Mobile Phone Imports Increased by 55 Percent

The import of Mobile Phones in the year 2009/2010 (July-March) has increased to $215 million as compared with $139 million during the same period last year, registering an increase of 54.6 per cent, Federal Bureau of Statistics website revealed.

Citing Karachi Electronic Dealers Association’s (KEDA) representative, ‘The News ‘ said that the almost 55 percent increase in Mobile phone imports could be attributed to influx Chinese handsets.

“Low-cost Chinese mobile phones are capturing the market share of leading brands,” said Mohammad Amin Memon, President Mobile Committee.

“The low- and middle-income groups are more likely to purchase Chinese handsets due to their economical price and high-end features,” Memon said.

He said that KEDA conducted a survey recently in various cities of Pakistan and found that the sale of branded mobile phones during 2009/10 has dropped to 400,000, while low-cost Chinese mobile phones sale has increased to 600,000.

Previously there were many after sale complaints in Chinese sets, but now their quality has improved, Memon said.

On the other hand, the branded mobile companies claim that the low-cost Chinese mobile telephones pose no threat to them.

Haseeb Ihtasham, marketing manager of Nokia, Pakistan, Afghanistan regions, said that the branded phones ensure after-sales service and guarantees. The branded phones continue to enjoy a lion’s share in the market, he said.