Blashphemous Facebook Page Banned in Pakistan [Updated]

After clear discrimination of Facebook for not banning blasphemous Fan Page, Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom has directed PTA to ban Facebook Page in Pakistan, told us sources close to authority.

A reliable source, who is in direct contact with Secretary MoIT, told ProPakistani that ministry has issued the directive to PTA to ban said blasphemous content in the country.

Ministry of Information Technology directs PTA for banning any URL or whole of website in case of any inappropriate content available on it.

It is yet to be ascertained if the whole Facebook will be banned or just a single URL will be filtered. In both the situations, Step is inline with thousands of Facebook users and according to their urge of boycotting Facebook on May 20th.

It merits mentioning here that a Fan Page on Facebook is encouraging its members to draw Prophet Mohammad’s drawings (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa-aal-hi-Wasallam).

Despite thousands of requests, Facebook didn’t put this page down even it violated Facebook’s own terms of services.

Update: (3:14 PM – May 18, 2010) We have received confirmation from PTA that directive has been issued to all ISPs for blocking a single URL (of the particular Fan Page). Order was issued by Yawar Yasin, Director Enforcement PTA.

PTCL has confirmed the recipient of the order and said that specific URL is in process of being blocked throughout its network.

Update: (8:24 PM – May 18, 2010) Facebook fan page in question is still opening on various ISPs, however, reports are coming that specific URL is inaccessible on selected ISPs. Complete blackout is expected later tonight.

Update: Blasphemy: Why Facebook is Culprit and How Best to React?

Update: LHC has ordered complete ban of Facebook till May 31st, 2010 in Pakistan

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    • if I had the decision power, I would be blocking the whole domain/subdomains and everything, as they didn’t take that fan page down.Blocking particular page may encourage facebook not to listen to peoples voice in future as well.

      • They might have not removed the fanpage but its time that we remove facebook from our lives!

      • NJM yar we are requesting govt to block facebook domains and sub domains but we have to see what we did individually…?
        I think we have to delete our accounts from facebook and its what we can do as a single muslim.
        Are you agree?

          • Its not “are you agree?” its “Do you agree”? With this level of education we can hardly face the West of their educational supremacy.


            • @qualittee

              So pathetic by you…Kisi se angrezi ki thori si mistake ho gaye to usko tanz karna shuru kar diya..

              English is not a benchmark for anything, we are not supposed to prosper only by knowing english and certainly not by making satirical remarks about others so stop doing this stuff and do some actual work

            • who gave you the right to speak to your brother like this?? are u really muslim?? shame on you…if u want to tell the truth then u should make that truth funnier so that it won’t hurt others feeling

    • fabulous step…….its a slap on their faces if they realize….blady facebook?our lives are for our beloved p.b.u.h may allah give us strength 2 b united.

  • A good step… may All Islamic world does the same so that these people know our strength!!!

    • its a really good step .. we will not use fb .. its not more than our Religion ,,, anything for Islam

    • Please, for all of Allah’s magical powers leave Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and all the other Social Networks so we can turn your children into atheists. Censor yourself out of the conversation and we will be the only ones speaking to your kids, because unlike you they will find a way to see any website they want.

      • Rarian Rakista says:
        May 19, 2010 at 8:13 am
        Please, for all of Allah’s magical powers leave Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and all the other Social Networks so we can turn your children into atheists. Censor yourself out of the conversation and we will be the only ones speaking to your kids, because unlike you they will find a way to see any website they want.

        I am totaly agreed with this statement, we should leve all such so called “social Networks” immideately. They are really deangerous for our society. There is no place for such things in our way of living.

        • Agreed Guys ! I am not against Computer Games but those with Anti-Muslim Motives must be Completely banned too ! Dear ppl, please watch your loved ones.

      • I am not sure how to read your comment. You plainly seem to be against the notion. Freedom of speech does not meet you can slur and spit out anything you wish at every level in life. If you were in germany chanting love songs for Hitler, they`d jail you for life without parole.

        • FOR Rarian Rakista
          I am not sure how to read your comment. You plainly seem to be against the notion. Freedom of speech does not meet you can slur and spit out anything you wish at every level in life. If you were in germany chanting love songs for Hitler, they`d jail you for life without parole.

          • Thank Allah for America where we can say whatever we want so long as no one is threatened.

  • thats a bad move… _____ MoIT

    For those like me, who still wants to visit fb use anon powers ;)

    [Comment Edited]

      • I said so becuz its better if they cud block the single page instead the whole website (and which they did now)

      • Twitter, hi5, myspace are all invented by Muslims and are not under Jewish control. Yes why not. Use them and one by one ban them also. Our own institutional and educational poverty is well proven.

        • Dear qualittee. First you make remarks on the grammatical errors made by friends here than you pass lame comments like this. The only reason you are here today is for the sacrifices made by people who had clear thought for achieving their goal.
          You are straying away from the point. Everyone loves to use social networking sites but as always letting these sites promote hatred, incitement of religious values and disrespect shall have dire consequences. Wars were started on more petty issues than this. Mark my words, once you let the oppressors openly oppress you than you have sealed your fate. We are educated people with jobs, families and lives. We like peace but we cant stand the disrespect brought to our religion and our Prophet (PBUH). They can joke about our leaders, policies and way of life but somethings can`t be tolerated.

          • If you go to war you do realize India and the US will conquer Pakistan in less than a week right? India will pry take over more of your southern states and set up a buffer zone. They know where all your nuclear weapons are and the US has things far faster and deadlier than predator drones that will take them out. Do you want what Afghanistan and Iraq has right now because the prophet was drawn in some cartoon? Do you think maybe this is all part of a modern way for the CIA to justify overthrowing a country? Agitprop is a lot cheaper than artillery.

            • @Rarian Rakista
              yes i would have no problem with being destroyed
              but i wont allow anybody to disrespect Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) …
              i would have no problem if thousands of us are killed and our houses are burned and our cities are destroyed …
              but WE WILL FIGHT…
              we wont tolerate disgrace of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

              and destroying us its not tht easy as u think…
              u think v vl just be sitting here and wait for them to come and destroy us …
              if it was on me to command i would distribute nukes to Iran Syria and every Muslim country..
              our missiles have range tht can reach Israel and all covers all India…
              we have subs in Indian ocean all the time…

              and you can not conquer tht nation who prays five times a day to be martyred …

              • @Rarian

                its not like that bro..our army is far much better then indian army we defeated them twice and we can do this again….& no matter how corrupt our leaders are(sorry if i am hurting ant1’s emotions) they won’t sit inside like they usually do its a matter of thier own life they will(have 2) take some precutionay measures

      • I am fan of fb itself as for that silly application i’d rather like to participate in the drawing competition — now how is that idea

          • pakfacebook is perhaps the only one to get any benefit out of this whole situation. Hmm..

            • no its not like that…now people are finding other social websites and the load is increasing on that perticular site and its speed is getting pathetic

  • It will be an interesting move, im opposed to the group but banning, is that the right way to solve the problem or should the Ministry pursue some legal method – it is a clear violation of the terms of facebook – should be easy to nail it down

    • legal move should be the first response, this is how exactly china deals with farangi websites :)

      • na, they don’t.
        Chinese govt take decisions to make laws so that foreign companies play according to Chinese rules. They don’t go to US courts or even Chinese courts. Google itself pulled from Chine because of their rules on censoring search results and stuff. We have no rules to ask companies to follow before they enter Pakistani market.

        • First become a world power like China then do like them. They don’t lie, hardly rape, no sexual crimes, no child abuse, no social injustice, poor have voice, women are given rights, population control, quality education for all….

          • Yes. They are saints like the rest of the world.
            BTW I hope you go through their judicial system and see what they have to offer. See their policy on family planning and limiting the kids you can have.
            You are probably the most unpatriotic person i have ever encountered. You better be living in a country other than Pakistan because you dont deserve what this Nation has to offer. Use your education to reform the country. Become a minister or something and than we can talk some issues.

    • Yeah, I don’t think its a good move. Government should proceed with legal stuff or least we can do is ban the whole website in country, oh but wait, I forgot, Islam is orphan and poor.

      • No my friend, Islam is not and will never be orphan and poor (muslims can be orphan and poor not Islam). Instead of criticizing everyone, we should encourage theme to do more. I do not know about many islamic countries who have gone this for to even banning the page itself.

    • Are you kidding me? do you expect our ministry to go and pursue this case in a US court (because Facebook is not registered in Pakistan and Pakistani courts can’t do much about it other than directing Govt to block the site)….not gonna happen.
      welcome to the country where president granted pardon to home minister against conviction and sentence awarded to him by high court. Still, i see it an hope as i don’t know other islamic countries has done anything better or anything at all in this matter.

      • if you people read the facebook TOS and Disclaimer you people may find out that it can not be pursued in court for any of the things they do….. you cant file a law suit against them even if they block you for no valid reason so its like they have a choice what to ignore and what not… the only thing we people can do is stop using facebook and show them that we Pakistanis can live and communicate without the facebook pathetic service….

      • My dear friend. We dont need to use courts for this one. That is what the UN council is for. We just need to raise our voice through to an International level and let our reservations be known.
        Dont make this political with blame game on the PM and the INT.Minister. Its more than that. You people have to see positively and not fight amongst yourselves. We are hear to condemn the blasphemous issue, not raise a world referendum on other corruption issues.

        • i dun knw where the hell is OIC(Organization of the Islamic Conference) they are acting like its not there problem…they should be called “Oh I SEE”

  • Well i run my major part of business through facebook. But if the ministry has taken this step for sake of our religion, then i am with them and will fully support them in their action.

    • Its not a PTA step out pakistani court ban this site and ask govt to do that immediately…

  • you cant imagine thata facebook also banned in china even china is not a muslim country….pray Allah it comes true………..thanks

    • Facebook is not Banned in china. Its an old new it happened in china but last year not now. Wel china is a very good friend of Pakistan we cant deny that.

  • Facebook is a very good social networking website yet it is these events like these which makes things bad for such a good online network.

    I am surprised that Facebook didnt take any action to get this issue resolved but it is a positive step on part of PTA to ban the website/URL

  • Better we should use other social networking sites. Such as Twitter, MySpace, Hi5 etc. They are better than facebook.

  • I think whole of facebook site should be banned as its administration didn’t removed that fan page.they’r as guilty as the creators of that page.loosing thousands of users will definitely affect their business.
    Also just announcing the ban isn’t enough,i want to see it implemented before 20th may..other muslim countries should also take such a step.

  • if Twitter, hi5, myspace going to repeat that facebook thing.. they should be ban also.

    I think PTA have to do more than blocking these site. Govt of pakistan should protest on this issue.

    But i know our govt can’t do any thing

  • Ye Pakistan hay Jani Yahan Wadday he he hotay hyn Waddo Ko Poora Nahe Kartay Ye Log :( i wish jo b site aisa kam karay wo site bann ho

      • I’m not really disappointed ,I know an Indian business main is going to launch “great social Networking site ” and it has some extraordinary features,It is going to compete with facebook ,I believe it will be much better than facebook as millions dollar investments had been made.moreover it has a lot of features for Muslims.

  • Good Step by PTA i was waiting for it…let the facebook kept blocked until they remove those pages and groups!!!! PTA U ROCK!

  • if muslims can have terrorism related groups on facebook .. so can others .. facebook is a medium that totally supports all kind of views.. and its good facebook gets banned .. only the better people will go on using it through proxies .. an easy way to clean out the useless on facebook

  • Pakistani government and Pakistan people are a bunch of ____ having a ____ head … facebook is being dubbed as the next best thing .. the marketing medium of the future.. yes we have to go back to the caves and get bombed by america one day .. so who cares .. lets go back to the caves now ..stupid illiterate people

    [comment Edited]

      • he will not have any objection coz this kind of people have only follow one religion and that is money .

    • look at your mouth stark…..u have no idea what are u talking abt so kindly shutup…& the language u are using here shows that who is illiterate

    • they are stupid nd illitrate coz they are protesting against blasphemy.if they dont do this then they wl b civilized.ur criteria to b civilized ans litrate is to disrespect those who served mankind more then anyone.blasphemy against any messenger is not bearable.if we as a humanbeing has right of self respect then why we cant respect nd demand respect for HAZRAT MUHAMMAD(P B U H)

    • u bloody first learn wht to say? u must b pagan….thats why dnt knw the importance of religion….first corect urself than cum 2 us…nw listen v muslims ve our allah than prophet p.b.u.h v dnt need to bark like u did…..v respect our religion and v ve shown through our act….is that clear?

  • Great ……… then what r u waiting for go it.
    @Stark there r other social networks so u need not to worry bro…..we will deal by ourself

  • yea facebook should be completly banned. how much it has ruined the enviorment of the country. girls talking slang words very clearly. and western stupid corrupt culture is being induced by facebook. its good to hear this thing. and facebook should be banned!

  • AOA, it will be very encourging if PTA banned that site, we must record our protest and put our true efforts to stop such humilations against muslims.

  • i facebook dont delete that page then PTA should ban Facebook in pakistan.. blocking that particular step is one small step but it wont make much of a difference..blocking Facebook in country that certainly will be a good response.

  • Face book makes a killing on ad revenue. Because they are now one of the most visited sites they can charge a boatload of money for ads. And lots of big companies do advertise with them. Also there are many sponsored groups like Apple, Southwest, Chase, etc. hese companies paid money. Individuals can buy ads. They reportedly earn hundreds of of millions in revenue in the past year…they were offered 1 billion from yahoo to be bought but they turned it down which is smart because they can certainly earn more than that. Yoville; Farmville, Farmtown, pet society & country story are some of the applictaions of revenue for fb. we must stop all other activities on FB, but use it just to SPREAD ISLAM…….. especially the GAMES must be stopped playing…

    and along with that, All of us must first IMPLEMENT and FOLLOW the orders and teachings of Allah SWT and Rasool Allah SAW ourselves !!!

    Boycotting Facebook On 20th May is a GOOD
    forum to show our protest against Draw MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) Day, But we can use other methods to record our protest?
    Call Facebook headquarter at 001-650-543-4800 and record your protest or write letters to Facebook at 156 University Ave, Palo Alto, Ca 94301. USA Muslims who are living in CA, go out and get your protest recorded at facebook

  • what is the point in banning facebook in Pakistan, it will not stop people from posting offensive content, only it will make us blind ! Govt. should protest it officially to force facebook from such actions. And i do not think our busy govt. has time for it :(

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