PTCL Posted 2.5 bln Rupees Net Profit for Q3

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) announced its financial results for the 3rd quarter ended on 31st March, 2010 in their meeting of the Board of Directors held on 29th April 2010.

The Company has announced a Net Profit of Rs. 2.51 billion compared to Rs. 1.91 billion recorded in the 3rd Quarter last year, i.e. 31% growth compared to same period last year. On consolidated period for 3 quarters (9 months) from 1st July 2009 – 31st March 2010 the net profit is Rs.7.86 billion compared to Rs. 7.22 billion for the same period last year.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) has witnessed landmark success in reinventing itself from a state-run organization to a competitive private sector organization. On this journey, PTCL has repositioned itself as Pakistan’s only integrated telecom service provider offering bundled voice data, internet and IPTV services at highly competitive rates.

PTCL success can be evaluated from the fact that its broadband Pakistan has become the largest broad band service in the country covering over 1000 cities countrywide with 80% market share.

The company gave a loan of 5 billion rupees to Ufone, its mobile phone subsidiary, on which Pakistan Telecom earned interest, boosting profit. Pakistan Telecom also gained 670 million rupees in the form of dividends paid by Ufone, reported Bloomberg.

Pakistan Telecom shares, which have risen 21.5 percent this year, rose 2.4 percent to 21.45 rupees as of 2:54 p.m. local time on the Karachi Stock Exchange.

The company plans to pay an interim cash dividend of 1.75 rupees a share, according to the statement.

  • But for what ?

    Does this profits despite the HR Atrocities upon the engineers and techinical people has any meanings ?

    No not at all.

    Under the cruel HR , this is all meaningless.

    When the enineers are subjected to mental torture and inhumiliation , the net profit earned by the company is only of the matter of joy for the arab masters , not for the employees nor for the people of pakistan.

    What the Hard working engineers are looking for is ,

    1. Job security
    2. Regular increase in pay and facilities like vehicle(Car ) , hospitalisation , tension free job etc etc .
    3. Deputaion in the foreign countries.

    above all, to get rid of the Arab masters so that they quit and leave the occupation of the valuable prrperty under the ptcl installations.


    this profits is of no use to already crushed and worst hit employees at the hands of HR and Management .
    The Engineers who work day in and day out , and hwat they get at the end ,

    Just a few scrabs and threats and harshness from the Emp0loyer.

    who will be the benefishery of this profit ,
    it will be HR , Fianace dept of ptcl
    while the engineers will continue to strive , do the hard work in the same way .
    and at the end , the engineers will remained worried all the times .

  • Corruption in Pakistan is increasing every month under the current govt. PTCL, having govt as the majority shareholder reflects the same mentality. People get hired and promoted based on connections and nepotism instead of qualifications and experience. Inflation, unemployment, coruption, and power shortage is increasing in Pakistan every day and if things continue like this for another year or two, the economy and the country will fall apart like the soviet union which is what anti-pakistan powers want. God save Pakistan. Amen!

  • This is the earned profit from the hard work of engineers only………..

    but the cruel HR/Management is keeping it all under its control &

    powerless/pathetic Technical Heads dont have the guts to do anything ……shame on them……..

  • the corruption has creapt at each and every level in any dept.

    the bills of the field engineers and techincal people are pending and they are niether provided any facility nor the working envirnment is improved so that the people who are the actuall source of bread and butter can perform thie work free from worries , tension , and threat of job .

    Due to frequesnt power outages , the many people had to spend the money from thier own pocket in order to over come the shortage of Diesel fuel to run the Generator sets and keep the operational system running.

    this is a very simple case , there are more and more complecated cases of the field people who had ben spending from thier pockets and the bills are still not paid. The management papers are so complicated and due to horrible red tape-ism , the field people are finding hard to get thier spent money back.

    niether any fund is allocated not any facility like car , or job security os offered.

    Although the treatment which has been extended to the ptcl actuall people (Engineers, techinical people) is examined, you wll find how the buisiness is running, why not this company collapsed due to the non-sense and stupidity of the Arabs , yet the outcome of this profit is not due to the input my the managment , it is due to the input provided by the hapless, threatened and insulted engineers. and
    who is being benefited ??

    It is HR, Admin, Finace people who had actually no role in doing the work to generate the revenue.

    It is engineer who is the worst suffering person , upon whose cost , the whole management and HR and fiance people are enjoying the luxaury of life while the engineers continue to remain miserable.

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