Jazz Says: Sania Mirza Bhi Apni Hai

Mobilink has created this new art-work that uses Shonia’s wedding to spread its message “Jazz Apna Hai”

PR sent to media says

On the union of Shoaib & Sania, Mobilink Jazz came up with a very interesting ad that congratulates the newly-wed couple and welcomes Sania Mirza in the family by saying ‘Ab Sania Mirza bhi Apni Hai’.

  • Ummm…Why have the Pakistani people gone nuts? I mean the wedding of Shoaib and Sania has been done to death! Let alone the extensive media coverage, I am appalled to read that Mobilink has followed suit!
    What is so special that has forced people come out on the streets and celebrate? Illiteracy maybe? Why is the remotely linked individual so happy? every one on the streets chanting “O ji Sania bhabi, Sania bhabi” I mean they wouldnt have been so happy on their own wedding…
    What about the million other things that are going on and need serious attention. I turn on the TV and I get programs, songs and anchors hooked on to the topic. I mean seriously! A day is enough!! not weeks and months and promotional campaigns emerging! I hope PIA doesn’t start giving free tickets to Dubai now!
    Never expected a company of such highly talented, capable and qualified professionals to come up with such a cheap and meaningless advertisement campaign.
    It feels sad and pathetic when one thinks about the deplorable circumstances.

  • After conceiving and planning ads in India, I think Mobilink should not have resorted to “Ab Sania bhi apni hai” as she has not applied for Pakistani passport so far and blatantly said she would play for India.

    Then how she is ‘Apni hai” is a question which should have been pondered by telecom giant before issuing such sweeping statements.

    Mobilink has been doing such childish tricks in the past as well. The fact is that banking on celebrity’s popularity to grind one’s own axe is not a good omen for the corporate world.

    Sania does not intend to live in Pakistan. She will reside in Dubai, retain her Indian Passport, play for India and pray for the success of Indian cricket team. How come Mobilink know she is “apni hai”

  • Guys and Guls

    you are really showing that you are farigh qom by discussing all these cheaper things, lets live the couple their life.

  • alll the moaner suck…….let shohaib and sania tuck……wish them good luck……… chalo bacho sab apna apna kam karo……. ;-)

    • Yes..Goodluck to the newly-wed couple. And we should stop discussing negativity now.

      Let there be peace people! :)

  • She is not apni and she clearly denied to be Pakistani Baho and also states that she will be in favor of India if there is a match between Pakistan and India. Then how can she be apni hai? Mobilink needs to think about it. First they got their advertisements directed in India by Indians and have India models and now calling Sania Mirza apni hai. I think Mobilink has gone Indian…

  • Well Sania is not Apni. These Indians are not even loyal to their own country. How would they be someone else’s. I think Mobilnk must be fined by PTA for telecasting such a bad tagline in their advertisement. Sania Mirza Apni Nahin hai aur kabhi bhi nahi hogi. Aaj Shoaib Malik kay paas paisay khatam ho jayen woh us ki shakal tak nahi dekahy gi yahi such hai hum jitni jaldi qabool kar lein acha hoga

    • Sania ke Bank Account ke Aage Shoiab Bhikhari he Dear uske 10 R. Pakistan ke 100 Rs. ek barabar he shoiab bhikhari he isliye usne sania ko fasaya he aur jab sania ka account khatam ho jayega wo use bhi chod dega ayesha ke tarah

  • Well now we should call Mobilink Jazz India. This is clearly a bad thing towards your own country. Mobilink should now be taken seriously and should be banned for their stupid Indian Ads.

  • We should not get into the debate of “apni” and “parai”. Definitely she would support india and she should and it shows her loyalty towards her country, as INdia is her residential country, she born there and grown up there, think about yourself, what would you do if you would be Sania? Think about it and just feel good that a tennis star having a relationship with a pakistani even under the existing Circumstances between Pak and India. So i would call her a brave girl. We have no right to comment in the personal lives of stars by saying “Aaj Shoaib Malik kay paas paisay khatam ho jayen woh us ki shakal tak nahi dekahy gi yahi such hai hum jitni jaldi qabool kar lein acha hoga” Jago Pakistan!
    Regarding the jazz promotion, jazz published it just to stay in news and it doesen’t matter for mobilink, either its right or wrong.

    I am agree that we should not pay much attention to this matter and one day is enough to discuss it, i believe our media has no news other than shoaib and sania, our media needs some more time to get mature in order to present the needful things maturely…and our anchors SUBHAN ALLAH. kya bat hai anchors ki, female anchors use to abuse U.S.A all the time in their news sessions butttttt, behind the scenes they are dancing with american guys in american embassy and wearing western dresses which is shameful.

    I wish all the best to newly wed-couple.

  • i m agree with comments of farial u think realy good also umer you r also good but leave that couple every body know jazz thinking is realy short minded

  • I just ro bring in notice that not only Mobilink, our several fed govt minister has been involved in this issue and even 1 went to India along with Gold crown for her!!

  • Welcome to our home bhabi G ki J ho

    allah jori salamat rakhe


    bhabi k bhag ache hon Ye bandhan Pak & India ki rishtadari ka bandhan ho


  • It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by seeking to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is usually a problem in the 1st place. thanks !!! really very helpful post!

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