Sania Mirza All Set to Rock Pakistani TV Channels

After gigantic wedding coverage, Sania Mirza is going to be on Pakistani TV channels again, but this time she will be charging for her appearances.

Reportedly, advertising agencies of Pakistan are busy doing consumer research for their clients to calculate the returns, reported Economic Times.

Paper in its recent report said that Sania’s acceptability ratio is high amongst Pakistani corporations and the young mind.

Back in India Sania successfully branded many products but recent inconsistent form and marriage controversy has depleted her brand value amongst the advertisers in India.

However, this is not going to be the case on this side of border, where companies like Habib cooking oil, Malaysian Palm, Mobilink and Ufone, all have already jumped on congratulatory bandwagon welcoming Sania bhabhi with hoardings.

Of course agencies are going to combat for first appearance advantage of Sania Mirza for their clients, so let’s see who is going to win the chase.

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  • Shoaib is too good are making money at every thing…

    first he made money at the cost of Pakistan’s cricket team by match fixing and politics…

    now he is cashing his wife fame!

  • There is one thing I cant stand, that an arrogant Indian been advertised on Pakistani TV’s as Heroin/Hero… WT*??? Dont we have a LOT of tallent in Pakistan?

    Just goes on to tell you that these big multinational companies have no corporate responsiblity relatiing to a country, they just want to make money over everything.

  • Cool down? this kind of attitude lets these multi natinal’s get away with things…. have must have strict polices against all this… Dont you realise? we are spending DOLLARS our FOREIGN DEPOSITS to pay them… or you dont care for that?

  • She has said that she is not pakistani bahu.she is only shoaib’s wife.why we are so attentive to her.she is indian and behaviour that she had shown is enough.shame on us for so warm and people should ignore her.because had ignored us.

  • AOA Aamir Bhai i need your help.

    i have been using services from {} they susspend my account due to copyright issue.

    can you tell how to get copyrights of music and movies.

    and is that possible they can remove my data.

    • Usman, contact me in private using contact us form..! this thread is about Sania Mirza : $

  • You know what our problem as a nation is we think everything is ours and we are authority on everything … Cool down and let her and people do what they want stop being jealous and acting like freaks and yes grow up

    • Yeh ham logon k sath ek bohat jazbati masla hae k ham apni be-izzati mehsoos nhin krte.koi jitna marzi hmain be-izzat kr le ham kehte haen koi baat nhin.agar pakistanion ne sania mirza ko ko izzat di to sirf star hone ki wjah se.aur star bnata kon hae.yeh ham log hote haen jo in ko star bnate haen.itni be-izzati k baad bhi agar log sania k peeche bhage phirain to sharam ka muqam hae hmare liye.mgar mehsoos to krain k koi aap ko be-izzat kr rha hae

  • We should show Sania Mirza, respect, only to the extent, Shoaib Malik is being respected in India, after this marriage extravaganza

  • Mr. Aamir, its better to change the title of your blog Telecom and IT News to xyz.
    You are covering non Telecom and IT News. Many other blogs are doing such stupidities but your blog is fine than many so please avoid such posts.
    Take it positive.

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