Now Facebook is Used to Spread Prophet Mohammad’s Drawings

There is this Facebook page that is holding a so-called contest for Prophet Mohammad’s drawings (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa-aal-hi-Wasallam).

Despite thousands of complaints, Facebook administration is not banning the page; unlike they usually do even for very minor violation of Facebook Terms of Services.

This page is clearly violating the terms, by spreading hatred and disrespecting Muslims and their values.

We have seen riots and protests in past when western media published such drawings. “Freedom of Speech” what they call it is no explanation, particularly when they know that their such deeds harm Islamic beliefs.

These campaigns are clearly more like a tease than of “Freedom of Speech”, and an obvious demo of mocking a religion, which for sure is not allowed by any religion of the world.

An SMS campaign in Pakistan is on the rise to boycott Facebook, at least on May 20th, 2010 to protest against this act of Facebook for not banning the page till now.

Recently, Facebook has been very strict for Fan Pages about Islam. Just this week we saw many Fan Pages getting banned from Facebook due to their relation with Islamic content.

You can report the page, or raise your voice with whatever channel available to you.

  • Shame on “Facebook” for being so much Biased against ISLAM. They are Knowingly not removing that “Page”. It is real pain to watch that page Alive each day.

    • AOA,

      yes I was searching that page and saw that in morning. Now at afternoon that page was not accessible..:) gr8 work Muslims


      • It was a Swedish female who started that page in killing of Danish cartoonist who was killed by a Muslim and till today that page reached 30000 people who liked her idea. immediately another Muslim group was also activated to stop that happen and it reached 15000 people in short time..

    • AOA,

      Today is very challenging day for Muslims around the internet world because tomorrow on Internet few non Muslims are organizing a worst event… Draw MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.) Day. So if you have to boycott this event, just logoff from all social sites i.e. Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Hi5 etc. By doing this, they will face a heavy financial loss INSHALLAH. Its time to show LOVE and RESPECT to NABI (S.A.W.). Please forward this message.

      Thanks and May Allah Bless You All,


      Rana Shahzad

  • Bloody facebook ,shame on it being a biggest social Network.I have deleted my account last night.

    • dude why curse fb ? eh it has to run its self there are non muslims in the world as well and i know its fu*** up but you cant stop them from doin this … fb just wants its safety and safety of its money first and i think that is the first priority of every person @[email protected]

  • dude its just not facebook look at youtube look at blogs ( if you like to read like me ) its every where basically its bound to happen

    media gives attention to news which get public buzzing . they did a f***ed up thing i know but you cant just go and kill every non- muslim out there the best way was ignore (my opinion) but we (rightly) couldnt do so. right now well its a main thing on the media and shit and the makers of this story continue to enlarge it somehow like recently i was reading they want to make some shity draw muhammad day ( Fu*** up i know ) but yeh its not like we can just get up and kill em all . personally i dont even know what to do now . reaction was bound to happen which caused this thing to grow 10000 fold and now i dont know what would be the best option im kina perplexed on this issue right now .

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    • Not like that Ahsan, i would opine protesting over such actions against the Facebook, they must know that there are things we don’t like.

      We will have to see if they listen or not. As a business, they must listen, and if they don’t then we will have to take a decision (at individual) to plan our strategy.

      There are things we can’t compromise and this is one of them.

      • i agree but i cant think any other alternative . protests will only increase the media’s buzz thus these people will make more of these drawings

        • Ahsan makes more sense. The event could be marketed through Facebook but is happening on “ground” and there is no way you could stop, unless you intend to kill em all, which i know u don’t.

          • ys cz if u dont speak in any way possible on any bad thing happening…that mean u r part of it..

            • Salam,

              We muslims are very much emotional about these issues we cant compromise or stay quite on these kind of matters, a muslim should not even think of his life when some thing against Allah or Muhammad SAW, from banning facebook and doing current kind of protest they will get to know our Islam cannot be a joke for them. we should try our best to stop all that, rest Allah can handle the matter insAllah.

          • BTW @ Hamad.

            NO You should one should NOT Kill such people i think (May Almighty Allah forgives if i am wrong).

            A Muslim cannot Kill anyone for drawing Cartoons etc. i think Islam wont permit Killings on this base.

            But on other side that Person should be PUNISHED who does such Offensive act. the person should be Punished by the STATE itself. If they dont than you can Punish.. (but killing to DEATH for this reason it dont make any SENSE more than EXTREMISM).


    Please DO something for BLOCK facebook in Pakistan

      • Maybe you should ban foreign TV too. And Cable. And Newspapers. And Books.

        You think deleting your account helps? Would’ve been more helpful had you gone to the page and reported it as offensive, joined the 2 dozen or so pages protesting against it. This isnt the first time pages have turned up against Islam (and other religions), and they get banned sooner or later.

        We should get over the “they’re-all-out-there-to-get-us” mentality, and act positively for a while.

        Though i appreciate the author’s efforts to publicize this campaign, they should’ve also asked people to not only boycott facebook for that day, but report the page as offensive too. Posting the link would’ve been nice (and very, very effective).

        • agree with you mate

          “We should get over the “they’re-all-out-there-to-get-us” mentality, and act positively for a while:”

          this is one of the things i also hate about the pakistani people

          • kaiant plz kia hogaya hum sab koo hamin is ka by coot karna chahye plz aisa khuch kigye ka ye sab honay say bach gay

  • You cannot delete your account for forever from Facebook. It will remain in their database and they can recall any and every info and detail you ever put it on (links, status, comments, pictures, videos etc). Facebook simply owns anything and everything you share, for life.

    • Sir you can delete your facebook account. Just type “how to delete my facebook account” in facebook search bar. There you see a link by clicking that link your account will be deleted within 14 days. all your comments, links shared and your any kind of post on facebook will be removed. :)


  • Blocking or deleting account won’t help.

    Be part of the community but make sure to keep raising your voice against such acts.



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  • If we are true muslims and love to our Prophet please i will suggest all of them to delete their account from FB.

    If suppose 1 million accounts deleted from their database then they should really look this matter very seriuosly and i hope they will delete the pics.

    Dear All, we have only this solution to removing the pics.

    Please please delete your account and FB is not for entertainment channel, why you are share your family pics etc?

    This is the channel that they created for muslims to show your sister pics on the internet and we really fulfill their requirements.

    Please try to understand this matter.

    One thing more if here are Smart Hackers please hack their website and show that WHO WE ARE?

    • one million means 10 lacs facebook has 17 crore users and every day they one lac users are registered on it think alternate of facebook.

  • This is so unfortunate, thanks to Mehwish for bringing this issue to light. I will report this page and get all my friends to report it as well.

  • We are not different from them – they are drawing our beloved prophet – we are mocking his teaching by our actions. Folks we are not less different!
    If we were only practicing Muslims, they could not have even build a page with the name Muhammad without respect.

    If you want to change world and get ‘respect’ change your self first. I have experienced this in personal life of few friends, changing few habits changes did changed everything for them.

    Good luck fellow on posting on sites like these where no western will ever come.

    • @ A for Apple. I am agreed with you. That is exactly we all Muslims should think like changing himself first according to the way the Islam teaches us.
      Rather then this we are nothing to oppose for every devilish act by Non-Muslims. I have deactivated my account of face book and further I am going to delete it ASAP. To change myself first according to the Islam has begun. May Allah help us all to do this…….


      GROUP NAME: AGAINST “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!”

  • I strongly condemn this act.

    Shame on Facebook for not banning the page. It should respect our religion!

  • Will the people who want to boycott Facebook on the 20th also boycott Google (Blogger, Youtube, Buzz), WordPress, Six Apart (Vox, TypePad), twitpic, yfrog,, and LiveJournal as well? Because they’ll host the pics and posts that people make on that day too.

  • Going To Delete My FB Account…….PAKISTAN me Facebook Bann Hona Chahiye Like China, China Ne FB,Youtube…etc etc sub bann kiya huwa hay…..par Pakistan me bann hona mushkil hay yahan to already hamare hukmaraan Zalalat Kar rahay hyn, Radio and T.v pe waley bhe Kehtay hyn Hamein Folow Karo F.B and Twiter pe…..en sub ko bhe kuch karna chahiye…….khyr im oN boycott…

  • I would suggest to all muslims, that boycott the facebook and set the profile picture with the message , “i hate facebook”.

    Thats All!

  • Asalamualikum Dear..
    sab say phalay to main bhi is bat ki shadeed muzamat karta houn.. k ya in enrazoon ki bohat barhi sazish hai…

    or main ap sab say kuch kahna chahta houn.. k

    main nay ap sab ki posts ko read kya hai..

    phalay to in posts say related ap ko ik bat batata chaloon..

    koi bhi professional banda apni database say kabhi bhi kisi user ka data zaya/Delete nhn karta us any zaroor ik status field rakhi ho gi.. k yah user ka status kia hai…..

    or 2nd bat yah k facebook ko use na karnay say kuch bhi nhn bigrahay ga.. or is ko band karwana bhi asan nhn hai.. humain chahiay.. k hum ik asi community banain … k jahan per hum asay propaganda kay khalaf khud hi kuch kar sakain..

    main ayhan per sirf or sirf web based propaganda ki bat kar raha houn…

    or is say related meray pass ik idea bhi hai.. k humain is site kay khilaf ik virus banana chaiay… jo is site ko visit karnay waloon kay computer ko kharab karay… or phir user khud ba khud assii sites say door rahain gay….

    maghar mujay is kam kay lay koi partner nhn mil raha…

    main database say to kuch thorha bohat ashna houn.. per… virus banay ka tajarba nhn hai.. maghar main karoon ga. zaroor.. chahay mujay koi milay na milay (partner)

    aghar koi virus banay say throi bohat shanasai rakhta hai.. to wo muj say zarooor rabta karay..

  • I would be surprised, if u got more than a 1000 fans…
    The Thing is that by avoiding a problem u dont in any way “Resolve” the problem,
    U need to learn to tackle it, Well anyways i knw i wont be heard. All i wanted to say is that i m against this event. well, why dont u stop using computers because:
    1.U can install photoshop on it
    2.Thru photoshop u Can make drawings OOOOHHHHH!! :P
    3.Thats the end of the world.

    Why dont u send out a boycott for paper, because u can draw cartoons on it???
    Well i think that everything if used correctly has its benefits.
    Think about the vast number of ISlamic groups that have helped in spreading the message through facebook.???

    [email protected]

    • What type of benefits you get from facebook?
      With knife you can cut vegetables,Fruits meat etc etc but it can also cut yourself.
      So will you cut yourself with knife because it benefits you?
      When it comes to our Relegion our Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him then we should forget about the profits,loss benefits etc.
      Avoid using facebook in any form.

  • I would like to thank propakistani for creating awareness about this issue.

    I also just noticed that propakistani has removed the facebook fans plugin!

    Good step Mr.Amir!

  • for those who say k facebook use na karne se kuch nahe hoga:
    aap ko pata hona chahye k yeh sab social networks aur sites users k base pe hi chalti hen
    jitne ziada users, utni ziada kamayi

    keep one thing in mind
    the more u use facebook, the more u let these satanists earn and start such propagandas
    and in this sense, u will be responsible for all this

    what I would suggest is:
    1. Report that page.
    2. Tell Everyone on your friend list and ask them to bycott as well
    4. Protest wherever u can(islamic pages, groups etc)
    3. Then deactivate ur account until and unless that page gets deleted

    Agar aap facebook use nahe karoge to mar nahe jaoge. Kam az kam Qayamat me aap se yeh sawal to nahe hoga na k aap ne kuch nahe kia. Ya fir aap hi ese logo ki kamayi ka zareeya banay . . . ?

    In logo ne media aur esi communities k thru humein apna ghulam banadia hai.

  • and people please stop abusing anyone and any religion
    this is not Islam

    here, we are representing Islam

    please don’t spoil the image of Islam

  • I tell you if PTA blocks whole facebook for a month it will have a huge impact and other Muslim Countries will follow inshahallah.

    Muslims can’t make such cartoons of any Prophet at all, this thing followers of other religions know and use that we can’t reply in this way..BUT

    We can make cartoons to show conspiracy against Muslims and Islam, how they are trying to make this world hell for Muslims but exeggerating each and everthing related to Islam and Muslims.

  • Facebook need to down all violation pages who they are having bad hurted content other wise one day will Permanently Shutdown that is for sure.

  • i have lost my id and page for this cause but

    CVC Last Page Disable By Facebook Team….
    Because They disable All Those Page Which promote Islam
    and who promote that 20 May is facebook Boycott day for Muhammad(Saw)……….

  • I along with my web admin decided to close our Facebook accounts as well as Facebook share option on our blog.

  • yaar v pakisatanies are goood hacker plz some one show courage to hack the whole facebook site

  • Where Ar The Pakistani Or Muslim Hackerz ? ? ? ? Just F**k The Facebook Yar, I Know Facebook Hack Nahe Hosakti But Hackerz Ko Try Karna Chahiye Maybe Hojaye hahahaha

    • @Hacking/Cracking: If you get time please read Electronic Crimes Act. Government if Iran supports its hackers/crackers on the contrary we are not backed by anyone. Think!

  • Assalam u Alaikum! I have a suggestion rather request.
    There is very skilled IT talent in Pakistan including top of line programmers. Please anyone make an alternative to Facebook. I believe that it will be instant hit in Pakistan. In this way we won’t be earing for Islam haters.
    Please consider about this.

    • dear mohib

      there are lots of social networks in pakistan which are constinously growing but i see all of them are using nulled script or purchased script they didnt develop there own social network script becauase it requires a hard work and also who knows that i registered on that website or not who knows that i get return or not

      yahan loogoon k pass khanay ko hai nahi social networking ki batain kartay hain hum loog

      hum sub loog maadi zindagi k dharay may pass chukay hain aur pasanay walay bhi koi aur nahi yahi facebook aur google jaisay baray kirdar hain zyada agay jain tou hum jewish ko blame kartay hain

      there is jewish lobby working behind all these hatered against islam and they are continuously doing that so we get angry and do that kind of stuff like jihad and bombing

      they are achieving there targets how many people on that propakistani website are not using facebook i think 1 percent propakistani is also using facebook the problem is not of facebook or its developer problem is what we are doing

      ajj koi mujhay aisa social network dikha doo jahan 1 million muslim user hoo aur wo facebook say publicity na karta hoo baat sari ya hai k humay majbbor kya gaya hai

      social networks banana koi bara kaam nahi us ko chalana bara kaam hai kiss k pass time hai may social network banao ya apni job daikhoo ya apna karoobaar daikhoo mujhay kya zaroorat pari hai sicial network bananay ki ya aik pakistani soochta hai k wo kuch karna chahta lakin kar nahi pata q akhir q nahi kar pata humaray apnay loog hi us ka saath chore daitay hain :(

      aik pakistani nawjawaan kya chahta hai 40 hazaar ki job hoo aik gher aik jhookri hoo bus aur us ki koi zimay dari nahi hai zyada say zyada raat tv per news daikhli aur zundagi duzar di aisay hi aya aur aisay hi chala gaya naam o nishaan tak baaki nahi raha phir hum kahtay hain k loog islaam ko badnaam q karahay hain hum apni zimaydari nibha nahi rahay hain think about it

      aur wo loog jo islam ko badnaam karrahay hain wo apni zimaydari nibha rahay hain tabhi wo kamyaab hain sirf dunya may aur hum daikhangay INSHALLAH k wo bauhat jald barbaad hoongay jab hum apni zimaydarian nibhaingay hum apnay app say mukhlis hoongay apnay gher say apnay shaher say apnay mulk say

      Love you All this is my first long comment in any plateform

      Thanks and Best Regards

      • A short answer to your long reply.
        If anyone creates a social networking site like Facebook he earn money, so his only duty becomes managing that website. That is his business/job.
        By boycotting FB we are damaging it in terms of money it looses by not being clicked. So this shows our strength.

  • Khuda karay k ye facebook walay tabah wa barbad hojain…. Ab bhi agar hum kuffaron ki sazish ko nahi samjhe to phir kab samjhen ge…

  • Muslim countries should have to ban facebook as it will take much effect bcoz they lose their users and traffic.
    Shame on facebook and such type of freedom of speech which hurt others.

  • If management team of face book does not stop this event i will not use face book
    because they have not any respect for muslims really i will bycott this event & spread this message to don’t use face book .
    they are earning a lot amount from pakistan by clicking but they also fuck us.
    now i will fuck the face book
    r u with me my brothers ???

  • I wonder that if PTA can ban propakistani for anti government posts and if they can ban Zardari’s videos on you tube, why can’t they ban facebook in pakistan…? Why can’t they block it for just a week as a symbolic gesture?

    Do they honour Zardari more than Prophet…?? I hope this is not the case….

  • Only boycott is not a solution. They say freedom of speech… we should Take serious action. It is responsibility of an Islamic state to take action against These type of ppl.

  • Dear All,

    Attack the Holocaust… Create a simple fan page on facebook and make a mockery of it and then see what happens!


  • well know news coming that facebook is going to be banned hope that this will happen

  • Well im not really surprised about this i read somewhere that the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckenburg was born in a Jewish family, so i am not really surprised that they are not going to delete the page

  • close