Mobile Policing Launched in Peshawar

Mobile policing (M-policing) has been launched in the Peshawar to combat terrorism and other heinous crimes through modern technology.

Inspector General of Police Malik Naveed Khan formally inaugurated the system in the Central Police Office, a press release said.


Addressing the ceremony, the IGP said that the growing trend of terrorism and other heinous crimes could effectively be halted through use of hi-technology and this system was the first step towards achieving the desired goals.

M-policing is an integrated community policing initiative developed to use the Mobile networks of the country for creating direct communication link between all the communities of the province and the management team of the police.

In the first phase, the system would use a live agent-assisted IVR access code 7788 on the mobile networks of Telenor, Ufone, Warid and Zong.

Both ordinary people and employees of the police department can call in on this access code from the mobile connections of the abovementioned networks and seek assistance from the police call centre agent. The callers can report any type of complaint including car theft, robbery, kidnapping, fraud, suspicious persons and terrorism-related information.

  • Well, reporting is fine. However, what would really deter crime is the response-time of the police to the call.

  • it is not good to give the access to the police to the confidential data of the people of pakistan.

    Now, every now and then , the privacy not a even citizen is more secure any more.

    Especially the females who are either job doing or in the colleges universitites of boarding the hostel in the big cicites away from thier home towns.

    It is at the stake of the illiterate police who will find all means to harras interuption in the livies of the non-concerning people.

    It is well known that the police of my country is not such a worthy enough that the case of theft, or any mishapp be brought to the police station for resolving .

    It is very painful to write even as citizen of pakistan that the police of Pakistan is not decent enough that one should feel himself/herself safe in the presence of police . here police itself is the bigest hypocrite and criminal.

    People prefer to resolve the cases and disputes among themselves rather than involving the police in pakistan.

    So the police having such a notorious fame and worst repu , the provisioning of the access to the highly confidential data to the notorious is another attack over the innocent people and better opporutnities of the police to inflict the torture over the people and exhibit the high handedness.

  • Iram, I agree with you… this has just started so let’s hope we will get to see some positive action also on complaints. I think since these complaints will be officially registered therefore some senior police officer must be there who is looking after the progress on complaints.


    I don’t get you when u say all data will be in the hands of other people. Through this system you can only lodge complaint therefore how you think information or data of citizens will go into wrong hands?

    On the other argument I agree with u. If police of Pakistan starts doing their job with honesty then majority of our problems will go away, but obviously thats not going to happen.

    Through this system there is at least a try to use IT and Communication to lodge people’s complaint. I think we should encourage these small developments and hope these things will help to improve the system even if it does not change the system fully.

  • AOA Asim Bukhari shb ,

    I could not grasp the main theme and subject earlier .

    It is good that the FIR and other related matters become easy due to IT tech.

    When i went thru the discussion of the above mentioned topic , i got the preception that the police will be collecting the cofidentail call data of the people at its own and free chioce and i was not in favour that the police of my Pakistan be having any access to our private and confidentail mobile calls data other wise there will be our no privacy nor any worry free life like a free citizen.

  • sir
    i wd like to file a complaint about a police check point on sadder road peshawer were the peaple who,s enter to sadder road from stadium chowk or from khadim hussain road to main sadder road that check point is now like a toll plaza were police mans demanding money from peaples walking on foot also the peaple who,s are on moter cycle or in car and also there is a building of wapda office were along with the watch man of that building they are also enjoying there sexual desire so plz any officer of police just abserve it 4 a few days but in civil dress
    shoukat awan

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