Khusroo Hayat Wins Nokia N81 on ProPakistani’s Anniversary

So the day has arrived – yes, its ProPakistani’s second anniversary today. Part of today’s celebration, as all of may you, we had promised a gift for a lucky ProPakistani reader – and here it goes.

Khusroo Hayat from Karachi has won the Nokia N81 (8 GB).

Nokia N81 was sponsored by i2Pakistan.

Khusroo Hayat was jubilant when we called him a short while ago. At 20, Khusroo is an Engineering student at Sir Syed University Karachi.

Congratulations  to Khusroo Hayat, and thanks to thousands of ProPakistani readers, who participated in lucky draw and supported it. Just to leak news, there are more gifts coming your way this month, so those who didn’t win this giveaway, stay hopeful.

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  • :P Congrats Khusroo.

  • IMUJ


  • congratz mr. hayat

  • Kungrats!!!

  • Aamir Bhai Link to “i2Pakistan” is broken.

    Congrats Khusro and
    Congrats Aamir bhai for this marvelous success,ProPakistani is the only blog which i read in the morning right after checking my mails :P

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  • Khusroo hayat

    thank you AAMIR bhai,Pro Pakistani for giving me this wonderfull gift,
    i m very excited,thanks again to all of you :-)

    • Ali Aamir

      May Allah bless you!

  • MAR


  • Originative

    GUD GUD… Khusroo sab mubarak hoo..

  • Altaf

    nice, congrats to khusroo

    and good to see that ProPakistan did it so promptly and announced it.

    I hope others will follow who announces such lucky draws.

  • Muhammad Usman Butt

    Congrs Khusroo…by the way you should post his photo with Mr Ammair Atta.

  • Hashim Chaudhry

    Please correct the title of the post the name is Khusroo not Khursoo…. :)

  • Raza

    LOL Khusroo :D weird name :D
    Congrats Bro

  • Khurram

    Welldone propakistani team congrats and keep the Flag high.

  • Yaser

    Kool :)

  • yasir

    Congradulations Khusroo.

    have a best time

  • Kashif

    and i was thinking it ll be mine.


    Mubark ho brother

  • Khalid Ahmed

    Oy aik he set tha? :\

  • Fahad

    Oway Khusroo bhi kohee methai sethai hona chaheeya mashallah luck to acchi hay

  • Mushi

    Congrats Khusroo.