One Carore Lottery Through Jazz Super SMS Khazana

Looks SMS Khazana campaign went successful, that is why Mobilink has offered “Jazz Super SMS Khazana” which promises loads of cash prizes for Mobilink customers.

Mobilink want you to send a blank SMS to 5555


  • Rs.75,000 daily
  • Rs. 550,000 weekly
  • grand prize of Rs 10,000,000!


Step 1: The participant will send “JK” to 5555 to enter the contest. The users can send in any key words to 5555. It will be accepted as well.

Step 2: You will receive 2 text messages: A welcome SMS and a message which requests your name for personalization purposes (i.e. Send your name and get your first bonus points).

*if name is not sent, you can continue to participate, but with no personalized information in the reply messages

Step 3: Upon your response you will receive 2 more texts, one thanking you for giving out the name and the other with the first question. Each question gives 2 alternative/possible answers. One is correct and the other is wrong. You would be required to respond by sending either “1” or “2”.

Points Distribution:

Correct Answer: 30 Points
Wrong Answer: 15 Points
Invlaid Answer: 15 Points

Note: The users will have lucky draw entries based on their points, which means if a user has 10 points he will have 10 entries in the lucky draw.

Daily draw: All participants who have sent at least 1 SMS on a specific day enter that day’s draw with all the collected points gathered from the beginning of the campaign until the time of the draw.

Weekly draw: All participants who have sent at least 1 SMS on a specific week enter that week’s draw with all the collected points gathered from the beginning of the campaign until the time of the draw.

Draw for Instant Cash : Participants will be informed of a timeframe for a specific day (i.e. 2 hours on Wednesday morning). Within these 2 hours, there will be a specific minute that we will also be defining and the participant who sends an SMS closer to the minute will be winning the instant cash prize. If more than one person sends an SMS close to that specific minute there will be a lucky draw.

Final draw: All participants who have participated in the campaign are eligible to enter the draw for the grand prize with all their accumulated points.


Each SMS will cost you Rs. 12 plus tax – so keep an eye on balance, and don’t try it if you are not lucky.

More details here:

  • Mahar

    Bade prize se chhota prize ek se ziada aur kum charges ziada achha hota yeh prize aur charges =LOOT

  • Paisay lay k bhaag gayay

    Mobilink hasn’t updated winners after 4th May…lagta hay paisay lay k bhaag gayay……..

  • usaf

    hmara khazan kab niklay ga …INSHAALLA JAB ALLAH KI MERZI HO GI

  • yasir

    ziada number kis ky hai yeh to batao ta ky hum aur try kary

  • Aftab

    1 crore prize winner ka name to bata do na, nd 28 july se list update b nahi ha. ab kun ha ye lucky winner grand prize. kia pataaa???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Waqar Ahmad

    I am a regular and perhaps one of the oldest users of mobilink JAZZ with my cell #
    0300 – 9462536, using since 2001 without any interruption. I actively participated in almost all your super KHAZANA schemes, securing 341765 points in your recently concluded JZAA
    KHAZANA – 4 scheme but regrettfully, in none of the schemes, I was ever considered for any of the prizes. Perhaps, you select the winner of your own choice is yet a mystery to be resolved.