Get Duplicate bill of PTCL Landline on Internet [Privacy Nightmare #Fail]

PTCL has introduced this new service, which allows its customers to get duplicate copy of monthly PTCL landline bill via web.

You need to enter telephone number and Account ID (which can be found on monthly bills).

Point your browsers here:

You will be able to download PDF file of bill – that you can download and save or get it printed.

Launch of this service save customer’s time, where now it’s not necessary for customer to visit PTCL OSS or other office to receive a duplicate bill in case they do not receive their phone bill.

Privacy Issues:

Make sure that your monthly bill doesn’t touch unsafe hands, or your account ID will get revealed. And anyone will be able to download your monthly bill – and can find out your bill details,

PTCL should have provided customers with password/key pin type of thing, so that a customer can change these credentials at his/her will.


Okay we have tested this service, and all you need is the Phone Number (without Account ID) and it will give you all billing details, owner name, address information.

This is a serious loophole – and one can wonder how PTCL people didn’t notice it before going live with the service.

Thanks Talha for Tip


PTCL is not offering online diplicate bills anymore. We don’t know when will they resume this online checking of bills again.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • PTCL does not supply the detailed call records with this service so the threat related to disclosure of the numbers you dialled to somebody who knows your Account id is not valid at the moment. It may become a real threat once PTCL provides this facility though which is honestly needed.

  • What is this nonsense? All you need to do is enter a phone number and voila you can see the bill – you dont need the Account ID because the “genius” people at ptcl have given an option of either. Are there no privacy laws for such big organizations?

    Some one in a position to highlight this issue please do so!

    • I mean under Pakistani law.
      I don’t want my address etc to be available to all!
      PTCL is already doing that with those online directories.

      • @ oh no!
        First of all you need to sue (if you can, you would have already) PTCL for starting their 17 online service which provides pretty much the same information, except the billing history or details of other monthly charges

        Let’s appreciate a facility and laud PTCL, maybe they could enforce the use of Account ID to make the information inline with acceptable security standards.

  • Are you guys doing any good telling all the public?????

    Shame on you ProPakistani admins!!!!

    Instead of informing authorities and making things sort out, you are inviting everyone to do some privacy infringement.

    • @ Guardian says

      Pro Pakistani Admins have done nothing wrong, except maybe disseminating information about a website launched by a responsible corporate entity, (i.e. PTCL)

      Secondly online services are already available, e.g. 17, which provides the same information, free of cost without any hassle

      Let’s get our concepts clear before pointing fingers, if there is a facility, let’s appreciate it and not ruin it for genuine subscribers. We can however push PTCL to make it mandatory to require Account ID as well

      • its mandatory to provide account ID otherwise you can not see your bill. i have tested it. so its not good to blame ptcl.

        PTCL inquiry number is 1217 not 17 now

  • HI there.
    I provide my home phone number and it seems that i must provide Account id also , otherwise it is not working , see this message i got

    “Phone number is also found in other regions of Pakistan. Please provide your accountID for your bill.”

    So i think all you need is secure your monthly bill from wrong hands. and keep safe your account id.


  • WEll ptcl number info is least important now as mostly the activities and plans aremostly settle over the cell phone

    if some one gets the sub info or the cdr then it has no use .

    Ptcl cdr does not give the list of the incoming calls and also the outgoing calls at local area.

    so ptcl data is not worthy enough

    As far as Vptcl data is concernd, ptcl has not record of calls

    And also like the Cellular companies, the set are iisuued to the subscribers without verifying thier CNICs and most of the Vptcl sets in the market are operating as un-registered.

  • I tried to get da bill with only phone no bt it didnt seem 2 work so I thnk acc no z also needed..

    • No right now i am trying togget details of my monthly bills, i am not
      getting any.

  • This is such a serious loophole that PTCL needs to get it rectified as soon as possible.

    You know why this happens in our corporate industries. Because, we do hire people who knows lot of things regarding projects and bla bla….but they lack professionalism , they lack visionary approach, they lack analytical skills, they lack technical skills. BUT STILL THEY GET HIRED….

    This is Why we see such cases……

    God Help us All!!!


  • i think i’m going to take full advantage of this stupidty of PTCL………. PTCL Zindabad

  • WOW what a loophole.
    Even the account id is not a big deal just search u r number u will get ur account id
    my number 21233456
    and my account ID will 1(area code)(number)
    i.e 1222123456 simple
    area code is ur city code in my case 22.
    LOL hacked.

  • if anyone is getting this:
    “Phone number is also found in other regions of Pakistan. Please provide your accountID for your bill.”

    it is because a lot of numbers are used with different area codes and then you will need to enter your account id else thanks to the stupidity of PTCL you can view everything without account id.

  • You can judge the professionalism of the developers by title of the invoice web page “Untitled Page” :)

    Looks like some intern put this page up.

  • I think they have updated the site and now they have an account ID option. i guess no one should know your account id as it is printed on your bill!

    • ok it only asks for id if the same number exists in other cities as well. and i figured it out… the account id is not a big thing to figure out for a particular number! very pathetic leak of information by ptcl!

  • There are no call records available along with the bill, so why to worry then.

    If you talking of address or so they are available in every dictionary online or offline.

    Its actually good, to get a latest ptcl bill we will not have to visit their customer services centers.

    One thing , they would have provided the similar to actual bill print format, or the one which they issue from their customer services centers.

    Search using phone and correct consumer id both at same time will be much better at least by putting the number no one gets the bill.

  • I checked with some numbers in my city, If the number is Alone all over Pakistan it will show you the details, if it found the same number in any other city, you will need to enter “Account Id” to check the bill.

    Like I want to see my bill and my number is 620000 and our city code is 0928 (Bannu). If the same number (620000) available in other city, then you’ll need to enter account ID, otherwise it will show bill !!!

  • You pl are talking just rubbish, It wont work witout an account ID, saving account ID is customer’s responsibility. Oki here is a number 5580582 get the record and paste it here. who think he is genius. Instead of appriciating a thing every one poking his nose wothout any reason. PTCL should close this service and the ppl like you must spare time, spent petrol and visit to OSS for the sake of god damm duplicate bill.

  • Such negative typical Pakistanis. Always looking for negative things. Think Positive.
    * You dont need to visit OSS to get your bill.
    * You dont have to wait for bill to arrive you.
    * To find some one’s address via telephone number is not a big deal these days. Search Engines and online directories can help you.
    * So why so much fuss.
    * When do we pakistanis start thinking postive.
    * If PTCL done some thing for its customers we should appreciate.
    * Well Done PTCL.

    • What if they provide you a password and user id (which is very much possible) to check bills? So that only you can check your billing and other personal details

  • They should have enforced the Account ID at least and can ask the Name of the customer also…

  • dear all board, management and staff

    i appreciate you to take innitiate in forming website and facilitate people in many ways…

    regards to all

  • the ptcl department does not serve the department better, becos the consumers often complain for not receiving the bill on time, so i want to dismiss the currents employees and appoint fresh employees on contract basis, so they will serve and perform their duty. the current employees are mostly currupt.

  • thanks for introducing duplicate bill via internet but sometime it doesnot work properly. now a days same problem occured. when i enterned websiste address its shows temporaly unavailable or too busy why please update

  • i look like PTCL but heech problem that,s our avoid by.

    other to comfort but some fiber problam creat thats speed is verry slowly.

    if anyone known this problam, pls guide me?

    your priemium friend,


  • PTCL Billing delivery is mostly bad. and from 1 year. i m nt receving bill on time…just i print always a duplicate bill wd no HIstory at all. no info..etc……so thats really v sad for PTCL….they must improve their services and dismiss OLD CORRUPT employeess……….

    • I totally agree with khalid. We also don’t receive ptcl bill on time and print the bill from ptcl website.

  • Asallam o alikum. ky bad arz ha kya faisalabad main ptcl walon ki hartal ha.jis ki waja sy main rozana dafter jata hoon bill lany kyliya.aj 21\8\2010 ho gaee ha.or moj ko bill nahi mila.main rozana 30 ropy ka ptrol laga ky bill ky liya dafter jata hoon.or bill na milny ki sorat main wapas aata hoon or 23 tarkh akhree ha us ky bad main bill with jormana bee ada karon ya kahan ka ansaf ha.myra naber 8720780 ha.plz hellp me main 300 ka patrol astamal kar choka hoon.or bill bee moj ko lagta ha ky jormany sy hi adda hoga. plz zardaree na bany.koch khoda ka khof karain.bas ab main

  • Last bill was not delivered at my address. It was handed over to me by an acquaintance living far off my house after the expiry of due date. Payment was to be made by 23-08-2010. Tried to find out the details of the bill from PTCL website as the present month is also still awaited. There is a problem of ID.I FEAR THAT IT WILL AGAIN BE MIS-DELIVERED & I WILL HAVE TO BEAR FINE AGAIN. I request PTCL authorities to help me.

  • Since the introduction of fixed packages charges code barring facilities of my res Phone # 051-4476024 has been withdrawn by ptcl but charges of code barring facilities is being received regularly by PTCL which is irregular. So many time I requested to ptcl for not inclusion the said charges in my bill but no action has been taken. Another point is that I am receiving television broadcasting through cable net work for which I am paying Rs. 300/= per month but ptv fee is regularly being deducted from my electricity bill.

  • I have practically experienced it that one cannot download the billing details by merely entering telephone number.Account id is a must to get the same.It appears that PTCL has rectified the annoying error made earlier.Thanks to PTCL.

  • now we cannot find bill from january .. Error is showing record not found… kindly guide ..

  • I haven’t received my PTCL bill in written form so plz send me the bill in time and in written form

  • ntc is better than ptcl because ptcl bills canot reached at home so always i get the duplicate bils but ntc bill received at home properly and ptcl duplicate billing web site also a darama so plz KHUDA ka khoofe karain and do ur work proply and honestily plz

  • dear sir,
    mujhe mera bill nhe mil rha he mera no he

    muhallah freeda bad house no 347 near by norani lal musjid
    khan pur disst rahim yar khan

  • Sir,

    I want my bill 051-5732096 this is last date and still i am waiting for my bill kindly send me duplicate now so that i submit my dues.

  • that is great the postal system in my area is very bad and the bills are delivered very late and some times thy don’t even deliver.

  • i am totalt agree usman and khalid i have also not resve my bill on date or not reached me

  • ptcl should deliver the bill to all the consumers in time if they cannot do so they no right to charge the fine in case of non payment of bill in time if they dont deliver us the bill in time

  • I have the same issue.
    I always pay bill to easypaisa or mini setups shops by checking it on computer.

  • i want to desconate this ptcl and brod band becouse my father give me a world call usb net and thire is my probluem

  • To

    Head of ptcl

    SUBJECT: Complaint for phone line or DSL internet of No: 02134656455


    Most respectfully to say that I am using internet DSL service since last 15 day with ptcl No:02134656455, since installing my Number I am facing no internet connectivity problem and my number is dad still 15 day before, I have complaint so many time at Ptcl customer service center 1218 and I have complaint to D.E PTCL his number is 021-34650968 officer gulzar hjzri Exchange but they are not paying to heed on my complaint, I have also send complaint to Ptcl head office complain reference number 15-08-2011
    Day 19-08-2011 complain no (77) 24-08-11 complain number (163), still today that same problem accord in front of me. i think ptcl is realizing monopoly in the market, because customers are needy and they are taking advantage of their need. I think no one is their who can take any action against them. You look me I have complaint so many time but they just solve my problem for 2 or 4 days. Because ptcl know that their customer could not do any thing they just do disconnect their No nothing else.
    Respected Mrs., you are only my last hope if they are not paying their attention on you order how they can take care of their customers.

    Kindly try to solve my internet DSL problem

    Thanking in anticipation
    Sajid ali 021-34656455

  • Sir i am Muhammad Rustam from Bhakkar
    sir humay ap k es connection say bhot problem hoti hai sir ap k es connection ki speed bhot slow lehza sir ap apnay ptcl wrieless ki speed fast krdey too bhot acha lagay ga humay aur ap k network chilay ga sir

  • Aamir Atta

    I tried this and found it working satisfactory, it works with combination of Telephone and Customer ID

  • has anyone tried this site lately ?

    as for the last 2 months i’m trying but after enterting the phone number and a/c id im not getting the bill

  • Account ID is necessary without this it will not show the monthly bill……kindly mark ur words

  • I am living in a compound where, seven different families are living having eight Ptcl. connections.
    Time and again this has been brought to the notice of concerned authorities that your bill distribution agency is so much irresponsible that it throws all the bills at one or two places and gets rid-off. Although your billing department is so much co-operative that they are writing full address on the face of bill, but the distributing agency has IGNORED all instructions.
    As a result of this deliberate negligence, we have to run to your Service Center to get a duplicate copy of the bill, before the last date or we have to pay the penalty.
    Under these circumstances we will be forced to get rid of PTCL and make some alternate arrengement in this vast world of competition.
    Mrs. Rafiq Fatima
    Tel.# 35867636.
    Cell # 0322 4992383

  • that is great the postal system in my area is very bad and the bills are delivered very late and some tines thy don,t even deliver. thanks all ptcl

  • Dear Sir,//
    My phone no. Is 0512612515 and I have been complaining for rectification of defact of smart tv for the last one year for dsl and internet signal for over six months and frequent breakdown of the phone line. Excep for acknowledgement of my complaints nothing concrete has been done.

  • that is enough your system is not good on sending bill or in controlling net so improve your system……………………..

  • inhe kaho mera bill send kr dain… bari mehrbani ho gi…… 2 november se tarlay kr rai ink k mera bill send kro or aaraam se chup kr k dsl or connection utar k ley jao….. JAN BOJH K SEND NAI KEA INHO NE IS BR MERA BILL

  • dear Sir/Madam
    I haven’t received my PTCL bill in written form so plz send me the bill in time and in written form Plzzzzzzzzzzz.

    jab say main nay PTCL NO leya ha us waqat say mujay Bill ni mila …….Dublicate lay kar main Bill data hn………..HAR MAhenay………kindly Es ka kush karain PLZZZZZZZZZZ .My PTCL nO is
    Aamir Sarfraz

  • The performance in rural area of Islamabad has been improved by the PTCL representative. Now bill delivered door to door earlier the deliverer put the bill in shop which was not received to the concerned person and people makes compliant to the SDO but all in vain. But now PTCL has started to send their bills by TCS. The TCS representative deliver all the bills door to door. Thanks PTCL Islamabad.

  • I have tried to get duplicate bill of phone No.067-3359438, but could not succeeded in my effort. Kindly guide me.

  • dear sir,

    i am unable to print my duplicate my ptcl bill, there is a problem in these days at ptcl web site ? plese solve the matter thanks..

    regards ..if update please mail me. my email is [email protected]

    thanks. regards..

  • why my ptcl bill is not coming my phone no 517515 and my id name is 2103399797 the staff of kohat ptcl is bad behaviour they did not co operation with me bangash mobile saeed plaza kohat cantt
    and today date is 16 and the issue date is 6

  • I have tried to get duplicate bill of phone No.0418723976-77, but could not succeeded in my effort. Kindly guide me.

  • Why have u stopped the facility of getting on-line duplicate telephone bills and have subjected us to the hassle of visiting PTCL offices to obtain the same?

    Dr Zaheer Asgahr Khan, 042-35896774, [email protected]

  • mail abid hussain khosa hn plz hamara internet ka bill mail kr dain plz.

  • i pay the bill by online omni system , your system doesn,t update at the time and your system doesn,t get the payable data of bill , and frm ptcl my bill came twice of the same month which already i have payed to ptcl by ubl omini online , so please cut extra amount from my bill and send me duplicate bill on my id

  • close