Warid Glow Gonna Go Huge, Already Catching Eyes on Facebook

We are told that Warid is planning something for its youth brand Glow that is going to hit hard the market , something really exiting.

We don’t have much information over the strategy or the plans, however, our sources claim that Glow is going to do an industry first thing, while campaign is said to go live very soon now.

Meanwhile, Warid Glow’s activity on facebook is sensed high, with its application called Glow Thoughts, where facebook users are asked to share their thoughts about music, movies, games etc.

You can try it here http://apps.facebook.com/glowthoughts/

So lets keep our fingers crossed and wait for Warid to Glow up its attractions for summers.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • So I was browsing around Facebook, the usual spying on others walls, when this tiny little ad appeared on the screen. The ad was titled Glow thoughts and had the image of the neon people we usually see in Warid’s Glow ads, making it obvious that Warid telecom had something to do with it (wow aren’t I a genius). The ads text, “Click here to feel free and allow your thoughts to Glow… get a chance to win an iPod” hit my curiosity. How would letting my mind go blah blah get me a chance to win an iPod? Think* think*

    So I clicked , and this (http://apps.facebook.com/glowthoughts/) application opens up in front of me. It asked me to choose between movies, music, games, and sports and then it asked me to write my thought on the selected option. I could even view the thoughts posted by others. Their names were appearing in these colorful rimmed bubbles. If I clicked on any one, it would go swishy swirly and show the posted thought.

    Now, though I did find this app very interesting, and fresh, I am still stuck on the “why?” in my head. Are they planning on coming up with a new campaign? Do they have a new package to announce? Why would a big telecom company go for just a teeny tiny app? There is definitely more to this! Warid is about to go BIG!

  • WOW i am using GLOW, its the best ever in Pakistan and now its going to be something big :)


    Keep Glowing

  • Hey Numan, can you tell me how to port-in to Warid GLOW, i am using Telenor right now.

    I been to the site and checked glow rates, they are really exciting.

    Please someone help me out !

  • Aamir Bhai! What is the process of participating in Propakistani’s 2nd anniversary draw? I joined the facebook page and filled the form, but no response, no email or anything happens, like, thank you for participating.

  • IF you are with GLOW you gotta be SLOW – go Djuice instead – bigger community, and it is targeting theyouth.

  • Bigger community & Bigger call disconnection issue with Djuice! So it’s better to go with the Glow in a Flow!

  • Will the employees of their respective companies please make sane comments rather than shamelessly promote your own company’s products? It’s getting very, VERY old and irritating.

  • Glow 2.0, 10 glow gang members (5 on net and 5 off net) 0.61+tax per 30second call rate. hah!! what a pathetic surprise.

    • Telenor offering 0.63 + tax per 30 sec on ALL NETWORKS
      Zong offering 0.65 + tax per 30 sec on ALL NETWORKS

      NO Gang restrictions :-)

  • u can buy a same number in warid any code n any number like that your lucky numbr n your date of birth so cntct me any time i m waiting for your call 03234966860

  • glow is offring 1.20 per min.all network but from11pm to 4: 59 pm
    and 5pm to 10:59pm 1.50 warid to warid and 1.70 warid to other.

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