Mobilink Launches SMSChat

Mobilink Jazz has introduced a new value added service called “SMS Chat”, through which Mobilink customers can chat anonymously with other Mobilink customers.

This SMS bases service allows you to chat anonymous with a group or an individual in private, like chat rooms – while you can also go one-2-one with any other chatter in private.

Subscription process

To get started simply send the command ‘Chat’ to 636

  • When you send this SMS for the first time, you will be asked to create a profile (nick, age, gender and location)
  • You will then be sent a list of rooms to chat in

Service Charges

  • Subscription: Rs. 15 + tax
  • SMS charges: Rs 0.10 + tax / SMS

Public Chatting in Chat Rooms

To take part in a public chat, just select a room from the list of rooms sent to you in response to the CHAT command
Once in a room, you can undertake the following actions:

  • Chat with users in a room (Send a message to everyone in the room / receive messages)
  • Get the list of users currently in the chat room
  • Invite another user currently in the room for a private chat
  • Leave a chat room

Private Chatting with another User

To conduct a private chat with another user:

  • You can conduct a search for users that match a certain criteria e.g. Islamabad based females of a certain age.
  • Enter a chat room and view list of people in the room

In both cases, you will be sent a list of nicks (that matches your search criteria or simply the list of nicks of people currently in the room). You can then invite a particular nick / user to start a private chat.

Searching Profiles

To find users that match certain criteria:

  • Send ‘Search’to 636
  • The service will ask you to select a search option
  • Reply with the search option of your choice
  • The service will send a reply with a list of users’ nicks and profiles that match your search criteria
  • You may filter the returned nicks using the FILTER command

Service Commands:

To start chatting: Send CHAT to 636 (first time users are asked to complete profile comprising of nick, age, gender and location)

To enter a chat room: Select a room from the list of rooms sent to you when you send ‘Chat’to 636

To chat with other users in a chat room: Simply reply to chat room messages

To get a list of users in a room: Reply with ‘list’to chat room message.

To filter the list of users: Once you have received the list of users in the room, you may filter the results according to some other criteria by replying with ‘filter’.

You will receive a message with options to filter down your search further according to nick, age, and gender. Select the desired option to get results matching filtering criteria.

To leave a chat room: Reply EXIT to a chat room message

To invite another user to a private chat: NICK<space>message e.g. koolcat hello want to chat?

To block a user: Reply to user’s message with ‘block’

To unblock a user: Reply to user’s message with ‘Unblock’

To change profile: Send ‘Change Profile’or ‘cp’to 636

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