ProPakistani Turns Two

Today is ProPakistani’s second anniversary.

On this occasion, after Allah, I want to thank all team members of ProPakistani (involved directly or indirectly), Public Relation personals, Industry officials, telecom experts, fellow bloggers, fellow journalists, PR Agencies, our advertisers, friends, sources, our seniors and above all our readers, for supporting ProPakistani and making it possible for us to see this day in this manner.

Instead of counting our achievements, we want to dig into things we missed in last two years. While we know our deficiencies well, we want to capitalize this day and want you to:

  • Mention things that you didn’t like on this blog
  • Tell us things that we have missed till now
  • Tell us about those things that we need to improve
  • Tell us what you want us to do in next 12 months

You can leave your comment below or contact us in private here.

As always, we will take your words seriously. Our silent readers, who usually don’t comment here, are requested to come and give your precious feedback today.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • congrates man for the successful completion of 2 years its a great milestone that you have achived and always provided us with the true and fast details about the prevailing facts or rumors anyways.Bundle of thanks and would pray that you continue to provide us the Quality information.
    and one again CONGRATS…

  • congrats for completing 2 years.

    Add some discussion forum kind of feature as well.

  • Conrates, as yu said silent readerz so im 1 of ure silent reader nO sugetioNS nO fEeD bAk, its already perfEct site…..its my firSt cument…

  • Congratulations ProPakistani Team And Thank You For Always Keeping Us Updated.


  • first of all Congrats …u and ur all team

    and i just want 2 say that please start a Tutorial section…in propakistani…website…

    Tutorials about anything…!

    and tell pakistanis about latest technology in all over the world…

    and try to tell with rise & shine that which things are made by only pakistanis…


  • Propakistani rock keep it up… sms service some time making problem, delivering late :-(

  • congratulations Aamir Bhai and undoubtedly a great job.

    Allah aap ko aisay kaamyaabi de taakay aap humay informed rakh sakian. :-)

    What do I miss? Personally, I think you should also add news section related IPhone apps.

  • Congrats to the entire Team of Propakistani. Every thing is going fine. keep it up.


  • Happy Anniversary Propakistan.Pk
    And Best Wishes for Future.
    Plz add Mobile Tricks section here and latest mobile and computer softwares reviews

  • Dear Aamir,

    Congrats to you and the Propakistani team on its second anniversary. Propakistani is doing a great job by posting latest news about the local telecom and IT sectors. I really admire the fact that you publish comments of bloggers even if they are against companies or the govt. Such openness will help expose the pitfalls of our telecom sector and society.

    Pakistan is at a crossroads now. We can either remain a 3rd world country like the last 60 years or we can fight corruption and nepotism at least in the corporate sector and try to become a second world country through advancement in technology and infrastructure.

    As far as suggestions are concerned, it would be better to research some rumors before posting them. For example, we have been reading rumors about Warid being acquired since 2009 but it hasnt been confirmed yet. We have been reading about 3G auction since 2008 but it hasnt happened yet. Hence, it might be useful to research such rumors before posting them. Keep up the good work!

  • Congrats on completion of 2 successful years! It’s all such positive attitude and approach of people like you who have been and will be making this country proud! All the best in future!

  • AoA,
    MashALLAH ! Congratulations of completing 2 years, this website has been instrumental in updating me and has become one of my primary sources of information related to the ICT industry.

  • congrats….
    only feedback is that you are bit late while breaking some news. you may rely on other internal sources of the companies.

  • Thank you everyone, for your wishes, feedback and support.

    @Wajahat: Yes, it was fair – i can’t make you believe by saying any thing further. You just have to : – )

  • advertisment animations some time disturb while reading but i guess bear to this pain as pro pakistani revenue is coming out of it

  • It’s a great weekly news letter. I think your efforts are remarkable. Have done lot to help me keep up to date in telecom news.

    Suggestion: There should be more news on IT sector’s buying and enterprise level agreement with technology companies.

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