Get Duplicate bill of PTCL Landline on Internet [Privacy Nightmare #Fail]

PTCL has introduced this new service, which allows its customers to get duplicate copy of monthly PTCL landline bill via web.

You need to enter telephone number and Account ID (which can be found on monthly bills).

Point your browsers here:

You will be able to download PDF file of bill – that you can download and save or get it printed.

Launch of this service save customer’s time, where now it’s not necessary for customer to visit PTCL OSS or other office to receive a duplicate bill in case they do not receive their phone bill.

Privacy Issues:

Make sure that your monthly bill doesn’t touch unsafe hands, or your account ID will get revealed. And anyone will be able to download your monthly bill – and can find out your bill details,

PTCL should have provided customers with password/key pin type of thing, so that a customer can change these credentials at his/her will.


Okay we have tested this service, and all you need is the Phone Number (without Account ID) and it will give you all billing details, owner name, address information.

This is a serious loophole – and one can wonder how PTCL people didn’t notice it before going live with the service.

Thanks Talha for Tip


PTCL is not offering online diplicate bills anymore. We don’t know when will they resume this online checking of bills again.

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