Ufone Introduces Data Internet Packages

After Zong’s daily Internet Package, looks cellular companies want to compete in this area too. Ufone has responded with daily, fortnightly and monthly Internet packages with fixed rental (with a cap on download/upload limit).

In daily package, data limit is 2 MB for Rs. 3.99 plus tax, that’s Rs. 2.20 per MB, not bad – but not better than Zong’s one hour deal per day for Rs. 5


* 1.5 GB data transfer limit as per fair use policy.


  • Multiple subscription of Daily Internet Package is not allowed within 24 hours of subscription.
  • To Unsubscribe Daily Internet Package send <unsub> to 8804
  • Mobile Internet data packages are available for all Prepaid (Sr. 2-4) and Postpaid (only Sr. 5) subscribers on all packages.
  • Postpaid subscriber can subscriber/unsubscribe Mobile Internet unlimited Data package by sending SMS “SUB” to 805, call Ufone Help line 333 from their handsets or can visit the nearest Ufone Customer Service Centers.
  • Postpaid subscriber can subscriber/unsubscribe Mobile Internet unlimited Data package by sending SMS “SUB” to 805, call Ufone Help line 333 from their handsets or can visit the nearest Ufone Customer Service Centers.
  • Prepaid Subscribers can check their remaining data package volume & expiry date by USSD command send to *706# or call 706.
  • After Prepaid expiry or Postpaid un-subscription of Mobile Internet Data packages, standard GPRS charges of Rs. 15/- per MB will be applicable.
  • In case of credit limit expired or non-bill payment, Postpaid Mobile Internet Unlimited Data Package will also get blocked automatically.
  • There will be no change on Mobile Internet data packages if voice package is switched (e.g. from Uwon to Ufone Ghanta Package or change in Postpaid Voice Package etc.).
  • Complete packages & tariff details can be pulled by sending SMS ‘info’ to 800.
  • Once converted to Ufone Life Value Package, the 500 rupees conversion fee will be put in your balance after deduction of taxes. This means that 424.67 rupees will be available to you for use.
  • All charges are exclusive of Tax.
  • The packages are not offered on Prepaid and Postpaid VPN packages.
  • MMS, Premium URL, Premium downloads OR International data Roaming is not allowed via these data packages.

  • Zong and Warid 10MB packages are cheaper than of these Ufone GPRS packages.

    Ufone GPRS speed here since start max 3 kb/sec and with EDGE max 6kb/sec
    Disconnections after every 30mins.
    Only Zong and Warid giving 24hour GPRS connectivity without any network disconnection.

  • Ufone scored 70 in reply to Zong`s 100 and they(ufone )think they won the match hnnnnnnnn…..

  • Warid monthly package (10 MB @ PKR 30 for 30 days) is better since it cost PKR 3 / Mb without any restrictions. Mulitple subscriptions allowed. Can be used within one day.

  • I only see one new package here, the Daily package. Rest of them are the same ones which have been around for over an year and a half.

    Considering that you can trick your Prepaid Unlimited Internet Package to get unlimited bandwidth for Rs. 1000/6 months, Ufone still has the cheapest package on offer.

    As for Quality, I’ve tried all of the operators and found out that Ufone’s quality has degraded a lot now compared to the past. But Zong and Warid practically suck. The only combination of Quality and Speed is with Telenor. Its more expensive but I don’t mind the price premium for the coverage, speed and quality I get.

    • in my case Telenor really S..ks, Customer support, call quality, coverage…. I prefer ufone as compare to telenor for calling purpose and zong for data usage.

  • the data usage today is very different as compared to a few years ago when we used it for downloading emails. cost of calls has been reduced but data package is still at funny Rs15/mb. now people are downloading videos and using facebook type applications all day, Rs15/mb may generate a bill of Rs.15000 for 1gb download.

    The price should be Rs. 1/mb, zong is already offering 2GB for Rs 200, other operators should offer similar packages.

  • I think zong is best in internet service providing.
    Ufone should first provide good quality of service.

  • Zong’s package is far better as compare to ufone. 200/= 2GB package (30 days validity), Hourly unlimited in 5/= per day, and daily sms package with 500 sms and 100 mms option ….. i guess in data packages zong is best.

  • i think Zong Internet package are best because one new package Zong offering to their customer is Rs 5/- Rupees per hour package. Zong Claiming through to this package Zong Customer avail free unlimited downloadig & Browsing. so i think this package is very usefull to those Customer who use Internet just for hour or two.

  • does someone know what is the minimum packet size for ufone mobile internet?

    I mean what if I open a remote connection send few bytes, receive few bytes and then close the connection. How much of my data limit will be used in this case … 8KB (like zong) or more?

    • @ Mustafa

      Warid Best in Voice and Data services

      Do you remember how many times have you repeated this? you spoil every post with this sentence.

      stop impossing your thoughts on others

  • All pakistani networks Expensive in data plan. b’cous in india full day unlimted gprs only with 5 rupeez. Its better

  • zong simply rocking . 2 gb package in jst rs 200 simply the best n internet speed is good i used to get 70 to 85 kbps on peak timings n more than that on off peak timings.

    • @ Faraz.
      where do you get that much speed coz my max speed reaches 25 never more than that!!!

      which area do you live?

  • I’ve tried ufone, warid and zong

    ufone sucks all the time

    warid is very good in some areas like clifton karachi

    shadman lahore etc

    same is the case with zong in some area the servic is very good while in other area…….

    as far as packages are concerned Zong is the best especialy the 200 wala package. I am using it for the last 15 days sometimes it gives me 25KBPS

    and some times it drops to 8/kbps

  • @…Mr. Omer reality is bitter and warid is good choice for both services so we should advise others for better.

  • Ufone is best network of pakistan.
    its our homeland’s company.
    i like it very much.
    first it have many peckages.
    Allah may success it.
    it is cheapest also.

  • I subscribed this package, I had no balance for 2 days and I received a message from ufone “The package could not be renewed”, grps didn’t work for 2 days.

    When I loaded a card, ufone charged for 2 previous days when package was not used, I called the helpline but they were just trying to redirect the issue.

    I was not expecting such “DIRTY CHEATING” tactics from a company like ufone.

    I am posting here so other people may know it.

    • I have been using ufone from so many years.
      ufone really cheats in mobile internet bundles.
      I have used Daily Internet Package which gives 2mb.
      But actually after 1mb usage this package dies.You
      will receive sms from ufone that your bundle has came to end.I checked again after subscribing that are they providing full volume? I reset my mobile’s data counter and next time same thing happen after 1mb usage your 2mb bucket will die.
      and after utilizing warid’s 2mb bucket, it ends up when full volume is consumed, and data counter was also showing 2mb usage.

      you can check by yourself…!!!

  • i was thinking to switch on gprs from ufone but all reviews helped me a lot.. gprs is getting free in most of the world.in Pakistan it wont be cheap as well the service wont be good cause its a good market to empty pockets of customers as no one has to care a bit.. calling rates are good in u-fone sms packages are also good but net suxs as stated by most of you..now on net/off net by telenor sms packages is another way to empty pockets ..anyway thanksalot guys for your help Pakistan zinda bad

  • koi mujhy yeh bata sakta hai keh warid k internet per gmail kyon open nhi hoti? mujhy mail check krna hoti hai.. so how can i check my emails?? plz tell me just via a mesg @ 03003452001

  • Until 3G or 3.5G connections are introduced, you will not enjoy true internet experience. i was in SL and they offer excellent packages and speed on 3G environment. Speed is unbelievable that i even used on my laptop. Internets speed sucks here

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    tareeqa:: bus jab aap reg hojai thu aapko ik link dya jaiga! Jisko aap kahi bi share karni hai! (like faceboock..messenger..text mesege..email..)jo bi tareeqa ho bus aapko share karna hoga! Jab koy aapka link kolega .aapko 1 point milegi!( For mor info plz visit it) registration kelye (home page) pe jayie thanx

  • is there some one who can tell me that the Ufone USB modem stick how it works , is it working good with a pc in Mansehra / battal area as the coverage is gud there , the ZONG has similar device or not and what abt the Telenor and warid devices as i want to use it for the skype and F/B .
    PLZ ANSWER ME thanks

  • Salam 2 every1..Yar zong 2gb sucks its cheap..And speed is cheap too..Nevr more than 2kb.And ufone sucks too..If u load 800then u get 500..Its speed is awesome in major cities..Bt in small towns and while on the go..Speed is always 5kbs..

  • I am the regular user of Ufone GSM. Today I activated the Internet connection on my mobile phone. Living in Islamabad , surfing and browsing is dead slow. Please recommend me the good internet connection in Islamabad.

  • In Peshawar. the internet speed of zong is just about 2 to 3 kb/s and i never got much than that however telenor is the best it gives 20 to 25 kb/s

  • can any one plz tell me which network is best for Skype apps in Q mobile A9 i want to talk to my sweety on Skype in mobile suckk!! Pakistan IT they are living in 21st century and they didn’t launched 3G til now :P .

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