Ncomputing U 170 Adds Virtual Desktops over USB

NComputing U 170 will be the hottest computing solution that will revolutionize the desktop virtualization market and is perfectly suited for small businesses, schools and home users in Pakistan. This was stated by Khawaja Samiullah CEO NConnexion, Ncomputing’s distributor and authorized service center for Pakistan & Afghanistan, while announcing the launch of award winning world’s first USB – connected virtual desktop (model U170) in Pakistan.

“U 170 kit, from global leader in desktop virtualization – NComputing, is the ultimate and ideal IT solutions for a country like Pakistan facing dearth of energy, it cuts computing costs, saving electricity up to 90 percent and enabling multiple users to share a single computer. These costs savings appeal to large schools and businesses that need to do more with their IT budgets,” he added,

World’s first USB-connected plug-and-play desktop virtualization solution, the U170, is based on the simple fact that today’s PCs are so powerful that the vast majority only use a small fraction of their PC processor’s capacity. The U170 thin client taps this unused resource so that a computer can be simultaneously shared by many users.

“Pakistan offers a high potential market for NComputing in the desktop virtualization domain and NComputing is going to revolutionize the desktop computing in Pakistan With the launch of U170, the plug-and-play computing solution will optimize and expand the performance of existing computers,” said Manish Sharma, Vice-President, NComputing, APAC region. “Organizations, schools, colleges and institutions will benefit from the ability to increase their productivity whilst driving down costs.”

The U170 builds on the incredible success of both the NComputing L-series and X-series by making it easier than ever to turn one PC into two or more. What’s unique about U170 is that it is amazingly simple to install and set up, has full USB support, and sparkles on high-resolution and stunning full-screen video. The U170 is offered in a one-station kit and with plug-and-play simplicity for up to 10 users per PC.

NComputing’s X-series units have been deployed successfully by Govt. of Punjab in 4286 Secondary schools last year where over 3.4 million students are benefiting from the technology.

NComputing has won numerous prestigious awards for its technology, from The Wall Street Journal, Frost & Sullivan, CES, Gartner, PC Quest, and others.

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  • I have been using it from more than one year but I am using Thin Client by Clearcube [same thing] Clear Cube is the big daddy of desktop virtualization that in 2005 A Pakistani company named Five Rivers Technologies won desktop virtualization award in the WHOLE WORLD. [Geo Pakistan]

    It is very cheap 2500-5000 [made in china] but you need intensive pc blades behind it. It has just embedded windows installed in it nothing else.

    With this you need to connect it to some Blades[special types of computers]
    visit to know more about it

    • Hay Hay hold your Horses …….. This NComputing device is NOT like your Clearcube. This device comes with its own software by the name of Vspace and there is NO Embedded Xp on the these devices.
      (You are probably talking about Thin Clients like the Wyse C90LE.)
      These NComputing devices are called PC Sharing Devices and the phenomena behind its Technology is that “Today’s PC are so power full that average user needs only 5% of the PC Capacity” The Vspace software taps this unused power and share with other NComputing Devices. For Details or if your are in Pakistan then
      NComputing Inc. is in Redwood City, CA USA Yes Chinese counter fits may be in the market!

  • It wont be expensive…..that’s not logical then why the hell would people shift towards this technology……..bro it’s the future of computing…an environment when you will be in Pakistan and God knows your processor may be in America, Europe or some other part of Pakistan…..It’s not too far when this will be the case with every household, office etc……..

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