTON or FORM on your websites.

    The actual problem is to provide an online payment solution to 160 million Pakistanis so that they can buy things online without having credit cards etc.

    My suggestions were to enhance e-commerce infrastructure in Pakistan. If you would have a website like and you want to sell your products to 160 million Pakistanis. A local solution can help your business until you wait for Paypal. In this case, all the money would still remain in Pakistan but in case of Paypal, you would be paying money to USA for selling items locally. And i don’t like if my customers are sitting in the same city or country but they are paying money to USA for each transaction.

    I have seen many websites which accept Google cart as well as Paypal & 2CO. If we have a local company, we can still have both options on your websites.

  • Even it starts its operation with CitiBank, Who the heck has account in that? 100,000 PKR required to make an account isn’t that bs? lmao

  • @Shoail

    Even someone makes PayPal like, No one here uses MoneyBookers who gonna use your local Paypal Lmao? we need to transact globally

    • @Abdul Moiz

      I never said that we needed to have an exact copy of Paypal. There could be even a business model that never existed anywhere in the world.

      I know that credit card fraud is really easy in Pakistan and emails are not used seriously. Banking system is not same as in other countries…etc… WHAT IF THERE IS A DIFFERENT SYSTEM…

      What if you can do online shopping by using your mobile fone balance. i.e. Users use their PIN number & mobile number to buy things online. Their balance will be transferred into sellers account. Ufone/Warid would deduct some transaction fee from it. And for sellers, let’s say there is a UBANK or Wateen bak to receive money or they can simply get cash from Ufone Outlet.

      In this particular case, no one even need to have a credit card or bank account. You basically convert your recharge cards into credit cards. And it help both, buyers and sellers.

      Now let’s take an example here. What if you are traveling from Islamabad to lahore and your friends make a plan to watch a movie. You would simply need to browse internet on mobile and purchase tickets using your fone balance.


      Everyone, now please don’t start listing pros and cons of such a system, it just took me 10 minutes to write it down. Obviously if it’s gonna be a real time system then it would need months of planning.


      I don’t care if some freelancers cannot use such a system to receive money from overseas. To me, it will provide tens of millions of potential customers to online businesses in Pakistan.

  • After Enabling PayPal in Pakistan Pakistani will more participate in working online and will generate decent income for them…

  • Thanks for the article.

    Fellows, here is some feedback:

    With PayPal, your money is deposited into a PayPal Account, which PayPal Fully Controls. Since PayPal is NOT a bank, they do not need to follow federal banking regulations. These regulations are designed to help the “Average Joe” avoid issues like having their bank account frozen for weeks or months with no explanation.

    “Who would trust their money with a bank that could do that?”

    Sadly, Paypal routinely freezes its customers’ accounts for almost anything and without warning. Once an account is frozen, the funds are often held by PayPal for months on end with Absolutely No Recourse for the merchant.


    Dur kay dhool suhanay.

  • All we need now is a good online retailer.. like paki amazon or bestbuy!


  • We definatly paypal and its merchant accounts as they are providing 3.5 and some of our own banks are beyond 16 percent.

  • PayPal is already going to be doing some form of a pilot roll-out with Easy Paisa – they have been in discussion already.

    With respect to Pakistan, the issue hinged more on internal disagreements within Paypal as what sort of roll-out to have for Pakistan. One of the fears of Paypal being introduced with direct deposits was anti-money laundering.

    However, like it was cited on TGP, they are doing their ground work, they have setup an internal think tank to look at this market and more importantly, are looking at advanced features where by direct linkages to bank accounts and branchless bank account can also be covered. Yes, this would mean that they (Paypal would be deploying their own Payment gateway). You should write to Faisal Khan ( and check with him. He is being very mum about it – especially since he got contacted by Paypal (from his website you will see, he’s been writing to them for over 9 years to ask them to come here).

    In addition a lot of efforts on the web like Fouad Bajwa and others have made it it clear to Paypal, that Pakistan’s time has come.

    The discussion again and again on various boards, that the issue is our government, etc. is not true. There is a lobby within Paypal that did not favor Pakistan (might I also suggest the same lobby has made sure Bangladesh also does not have Paypal – make your guess!)

    It has nothing to do with infrastructure (well barring the payment switch that Paypal sees a void in – as per their own standards, which they will also deploy themselves). Our infrastructure is quite excellent. To summarize:

    – Paypal has setup an internal think tank
    – A business case is being made for Pakistan
    – Paypal will be setting up its payment gateway swtich here
    – Trial with Easy Paisa are under works which at present is exchanging of framework information
    – Paypal has already engaged a law firm
    – Paypal has already engaged two technology consultants on their payroll (who are Chartered Accountants and are very well versed with technology)
    – This is NOT a result of any one Pakistani’s effort or campaign, etc.
    – The advance team has already visited
    – Those in the know how are VERY quiet and have signed NDAs, etc. and hence are not talking much.
    – UBL and other banks are also in touch with them and vice versa
    – Full Services would probably be rolled out next year Q2/Q3 (2011) is the aim
    – A lot of documentation was scanned emailed to PayPal US regarding our laws, etc.
    – PayPal USA is directly looking after this.
    – Folks who claim they are directly helping Paypal enter Pakistan like Fouad Bajwa, Zahid Jamil, Irfan Qureshi, Monis Rehman, Javid Bukhari, Ambreen Merchant, Abid Z. Chishty, Jehan Ara, Sabeen Mahmud, etc. is all lies.
    – Paypal came here on its own.
    – 6 Pakistanis who are working very high up in Paypal internally have been discussing this amongst themselves for a long time and then decided to take this initiative.
    – Because of the security / travel ban, the ‘goras’ from Paypal could not visit Pakistan. But 2 of the Pakistani were part of the advance team.
    – Singapore and UK office are providing ‘very’ limited support.
    – Paypal knows VERY well what sort of license (or lack thereof) they need, and have been put in touch with the RIGHT people.
    – I don’t know why EVERYONE in the industry wants to take credit for bringing them here – that is simply not true
    – The kind of people they have hired for lawyers, technology consultants, payment architects, system architects, chartered accountants, and even lobbyists, I was HIGHLY impressed. These are just the right kind of people for the job. Discreet. Humble. Seasoned. Knowledgeable.
    – They also under disguise – because Paypal barred them to do so, met outside for coffee/lunch, with all the top heads of all the cellular companies, via friends. The friends not knowing who they actually are.
    – Next team visit is scheduled for immediately after Eid.

    • wow – you told us the whole story, i am confident that its true (keeping in mind the depth you have attained)

      Thanks for sharing it with us

  • I am a Professional Free Lancer and have been waiting for PayPal since 2006. Being Loyal Pakistani I missed so much that We Pakistanis cannot compete to the International Free Lance Market just because of PayPal unavailability! Several Talent of Pakistan going into wastage!

    I think Pakistan Free Lancers should make petition to Government for the emergence of PayPal in Pakistan!

  • THANK GOD atleast there is a hope … guys give ur comments will they join us in near future?

  • This looks quite odd and the story is artificial. Some of the other countries have worse condition in stated territories. I think they know if they started service in Pakistan, then how much US currency will come in Pakistan and economy and living standard will boost, and many people don’t want it at all.

  • Today after reading this article i understood the real problem behind the issue. As usual our sick system.

  • Hy
    if you have a paypal account i have a solution so that you can manage and use your paypal account while you are in pakistan..
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  • Hi payapl is the most shit organisation that I have ever used but they are a monoply and they make a full use of that.Accounts are frozen automatically by there systems without any appropiate reason.Mine was frozen saying I am a high risk business seller and that they woudnt give out any reasons and would hold my £1000 for 6 months.Regarding pakistan even though I would hate it but it is necessary.They might be avoiding coming to pakistan because of money laundering issues which would definately occur and also if they do come to pakistan it would certainly make our life much easier but I reckon they might have a lot of pressure not to do so as it would westren economies a lot.Imagine I as a Uk seller sell a leather case for £25 this brings lot of benefit to Uk but if its to be sold from pakistan I would be out of business as it would be sold for around £10.This is what is happening due to china being allowed on paypal and I am sure that westren economies wont like it.

  • That is not true and it is just an excuse to provide services in Pakistan. If there is a problem in banking structure and all the crap. How Moneybookers providing the fund transfers. How alert pay providing fund transfers and there are few others as well. I would love to see Paypal close down world wide or I just wish.

    • No, Ebay is owned by Paypal and both not available in Pakistan :(, if u want to do some shopping online goto ;) They offer free home delivery to every city in pakistan :)

  • Yes both are not allowed in some countries in including Pakistan,Bangladesh etc.

    But some companies offering money exchange service like paypal to moneybooker or moneybooker to paypal i found trusted person.

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  • I heard that Paypal is going to announce for start its service in Pakistan while visit of American president Barack.H Obama in 2011.

    Can anyone confirm it?

      • Dun laugh,I did call to paypal they said Not now but we have some good news for you in coming year.

        • Adnan and Salim, my friend told me who got the news from source of nagib ullah malik (secretary of IT and telecom in Pakistan)

          I got my finger crossed and waiting for Obama visit.

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  • Let me tell you guys something,Pakistan will never change because ppl of pakistan are so fuc*** !!! That’s the punishment for Pakiz,Pakistan is ruined because of these ___________

    [Comment Edited]

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  • I am really happy to know that Paypal team is working to offer great opportunity in Pakistan especially for online transactions. It will, definitely, benefit all those working in online businesses, same like me:)

  • Before the banks start serving with gate ways and publish their APIs Paypal still can enter the market.

    They would have options for people to charge their paypal accounts via visa/mastercard credit/debit cards and money can be transferred back to bank accounts via EFT when someone wants to withdraw, this would be model change for them for a while in this country but they would definitely not go in loss for this but will be making lots of money!

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  • Today is June, 2012. Still after 2 years ago, our banks could not equipped so well.:( It’s my pray that Paypal Come to Pakistan. I hope soon it’ll come to Pakistan.


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    • They’ll not come to Pakistan unless we have a proper (or at least a) law for online/CC fraud.

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  • Hi Friends,
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  • Hi Friends,
    I read your comments here about paypal payment method which is not for Pakistan. I am a software developer. Some days ago i was thinking to develop our own international payment method. But due to security purpose someone tell you need to have huge budget for this purpose. Therefore i have to stop carry forwarding this idea anymore.

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