Teaching Thousands Through YouTube: Working Example

Sal Khan lives in San Francisco, who is trying to educate the world and has thousands of students from across the world, but has never seen or even doesn’t know them.

Salman Khan, also known as Sal Khan gave up lucrative career at Silicon Valley, which many dub as boring desk job and started creating video tutorials or say video classes for the students of this world.

Sal Khan, one of brightest students, after graduating from MIT and Harvard, gave up millions of dollars that he could earn through his job and dedicated his career for teaching.

Khan’s YouTube videos come with black background (used as a black board), where he draws equations and explanations along with voice over to teach subjects like Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, History, Physics, Economics etc

His videos are, so far, watched for more than nine million times, and numbers are increasing with each passing day.

You can visit Khan Academy’s website here: http://www.khanacademy.org/

If you look at Khan Academy’s education model, the way they are using YouTube and internet for tele-education, idea can be replicated in many forms to match multiple educational needs of Pakistan (or any country).

Check below video for more details

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