Warid’s Glow 2.0 is New Glow

As we had anticipated, Warid has revised its Glow package, and renamed it Glow 2.0 or Glow Version 2.

Let’s jump straight to the tariff details

Tariff Details

  • Taxes apply
  • Per 30 seconds billing applies, unless specified.
  • Rs. 1 +Tax will be charged only on the first Glow Gang off-net call made in a day.

Glow Gang:

  • Favorite 5 off-net & 5 on-net numbers
  • On-net: To all other Warid numbers
  • Off-net: To all other Mobile networks & landline numbers
  • Weekdays: Monday to Friday
  • Peak hours: 8am to 11pm
  • Off-Peak hours: 11pm to 8am
  • Weekends: Saturday & Sunday
  • Peak hours: 5pm to 11pm
  • Off-Peak hours: 11pm to 5pm

Glow Gang Details

  • Number of Glow Gang Friends: 10 (5 off-net & 5 on-net)
  • Check Glow Gang list: SMS List to 129 @ Rs. 2+tax
  • Add a Glow Gang Friend: SMS Add<space><Warid number> to 129 @ Rs. 9+tax
  • Delete a Glow Gang Friend: SMS Del<space><Warid number> to 129 @ Rs. 2+tax
  • You can change your Glow Gang numbers as many times as you like.

  • Taxes apply
  • MMS is charged both for receiving and sending.
  • MMS unit is a message of size 250KB on-net and 100KB off-net & on international numbers.
  • Mobile Internet (GPRS) unit is charged per 64KB.

Terms & Conditions

  • For Prepaid connection, please submit your Warid connection form with a copy of your CNIC.
  • Dial 789 for new SIM activation.
  • “Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA.”
  • Kindly note that all calls will automatically disconnect after 50 minutes.
  • 19.5% FED on usage & 10% withholding tax on rechage apply.
  • Prices are subject to change at Warid’s discretion.

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  • Mobile internet is the future (and also the present). What does glow offer in that regard? Nothing special!

  • So basically Warid has removed free calls on weekends.
    Earlier all calls to glow gang were charged at 2.99+tax during weekenends (all day). Now free calls are restricted to off peak time only.

    Glow Gang Peak time call rates were 0.45, now they are 0.61. :)

    Calls to other networks and on-net( other than glow gang) have been revised down by WHOOPING 04 paisas. Now thats a HUGE saving :P

  • Bhai loag. Agar kisi offnet fnf number per call keraingay to us din 1.92rs kataingay extra!!! plz clearify

    • Warid still offers prevoius both sms packages in Glow 2.0 as well.

      250 sms/day
      700 sms/week (the same which they are offering in prevoius version of glow.)

    • oyy warid 2.0 sms packages is included RS 6.99 AND SMS IS 700 IN A WEEK THIS PACKAGES IS ACTIVATE IN THIS STYLE W.MESG GLOW 700 AND SEND 7070 MY NUMBER IS 03225148988

  • i can assure you one thing..calls FREE bhi ho jayengi tub bhee koyi khush nahy hoga :D its human nature.

  • increased rates and no weekends offer like earlier. and you call it glow 2.0 . good going warid. one more reason to avoid warid

  • i dont know why r u all people happy .where actually call rates are increased. glow emphaiszes on fnf and sms rates as is in case of djuice. now glow has increased fnf addition rates at rs 9 plus tax . no free call on week end off peak hours. call rate of .61 instead of .45 per 30 seconds. i m thinking to port out my numbers

    • FNF addition rate is 7 rupees plus tax, how ever call rate on onnet and offnet has been revised along with an option of 5 offnet facility. you also have a choice to use either prevoius glow or glow 2.0. both packages are being offered by warid currently brother.

  • much expectatios from warid but …. same paisas game. no bucket internet no attractive sms pckg n even reduce weekend per call timings like previously wholw sar n subd 2.99 per call.

  • much expectatios from warid but …. same paisas game. no bucket internet no attractive sms pckg n even reduce weekend per call timings like previously whole sat n sun 2.99 per call

    • yar hum b tu zabardast hai kuch humare bare main b kuch socho sochnay k liyah 0321-4377626

    • aslamo akimum main ksa say blong karta hon pk first time hay warid acha laga iss ki covrge or network but mb kam hay in ko zayda karna chiya 10mb to 1week main katam ho jatay hain my number 03228733238

  • Warid is makig a come back – they are fighting in their own subscfriber base now – they cant take anything from the other operators, so they move their own customers around to a differnt package and cllaim some sort of growth – stupid company.

    • Dear friend,

      in these days, when rates of all daily usage things are on high, you people are still expecting that mobile companies will revise their charges?

      thats also a stupidity.. because now a days it has been very difficult for cellular companies to survive.

      Call rates compitition is about to end now. dont expect the revision from any cellular company now.

      • Bhai, kis duniya mai rehte hain aap? Prepaid pe 5% extra charges, balance inquiry pe charges, help line pe call kerne k charges, yeh sab kia telecom walon ki jaib mai nahin ja rahe hain. kia abhi bhi zarurat hai aur charges bharhane ki? kitne percent loag yeh kehte hain k balance inquiry & help line pe charges impose kerne se telecoms ka network bohat behter hua hai?

  • Not a good offer by Warid. It is really crushing the subscribers by different methods e.g. increasing the fnf addition rates.

  • Just an observation when it comes to people complaining about excessive charges that all mobile companies (not only Warid) seem to be bent on charging.

    Pakistan offers one of the lowest rates for mobile telecommunication in the world. That’s right, the WORLD. And yet all people do is complain. Someone hit the nail right on the head when they said that even if calls were free, you people would still find something to complain about. And for the people who think that telecommunication companies are minting money, do you have any idea of the perating costs involved in running a mobile telecommunication company? Yes, mobile companies earn a sizeable amount of revenue, but revenue is never equal to profit. Let me educate you with a simple equation that someone forgot to teach you when you were younger.

    Profit = Revenue – Cost.

    I’m not saying that mobile companies (or any company for that matter) do not earn profit. It’s a business. As in the case of any business, it was setup to earn profit. Business oriented organizations are NOT NGOs. So stop expecting them to act like one.

  • 100% agreed with Ahsan. Now its time to grow up & ask for quality rather than reduction in rates.

  • But it should be same free calls off peak package for both on-net & off-net Glow Gang .
    consider it kindly

  • I am disappointed as warid betrayed people this time…in their promotion package they did not tell the package conversion rates…they have not given the sms bundel with this offer,did they? and 1 thing more that once warid offered miscall alerts for free..in promotion sms they told that u can now have free miscall alerts i activated the offer and later in confirmation report they told that miscall alert is free for this month and u would be charged Rs-10/- for the following months…so i really think warid would have to improve their advertising media…don’t abuse our trust over warid..thanks

  • asalamualikum haf wala chkr ki wja se n daly chrjiz ki wja se tel ab pit gai hy n na delevery riport derahi hy n warid to delevery riportb deraha hy n bal b free sow krta hy plz tel walun abi b wqt hy compition bhut hogya hy apko ache pakg nikalne chiye daly charjiz wale nhi warid b pora ghnta pkg deraha hy but daly chrjiz nhi hen warid men aor sat n sun 10 warid no pe pora din pori rat 3 rs ghnta okz tel ka bhut bura pkg nkala hy of n onetsystem is poor ab men waid use krunga warid men men devely reprt b fre hy n 7rs men men 700 sms kc netwok pe 7 days k lye ap b meri rai pe kuch khen plz thx warid

  • the loss which the warid has gained in simple glow will be fulfilled with this new subscription by warid customers……….? faisla apka

  • warid is best in all categories. If any one no agree with this CALL me.. . . ,03219763996 well my frndz chek all network( hr ksi ki apni choice ha but ksi b network ko bra na kho q k sare hi kuch kmane k lae bethe ha) thanks buddys .. .
    . . .0. .all is wel.. .0.

  • mein nay weak mein 400 say 500 tk sms krnay hotay hain or is k sath 1 ya 2 calls. mein glow 2.0 activate kru ya glow 700 sms wala hi theek rhay ga?? 700 walay k call charges tu 3.60/min hain. kya kru?? sms ya e mail kr k bta do acha rhay ga. thanks. 03235429072, [email protected] btao na!!

  • Bhai log Glow 1.0 is muchhhh better than glow 2.0 becoz jab glow 2.0 par swith huge to glow 1.0 ke saare packages khatam hujaege jaise Glow gang number , sms bundles to glow 2.0 me phir se activate karane parege aur jab maine glow 2.0 switch kara to mere pas 35rs the after glow 2.0 remaining balance is 0.60rs so avoid glow 2.0…….

  • Guys i think that warid is a very good network… coz atleast they are maintaining their quality… chahe mausam kharab ho ya haalat… warid ka network kaam kerta he… 2ndly agar ye log bhi apne rates kam kerlenge toh her koi telenor aur ufone ki tarah warid use kerne lag jaega… n that would effect its quality 4 sure.


  • this connection is much expensive i’ve no but update it is very difficult to use ap k all packeges poor and dull hain.

  • i am using ufone.but the new offer of warid glow2.0 attracks me nd i buy a new sim of warid.now i fell that i am on right connection.
    warid glow 2.0 serve the best.

  • salam. mai ne aj he ye sim li hy is se phly b mare pas warid he tha mgr bht expensive toba hr chez k paise katty to is doran mai ne ufone use kia to tension thori kam hoi. ab dubara glow ki taraf ai to is b tension or b kam hoi qk mai bht kam msgs n call krti hu mgr is k rates warid k baki packages k nisbat thek hy.
    thank u warid. or ha people plz dont say anything to warid. ahista ahista mazeed better hoga. glow 1 n glow 2 kia hy plz zara define kr k mjhe email kr dy.

  • Does any 1 who has bought new Glow sim and activated? please tell me how can activation is processed? I activated 2 sims of glow; for 1 the person at 789 says it will be activated after some time and fnf will be added after 2 hours but for 2 the 789 person said restart cell and add fnf after 24 hours as till the sim will be registered at your name and fnf can be added after two hours but will be deleted after 24 hours so better to add next day.

  • well m new n warid bt wt da hell z ds i kald soo many times bt they didnt recieve ma kal..wt kynd of helpline z ds..its sick actuly..m xchausted i ve heard alt..bt very disappointd ryt nw..atleast pik ma kal 44r help..bt…

  • help me plz coz withot talkng to hlplin m lozng ma balnce…plz warid call centerz wake up..m flng hlpless ryt nw n very angry..ds z da last way through which m sayng…………wake upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  • huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    it’s realy good glow gang

  • veryy messy i swear ..i was much happy with postpaid ..to hell with prepaid scams these ppl use ..damn

    • simple yar 321 par call kro.tm instruction,s suna tmhy khud hi Deactive krny ka tareqa pata cahl jaye ga

  • Dear Warid Team
    Glow & Glow2.0 is very good you give us my5 on prepaid plz you think about that

  • close