Clobby Brings Chat Rooms for Facebook Pages

Lahore based startup, ‘SixTakes’ brings us group chat for Facebook pages or individual profiles for real-time interaction with fans and friends.

SixTakes is lead by Adeel Raza, a 24 year old geek from Lahore. Company is said to be in business for around 6 months, while it has already managed to bring 4 products live including donut chat, a chat solution for any kind of website.

Their newest product is called “Clobby”, a free Facebook application that offers a nice chat room for your fan page/group in a simple and smooth manner.

Installing Chat Room is very simple; all you need is to point your browsers to this link:

Select your page/profile and that’s it – once done, ‘Chat’ tab will be added to your page/profile, where your fans/friends can come and join your unique chat room. Users can chat in main chat room for group chat or they can click on members in room to chat with other members in private.

Page admin or Profile admin are moderators of their chat rooms by default, however admins can add more moderators by simply selecting the profile in chat room.

Clobby is likely to have more features in future, for instance, selection of font type and color, attachments etc.

Admins of corporate pages on Facebook may like adding this application to their pages instantly, however, our advise is to analyze your fans before you deploy Clobby. If your customers are not happy with your services, you may need to plan good before you allow them to interact with you. In simple words: Moderation of chat room can go messy!!!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Will this chat plugin is going to work only with FB or we can have it for other social networks too??


  • It’s not working on ma page….error is such that facebook servers are not respondings. Plztry later:S:S

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