Incoming MMS On Ufone Goes Free!

After Telenor and Zong, now Ufone is also offering free incoming MMS, which means Ufone customers can now receive MMS without any charge.

Earlier, Ufone was charging same tariff for both sending and receiving MMS.

Additionally, like before, you can send Multimedia Messages to Ufone numbers via email. Process is very simple, just attach images, songs, or anything with your email and send to [email protected], for instance:  [email protected] and that’s it.

Note: Make sure attachment size is considerable, 100 KB or less is good.

Tip: You can use email to MMS service to transfer files to friends n family, files of any type, even Word documents. While receiving those files (in MMS), you can save them in phone memory and then transfer to your computer for further use.

Please note that this offer has not been announced on Ufone’s website as of now.

Thanks to Sufiyan Shakil for notifying us about this.

MMS Service Comparison

  • Telenor: Users can send MMS to Emails, Cannot receive Email to MMS, however MMS receiving is totally free. Zong:
  • Zong: Incoming MMS are free but Zong has not started Email to MMS yet, Zong has even disabled MMS to Email to force its customers to use alternate service Zong one, which is not free.
  • Ufone: Users can send MMS to Email, Email to MMS, MMS receiving is free.
  • Warid: MMS receiving is not free, in some prepaid SMS packages MMS receiving is free but customer is charged from the SMS package units. Email to MMS is not available.
  • Mobilink: MMS receiving is free – but GPRS charges apply if MMS size increases 7 KB.

Update: May 29, 2010: Email to MMS isn’t free anymore. Receiver will be charged for MMS sent via email at Rs. 5 plus tax.

Phone to Phone MMS receiving is still free

  • Imran

    Dear, its, “Incoming MMS On Ufone Goes Free”

  • Suhaib Malik

    Dear incoming MMS on mobilink is free but the image size is resized to 7KB approx

    • Are you sure? No GPRS charges?

      • Muhammad Haris

        I think GPRS charged will be applied…


        • Suhaib Malik

          Its free,

          And MMS size kuch bhe kar lo 7KB pe he resize kar k send karte hain mobilink walay. i talked to them once and they said k its our policy to resize the default size to 7KB because WE ARE THE ONLY COMPANY WHICH IS PROVIDING “FREE” receiving lolz.

  • Never Mind!

    Ufone’s E-mail to Mms is great and Ufone knows what customer wants !!! But charges for sms delivery reports sucks…

  • AA

    Ufone, Welfare Organization. Thumbs Up!
    Our youth has been de-tracked because of these free services.

  • KQ

    Can somebody share the Ufone’s MMS settings for Chinese Mobiles. especially Qmobile’s Q3.


    • Take your handset with you to Ufone customer service center, not ufone franchise. Franchisee are idiots.

    • Umair Nasir

      call ufone customer center and ask them for the mms settings for the original handset of the same model. It’d hopefully work. My cousin did it with one of his chinese nokia

  • Muhammad Usman Butt

    Waoo Gr8 News For Ufone Users/

  • Sanna

    I like these packages and stuff coming from all these companies… specially glow’s
    I love the ad concepts and I just upgraded and it’s amazing internet surfing is great

  • Fahad

    Is it free to send mms from email to ufone

  • sami

    hi like bt how they annouced it very late……

  • Asad

    Ufone free MMS receiving yet not working, i checked this with zero balance in Ufone sim . no MMS comming from other numbers.

    And no Email to MMS working tooo.

    Author of this post just confirm it and if its really not working then remove this post and re publish after working confirmation .


    • admin

      We checked this multiple times, in different regions of the country.

      Sent another MMS, just now and it worked good. You may need to re-check your MMS settings.

      • Asad

        Dear admin,
        did you check this by your self?
        my setting is correct and even i refresh it 3 times.
        Now i again check it but same case not working , when i send MMS on my number then my mms try to connect with ufone mms network but it remain in sync but never connect, And on each try i just received this message,

        “Message sending failed due to insufficient balance. Please recharge your account and try again”

        now tell me why i received this message in response to receive MMS. Its clearly shows that i dont have balance thats why i cant receive MMS.

        Any member have successfully tested this service ?

        • admin

          Yes, i checked this myself on my own handset. You may need to contact helpline to figure out the problem

          • rizwan noor

            hi .
            i am living in korea and i tried this email to mms service multiple times on multiple numbers but could not send even a pic of 22 kb.there is no problem with i think this is not yet activated by ufone still.
            i sent mms to 0333******* but couldnot succeed.pls report if anyone succeeded in this way?

            • Nouman

              yes i rcvd on my cell but they charged 5+tax

        • Valentine Aaqil Mahmood

          MMS message receiving is free sending is not free.

  • Ehsan Elahi

    Ufone Rocks

    i have checked this email to mms service on ufone with no balance and its amazing i was able to attach jpg,gif,bmp,doc,sis,jar,mp3,3gp,mp4,aac and many other kind of files and all attachments were successfully received.

    • Asad

      Ahsan are you using MMS from last six months?
      i dont think u r using it from last six months. as we know Ufone much costly for MMS

    • rizwan noor

      Ehsan i am in love with this service if it is really working but its not working for me atleast.i am in south korea and i could not send even a single pic of 22 kb.pls send me the method again

  • Asad

    Admin please Edit this post :

    Mobilink also working with:

    MMS to email
    Email to MMS (with monthly charge)

  • Yasir Latif

    Ufone’s E-mail to MMS is great… Others are not offering this service. I checked on Telenor, their server refused to send any attachment from E-mail to MMS. Ufone keep it up!!!!

  • Umair Nasir

    Please somebody tell me that whether receiving only sms on ufone number also free?

    • SMS? SMS receiving is free on all networks in Pakistan.

      • Umair Nasir

        I meant sms through Email. We can use mms as text, but it is only supported on gprs activated handsets. Does ufone provide free Email to sms service?

        • No in ufone email to sms is not free.
          Only free in Zong.

  • Asad

    Admin edit your post Ufone not giving free incoming MMS to all users..

    i already telling u about this but u not accepting my side.

    Ufone UPDATE – Ufone MMS receiving free for those who are using #Ufone MMS service from last 6 months. So fresh users cant receive free MMS (courtesy pring tag UPDATE )

    • admin

      Now what is that? Let me check from support…!

  • Sunny Chaudhry

    Salam to every one,
    Dear friends this offer is for those ufone users who use ufone mms service for last 6 months fresh mms recievers cannot avail this service.
    Sunny Chaudhry

  • Kashif Bashir

    Admin why warid`s marketing team is using your platform for Glow 2 advertisement? (Free). In each thread they provide us with a link of Youtube and every time it is said that i am inspired (or the same). (i am angry coz franchise ass***** do not forwarded application for activation of my duplicate sim after 3 visits)

  • SSR

    @asad and saad chuadhry

    ITS FOR ALL USED ,i myself have activated mms yesterday on one of my ufone sim and its free on it ,one more thing need to inform u dat even i tested on freshly Ported Ufone number.. Its free on dat tho…
    All i did because i want to start GROUP mms service in my family and friends

    • Asad

      @SSR A also have 2 sim’s and both not working because both haven’t balance. And even CSR saying that this offer for those who using mms from last six months but you saying different thing.
      Are you admin’s relative p)

  • SSR

    And btw Can any1 tel how many of propakistani reader were using pakistans most expansive and pethetic mms service before it get free? Wel nOW its working superb but 1week back when it wasnt free at dat time Waste of money to ufone mms

    • Lol, I think nobody. My Ufone friends used to switch their sims to Zong for MMS receiving.

  • SSR

    Kindly MOD my 1st post its USER not used

  • محمد طارق راحیل

    news is gr8…………….

  • umer khan

    i confirmed from mobilink helpline,they said that receivng mms is totally free in mobilibnk….

  • rizwan noor

    hi .
    i am living in korea and i tried this email to mms service multiple times on multiple numbers but could not send even a pic of 22 kb.there is no problem with i think this is not yet activated by ufone still.
    i sent mms to 0333******* but couldnot succeed.pls report if anyone succeeded

    • admin

      Rizwan, its working well for me. Ask your friend in Pakistan to contact helpline

    • Umair

      the mms service may not be acivated for the sim you are sending the mms. get it activated.

      • Faran Jamal

        Aamir, please update your post again. I was being charged for mms receiving and I made complain to the Call Center at 333. The person confirmed to me that there must be a flaw and that mms is free, after some days, when the porblem was still there, I called again and I was being told that MMS is NOT free from any means to your ufone number and that any news regarding this is wrong. Even on their website, they have quietly changed the price was receiving MMS. You can check this out.

    • Hunain Haroon Bawa

      Ufone mms receiving is free but received from any cellular network from Email, Email to mms they charge as per old mms receiving charges

      • Muhammad Iqbal

        Dear there is a problem in my hand set can i receive mms from ufone website?

  • umer khan

    another update. mms receiving is only free on ufone to ufone mms.not on receivng mms from other networks.i have checked by receivng mms from offnet and also cnfrmd from helpline….mms reciving will still charge if u recv mms from moblnk,telenor ,warid and zong….