PTCL EVO Reaches More Cities

PTCL’s wireless broadband service, EVO has hit more cities in Pakistan. Initially starting with three major cities (Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad/Rawalpindi), now EVO stretches in 18 cities countrywide.

Following is the list:

1.  Karachi
2. Lahore
3. Islamabad
4. Rawalpindi
5. Gujranwala
6. Gujrat
7. Jhelum
8. Sialkot
9. Faisalabad
10. Mirpur
11. Muzzafarabad
12. Sukkhar
13. Hyderabad
14. Quetta
15. Kamonki
16. Bahawalpur
17. Multan
18. Attock

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  • wow… but they still sucks….

    wi-tribe is good… but wi-tribes dongle sucks too… wi-trible dongle cannot work with 64bits windows 7… there support dept ask me to change my gen window 7 to XP.. cant you believe that!!! huh

  • Once again peshawar is not included
    What is PTCL doing Worldcall is taking market from them in peshawar

  • fun facts about evo

    they claim a max speed of 3.1 mbps [megabits per second ]

    that means a download speed of 3.1 x1024= 3174kbps [kilobits per second]

    that means a download speed of 3174/8 = 396.8 kBps[kilobytes per second]

    now you know how they fu** with the users ?

    they say you get an average download speed of
    300 to 500 kbps . you know what 500 kilobits per second is ? it means you get a max download speed of 62.5 kBps [kilo bytes per second ]
    only users which are very near to the BTI [ evo + vfone towers] and which have less users in the area get the speed of around 1 to 3 mbps [ megabits per second] .

    1 kb [kilo bit] = 1/8 kB [kilo Byte with the bigger B]
    next time watch out for these symbols .
    if you want to go wireless and at cheap rates i recommend wateen usb . atleast in multan it has great signal strength and has a variety of packages along with data capped plans and uncapped and its alot cheaper than ptc evo . and btw evo gives you old generation pcmcia cards :P new laptops have smaller pcmcia cards so those people saying that their cards cost 1000 and i have a laptop check if your laptop has those old styled huge pcmcia card slots . i for sure know that the ptcl evo pcmcia card doesnt fit in the inspiron 1545

    before buying wateen 1mb unlimited i did some research of both wateen and ptcl evo . even though wateen also had bad reviews on the net evo had alot more and now i know the reason why that because they trick people . ptcl are complete bitches . guys i recommend wateen its awesome . the future is green the future is wateen :D

    FAQ :

    1-are you a wateen employee ?
    2-are you being paid by wateen to write this ?
    3-is some anti ptcl / pakistan company paying you to write this ?

    [ if you think i went a little far there you dont know how wide pakistani’s tend to think over small issues and if this post gets through amir bhai im back :D ]

    • Well biggest disadvantage of WATEEN is their coverage…as its not even covering the complete KARACHI (the metropolitan city) … I live in Korangi Creek and their signals doesn’t come there.

      So, only WC Evo n Ptcl Evo signals comes in my area…. n PTCL Evo is Rocking as I am using it since last one year….

      I used PTCL Evo in couple of areas at karachi and its speed is superb….sometimes there are down times but overall I am very much satisfied with it… my average usage of PTCL Evo is 120 GB per month…

      Wateen also works good as some of my friends using it but the main problem is their COVERAGE… as it still not covered complete Karachi… so its useless for me at least for now….


    • hey am from wazirabad.. its near gujrat. . . am using ptcl broadband connection at home. sometimes it works awesome and sometimes itx sux like anything… i wanna go for evo, but am not sure that how it works here. . .
      i read ur comments n now am so confused that shud i go 4 it or not ? ? ? :( n one more thing if i wud go 4 unlimited package, what wud b the maximum and minimum speed of it???

  • So i live in Wah cantt, what should i use there? Wateen? WiTribe or EVO?

    I need to buy a wirless dongle as i already have PTCL broadband connection at home but sometimes it just sucks beyond comprehension.

    • Well, it depends on your needs as well as do the survey about which service best work in your area … because users doesn’t get same speed in each area… as its depends on number of users per BTS or distance from BTS…


  • Yesterday i visited ptcl office bahawalpur and they told that it will take one more month to start evo service, now i wanna ask why this service announced in more cities while they are still under work, this is a very bad thing by ptcl as first they have to complete everything and then announce it as after announcement poeple try to get service and you replied that its take much time so this thing is very disappointing for users.
    What you say

    Currently i am using wateen unlimited package in Rs.1650 so i wanna get Evo unlimited in Rs. 2000, will anyone plz tell me should i have to stick with wateen or evo is best than wateen ?

      • i agree … it might work for a day and then nothing …. no consistency … nothing at all …

        we need to go for reliability and consistency

  • evdo service is launched in quetta but still net speed is very disappointing. at night time you cant open a single website. after 1 a.m night it gives about 150kb download speed.

  • can anyone tell me when evo is coming to peshawar please im really waiting for it becuase we don’t have landline service in our area i wana go wireless even im usin vphone but very slow speed i have broken few vphone sets already?????????????

  • i agree with kamran …. no return policy and why sud one buy the device when competitors are only charging for the services and not for the device

    and even if i do pay for the device what will i do when i want to discontinue the services

    real big question mark on evo …

  • Wateen services was disabled in Faisalabad few regions for 7-10 days starting from 1st April and no compensation was paid. and when in the middle of moth i asked for the package they said that you have to again wait for the starting time of your package to activate it next month
    . so I purchased Evo in Faisalabad but the speed was lesser than Wateens. Then i sold that USB costing me 800 Rs. Again started Wateen and now again wateen had problem and not working…I just heard that evo has started Faisalabad in May 11, 2010…huhh so that means that initially when i was using it that was only 3 times better than their dial up. Now im thinking that to do neither Wateen nor Ptcl are professional..

  • O bahi kia work krti ha windows 7 per ? speed itni buri ha k 40 to 100 kb se upload nai jati

    i am from Mirpur

  • At least I am not going to recommend EVO because I never find its speed more than 12 kbps in different zone of Lahore. The management claims the services to be improved in 6 months as the 30 new towers installation budget has been approved. But when the installation begins… can any body knows…

  • @bakhtawar….well evo sucks in bwp i borowd frm sum1 n checked it in ma house but it sucks big time….downloadin speed is 20kb/sec…..if ya using wateen den its far betta wateen 1mb package has download speed 170kb/sec…btw am using ptcl broad band but sumtimes it sucks mo dan anything..i thought evo is gud but dun buy it

    • Hey Ali G Dear will you plz tell me how i contact you if you are in bwp as i wanna purchase evo bcoz of two options as evo is tiny and need no power and i also listen that it works in top speed where evdo is available and where evdo is not available it works as vfone speed so availability is good but as we go to wateen its devise need power and signals are not good in all areas, what you say ?

  • i am bought evo 13.11.2009 in multan mdn no.0426181309 iam use in lodhran But evo is not start in lodhran 16.09.2010 ???? wha

  • I am using evo it is crap in quetta but ptcl should add more tower to system to make it batter.
    some time i got speed on idm downloader 200kb\s
    but drope to 10kbps\s

    so if you want to succes make it batter.and every one will use it

  • salamm to all
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    pls contac me 03439024404

  • I am try using my ptcl evo usb in my windows 7. but i shocked usb not working on windows seven. please any one solved this problem. my windows is genuine and i have done all upadte but problem still stand.

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