Pakistan to Propose Zero Intl Roaming Rate in SAARC

Pakistan is planning to propose zero international roaming tariff in the Saarc region, reported Voice n Data citing Sardar Latif Khosa, Minister for IT and Telecom.

The Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunications has internally proposed this initiative. “Implementation can happen only after getting approvals from several stakeholders,” Sardar Muhammad Latif Khan Khosa, federal minister, Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunications, told Voice&Data.

“We want to take more steps to bring people closer. Technology can bring harmony among countries. This will be one of the few steps to achieve our dreams,” he added.

Despite bilateral trade agreements for several years, roaming between India and Pakistan has been a contentious issue. Reduction in international roaming rates has been one of the demands of users among the Saarc countries, including India. If the proposal is introduced, it will be a revolutionary step in the conflict ridden region.

India, though making efforts for reducing tension between the two countries, is yet to consider a zero international roaming. Most of the private operators in India are against reduction in international tariffs.

In fact, international roaming and ISD charges in the Saarc region are very high and it affects the business.