Breaking: PTCL Acquires Maxcom

Maxcom, a leading broadband internet service provider in Karachi and Hyderabad, is being acquired by PTCL, told us reliable sources within the company and further confirmed by Umair Mohsin, a fellow blogger.


Maxcom is known for its customer support and better quality of service. It has more than 10,000 DSL subscribers in Karachi and Hyderabad.

When checked, Maxcom didn’t comment on the situation while we could not reach PTCL’s spokesperson to know the official viewpoint on this.

Sources say that official announcement will be made in a month’s time. No words yet on the value of the deal. No words either on if Maxcom will retain its brand name after the acquisition or not.

Maxcom customers will get a higher portfolio when shifted to PTCL; however, they may have to bear the notorious customer support from PTCL.

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    • lassaaaaaaaaaaaan hojaega max com bhi sab se behtreen serivce ka bera gharak honey jaraha hey lolllllll

  • ptcl first satisfy its costumers then go for others….
    its bad for Maxcom costumers that there management leave them in hands of ptcl.

  • first try to write the hyderabad spelling correct ok its not hayderabad its hyderabad

  • This deal should not be done.
    PTCL is giving hard time to its own customers. PTCL first have to streamline its service level and then go for further..

    I wish best of luck to all Maxcom users. (but no chance in existence of PTCL)

  • A big check to fatten the pockets of Maskatiya family but terrible news for maxcom customers and maxcom employees. Another DSL company gone down the drain! Time to flush..

  • From what I’ve understood, the Max brand and customer support will remain intact. It will just be managed by PTCL, however Max customers will get unlimited bandwidth due to the connection with PTCL’s pipes.

    and Yes! 1 MB connection will be available on max for Rs. 835 only. More disconcerting however is the 2MB price, which might rise Rs. 200 to Rs. 2000 which is the price PTCL charges its customers. Max charges Rs. 1800 only.

  • I got hurt with this news as don’t know what to choose now as a substitute of Maxcom.

  • THIS SUCKSS!! The worst piece of news I have heard in years! :( How could maxcom betray us like this :”(. Ptcl sucks!!! All those modem unsycns and stuff!! Lets just hope maxcom doesn’t end up behaving like ptcl ..

  • ptcl is the biggest telecom in pakistan …no one can compete ptcl..every body is bounded to the ptcl parameters because they get banwidth from ptcl even maxcom too…

  • Yes… this is true!!! i was a maxcom user and my internet was not working from 2 days… after calling and waiting for 2 hours.. got hold of one maxcom CSE who told me that my account is shifted to PTCL!!! after confirming form PTCL as well he confirmed that i am a PTCL customer now and my 2MB connection is shifted to 4MB Connection… so far downloading is slow but per PTCL rep.. there is an issue in PK on downloading which will get fixed in couple of hours…

    so far haven’t received any letter from Maxcom or PTCL that i have been shifted on it… PTCL Rep confirmed to call 1236 for the letter to be sent to me.. so far i have not tried yet but will give them a call on this to acquire my letter and charges details as well.

  • Yes the shift has occurred but here is what makes matters worse.

    2 Hours on Customer service helpline. No answer.
    20 days since internet service down with 3 complaints lodged. Each time within hours, the complaint is reported fixed however there is no contact and internet connectivity is still down during this time.

    Bad move for the users of MAXCOM because such horrid connectivity only means that people like me will start searching for other, reliable ISPs.

    Everyone might be tied to PTCL on the back end, but PTCL doesn’t dictate sharing ratios, ping speeds, bandwidth and uptime that the ISP infrastructure provides.

  • Maxcom has really disappointed me. I was 3 years old user of maxcom, and suddenly i started having internet disconnection issues and low speed. I went to and saw that it wasn’t showing the maxcom as my isp. I was surprised. When i called maxcom, they told me that they have shifted me to PTCL … lol

    no email , no notification, nothing at all.

    Its been a joke!!!!!!! maxcom has become worst company since then,,, zero customer support, zero customer care.

    Maxcom committed suicide.

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