MoMo Launches its Pakistan Chapter

MoMo, also called as Mobile Monday, a platform to bring people concerned with mobile solutions and technology together, has launched its Pakistan Chapter today, which happens to be MoMo’s 100th chapter world over.

MoMo can be called a mobile business community that is open for anyone and everyone at no cost, unlike other business organizations and communities where there is usually a selection criteria and membership fee.

As Mr. Wille Eerola, CEO, Co-Founder, Riddes Corporation (EU, USA),  translated MoMo (in today’s launch event), it is going to be (like a facebook) wall of mobile industry, where anyone can come up and post his/her feelings, findings, complaints, ideas, or whatever that comes in one’s mind.

Explaining it even further, let me add that this (Facebook) wall is going to be hosted by Comsats (MoMo’s local partner), one has to contact them for joining (registering) the wall (MoMo).

Once done, you can roam around, participate in events, meet new people, have business networking, share ideas, share businesses, collaborate in projects, find new ventures, regions, opportunities, and list goes on.

MoMo’s membership comes for free; all you need is to register yourself at their website:

Giving out free membership without any selection criteria, in my opinion, is actually strange and of no value. Usually the business communicates serve as a networking tool, but if MoMo will have thousands of members, with no cap on their skills, domain and expertise, it will get difficult for one member to get a matching mind for networking and finding mutual benefits.

This is not how other MoMo chapters are practicing, for instance, MoMo Japan allows only Mobile industry people to participate in their events.

This is maybe because the local chapter is still to devise its policies and strategies.


Before we identify the potential, we will have to figure out how active MoMo’s Pakistan chapter will be in coming days. We see so many business communities, launched with enthusiasm and lots of talks, however, the buzz collapses as the members start dispersing with time.

Comsats, as MoMo’s local partner, is likely to keep the pool active. They have students, who then join the live networks (industry), so there are good chances that rush will remain there in MoMo events and gatherings.

However, as we missed in today’s launch, big players – like cellular companies, infrastructure vendors, VAS providers etc, must join MoMo to keep the food hot.

As a negative part, I see no other educational institute participating in MoMo in terms of young fuel to the community, because of competition with Comsats or whatever you say it.

Why to Join MoMo?

Once you are part of MoMo, you will have access to local members, at initial level, and then global members at secondary level. Comsats has promised to organize events on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis (though we were not given any schedule), where you will be meeting other MoMo members from Pakistan.

Once in a year, MoMo organizes a global event where you will be benefited at global scale.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • yup it is launched today in Comsats Islamabad… our campus (comsats Attock ) was also invited there….

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