PAC Questions Telecom Ministry Over Alleged Embezzlement

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Wednesday expressed deep concern over the alleged embezzlement and corruption in telecommunication sector and ordered the concerned ministry to take effective steps to ensure transparent and smooth functioning of its attached departments.

The PAC which met here in the Parliament House with Ch. Nisar in the chair, discussed audit report of the Public Sector Enterprises 2008-09 of the Ministry of Information, Technology and Telecommunication and issued instructions on them.

The meeting was briefed that National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) management created six additional posts of BPS-20 increasing the sanctioned strength of BPS-20 to nine posts against three sanctioned posts.
The PAC asked the ministry to present its report regarding the sanctioning of additional posts before the committee within two months time.

It was also informed that there was unauthorized shifting of Pakistan Education Research Network (PERN) equipment valuing Rs. 298 million from NTC to PTCL which included Rs. 149.064 million contributed by PSDP and Rs. 148.936 million contributed by PTCL.

The committee also took serious note of payment of Rs. 8.987 million on account of cash reward/bonus to the employees by the corporations, autonomous/semi autonomous bodies.

The committee was informed that NTC either did not deduct or less deducted the 5% normal rent from the emoluments of the occupants of government accommodation or requisitioned houses and an amount of Rs. 1.868 million was recoverable on this account during 2007-08.

Ch. Nisar on this point said that it is beyond understanding that how some departments enjoy so many privileges and added that like the employees of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM), no department can have dual facility of house rent and accommodation facility at the same time.

He said that there is dire need to take hard decisions regarding corruptions being done in different departments and only then it is possible to put the country on the path of prosperity and integrity.