Blasphemous Facebook Page was Hacked, Its Back Again

We have just learned that Facebook has removed “Draw Mohammad”, that encouraged users to post caricatures of the Prophet Mohamed [PBUH] from its website.

These confirmations came from Pakistan, US Romania, Siberia and others.

Earlier Facebook has said that they are disappointed over the Facebook ban in Pakistan and may consider removing the page.

This decision from Facebook came after highest level of protest from Muslim world. Facebook was put down by Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and UAE in protest over no action against the said page.

Pakistan blocked some 800 websites today that had blasphemous content on it, confirmed us PTA sources.

Update: Wikipedia is back, same is expected for other banned websites.

Update: It looks its was a glitch on Facebook, which showed page offline – but a bad news page is still there.

Earlier page was found offline in more than one countries. Following is the Screen shot where the page was not found in search results

Update: Fan Page was hacked by unknown and this is why it wasn’t appearing on Facebook. [Via status Facebook Status Updates]

Update: Looks like Facebook has removed the page in question.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Khurrem

    True True 100% True man. Page is not working. This is the link of that page. Page has been removed.

  • confirmed

    i”ve also checked the page link its deleted..confirm..
    it takes me back to my profile ..
    using international proxy…

  • thats very good,but when we have access to facebook?

    • Khan

      aap ko ab b facebook chahye….very strange…..they r doing bad n bad & we r still…..think a bit

    • Bhojani

      Dear Rashida

      We don’t need facebook. and any other web site woh doning this type of work.

  • Zomail

    Can you confirm this news please?

  • usman

    good think pehle bhi kar sakte the…but any way kuch toh kia …sab ko ghusa dila kar…in ki policy me hi honsa chahiye ke kisi bhi religion ko defame karne ke liye koi aisa gruop nahin banaya jaye ga…

  • Zomail

    Its deleted or they have just blocked the page in Pakistan?

  • Khurrem

    This page is still working in some countries…….

  • Finally, they removed it, they should have done it earlier, all is well that ends well but still……

  • Osama

    The page is still there, why are you spreading wrong info ?

    • Mano

      i guess they have just blocked these pages in Islamic countries

      • Osama

        ..that would be right course of action for facebook, but i don’t think any of us should go back to using facebook, besides this whole draw day saga their new privacy rules are not good for people..

  • Ozair

    It was hacked, not removed by Facebook!
    Facebook would still support such pages!

  • Khurrem

    Page is working in some countries and blocked in few

  • Haris

    They have just block it in muslim countries.

  • Kashif

    Hmmm They just made that page in accessible in the countries aforementioned (or maybe just in Pakistan)

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    If this is true, then YEAHHHHHHHH!!! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LogiSmith Kaleem

    Thats the punch. . .. .United we WIN.. May Allah bless we muslims the real unity so our WORDS get value..Alhamdulillah

  • Kashif

    I can still access Wikipedia though

  • Good that it’s removed however the shameless social site representatives didn’t say before about removing the page. The statement as I copy it from BUSH BLAIR CORPORATION (BBC):

    “Facebook representative said the usual way to resolve such issues, if the group in question doesn’t break its terms of service but is illegal in another country, is to restrict the group from being shown in that country.”

    they didn’t even consider the activity hurting anyone at all.. Since other pages against jews were removed in no matter of time, it clearly tells that they theirselves setup the page and right on 20th after getting their purpose done now they remove it. Guys! They don’t give a shit about your feelings or protest but all they might be caring is they income which will be more disturbed if this banning stuff goes further. Boyotting to get only this page removed is no solution and letting everyone go back to make these all have a laugh on you all. Supportive attitude to this activity demands an apology or they keep stay banned! Make a stand people, don’t just fall and disgrace your and your religion’s dignity for just a fucking social site.

  • LogiSmith Kaleem

    Wikki is back….

  • Aayan

    salam hai unn hackers ko jinhon ne page ko hack kiyaa

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Cmon Hackers you can do it again!!!!

  • LogiSmith Kaleem

    hack ni hua, facebook have removed theirselves

  • Shahzad

    The page is still there … I can see it in Switzerland …..

  • ayz

    guys check their members, they are 104 and 21…its not the original page, they are new ones

  • Usman Khan

    i think facebook is now doing drama and nothing else we have to hack their main servers to end all this

  • bilal

    well i think we should all discourage facebook even after this issue is resolved that this wont happen in future..we are muslims and we should all be very proud for our unity but we can leave anything for my PROPHET MUHAMMAD ( P.B.U.H)
    THIS facebook is nothing …..

  • ayz

    check this link

    this link was previously redirecting to facebook page, now it has protesting matter and redirecting to

  • d3sign3r

    if it was hacked, it can be again!!

    a very few people know, the original creator of the page (a female) has backed out already. She said she has joined the page AGAINST DRAW MUHAMMAD DAY.

    Read an article on washington post earlier today.

  • the page is back, i just read the latest wall on the page, he said we are back after some satelment with facebook

  • Saad Malik

    that page is still up and those bastereds are talking their filthy minds out on it… i have used US ip and it showed me page… now i think we should never use facebook again in our life.

  • Kashif

    Well, Bilal, to be honest, in our daily lives, we do pretty much everything that the Prophet (SAW) has shown dislike for quite clearly. I don’t really see anything here except plain hypocrisy.

  • kashif

    well the page is not back again. Infact its working and now there are 81000 fans of that page.

    Its not hacked.

    We must hack that page. Do something

    • haseeb

      it was hacked but facebook retrieved it back!

  • Anonymous

    So is ProPakistani polishing its business in all this, like GEO giving HOT NEWS with adding spices to them ?

    When will you guys learn ??

    • d3sign3r

      I would rather appreciate them for covering it all for us. And I don’t see any unnecessary spices mostly seen on GEO.

      Keep it up Aamir!! Wayyy to go

  • SK

    The Page Is There and Working Group Joint Memberz is 83000 sumthing…..

    • eX



    it’s not down. The page is still up

  • azeem

    People don’t trust these JEWS they do it again and again, we have to boycott for life to show them we were Muslims.
    Our fellows on discuss about the page where they were draw.
    just leave it and also facebook for rest of life.
    please Muslims show yourself to Jews as lover of our beloved prophet (SAW).

  • Ahsan

    page is still up noobs :P

  • Adnan

    Facebook should ban forever.They have no security.They will not protect our religion and also they will not promise to do this.We Hate Facebook.

  • jahangir

    thats v sad :@ facebook should be ban forever

  • Muhammad Qaiser Abbas

    I will request to PTA that Facebook in Pakistan should be blocked forever, no need to open that website of bastard nation is necessary.
    keep it up PTA, You did it………..

  • Khurrem

    What PTA did nothing just check out this…. Its still working in Pakistan……. PTA wakeup….

  • Ozair

    Like I said.
    It was hacked by TURKISH HACKERS and not removed and will never be removed!
    Shame on most so called Muslim Countries, who didn’t bothered to block FB!

  • Muhammad Qaiser Abbas

    Yahooooooooooooooooooo CONGRATS to all Muslims
    that page on facebook is hacked today by a Turkish Muslim hackers group named “Cyber Warrior” and they have deleted all the sketches and also warned the Facebook mangement.
    The whole Muslim ummaah will always love their Prophet HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) INSHALLAH, nad Muslim ummah will never compromise on respect of our GREAT PROPHET and our religion, Muslim ummaaah prove it once again,

    • the page is still,i just checked few mins ago and that is acessible in Pakistan

  • Muhammad Qaiser Abbas

    Mr khuram and Mr omair u people need to wakeup all sites and relevant pages are blocked ok so no need to blame PTA, it will take time, if you know that some pages or websites are working then inform me i am already working on that (and if anybody found any webpage or website then inform me), my Email address is [email protected] , but please dont blame PTA good actions

  • Khurrem

    Qaiser Bahi,,,, Page is still working…. management of facebook restore that page again…. and we are not blaming PTA we just want to show that there are some more things to do… I will mail you many links regardings this….

  • Sajid Younas

    The page is STILL there..
    if its not appearing for Pakistani users or other countries.. its different policy of Facebook then.

    i can confrim NOW.. page is still active and has now 9855 members.

  • Khurrem

    Its true has been hacked by Cyber-Warrior TIM.

    MASHALLAH……. You people can check it

  • Muhammad Qaiser Abbas

    Ok brother I need to look that pages, kindly send me links at my mail ([email protected])i am waiting for your mail khuram brother
    thanks for your support

  • Yasir Latif

    I am wonder that why Telenor still keep the icon and link of Facebook on its website. Even Ufone, Mobilink and others have removed the link and icon of Facebook. Amir bhai could you send the msg to Telenor management regarding this thing….

  • Mian Waqas

    Now Google is there to support facebook


    Whatever you search, whatever link you click you will get “This Site is Restricted” message.

  • Asif Sajjad

    Its just blocked for Pakistan, as said by Face Book Officials…………!

  • jahangir

    one of my friend just told me that the page is up and running and currently they have 94 235 ppl in that page :@ we should bycott facebook for ever!!

  • jahangir

    and he is from sweden :/

  • The even blocked my innocent little website! Wth!?

    • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

      Did You have any objectionable content?

    • Rameez Kakakhel

      Sorry to hear that… BTW who told to tell the world how to use Facebook after the Ban? Lolz… Just kidding… they are just testing with this u knw… they even banned for a few minutes. May be they than realized that was still open :P

  • imran

    we should deactivate our accounts by going in account setting and tell that reason as well.

  • Maryam Hayat

    wikipedia should also be banned forever as they are also connecting and promoting motive of facebook…

  • muminah

    does anybody remember that pakistan cyber army that hacked some pakistani oil companies’ sites or something? I can’t find much else on the net, but arent they the best men for ‘rehacking’ the fb page?

    • muminah

      sorry I meant Indian oil companies

    • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

      I don’t remember that but is down WORLDWIDE i.e. not just in Pakistan. It was intermittent throughout the 20th May but then finally succumbed. It has been rendered inaccessible by an apparent campaign to crash the site i.e ping attacks etc.)

      Before that was hacked by Turkish hackers.


    Assalamaoaliakum, bros n sisters, “Everybody Draw Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) day” was really hacked before but now i think that page has been deleted but now they came back with new page called “everybody Draw Mohammad Day (backup)” here is the link to access that page

    Astagfirullah wats going on, Now its time for muslims to wakeup n create unity why we muslims are really in crises becoz we dont hv unity anymore, if india, israel, russia, usa becum 1 against islam althought there religions r different their cultures r different every thing is differnet between them except thier enemy, so cnt we all muslim countries becum 1 against kufaar, plz i request every muslim to becum 1 first of all den we can show the power of ALLAH n His believers. INSHA’ALLAH

  • Taimoor Qazi

    We, Muslims should ban websites and every product from Bottom of our Hearts and not by force…

  • Asif

    v r Guinness lets hack FB data base n destroy.

  • unknown

    Facebook weather remove the page or not it is my next target. you will see it hacked soon…
    We all armies are getting stronger (Iran Cyber Army, Free Hacker Palestine, Pak-x_Poison_Killer… a long list

  • Twitter was banned :( . No Twitter , No Facebook , No Google no Wikipedia :(

    • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

      Twitter, Google and Wikipedia are not banned. They are working fine.

  • Arshad

    Since they don’t bother our feeling, we should have atleast our self respect intact.

    I have finally decided that I ‘ll deactive my account from Face-book the day i ‘ll be able to access my account and will no look back. I took this decision not because they (face book) didn’t care for our feelings rather just because they tried to disrespect our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

    Just think over it & do what you feel appropriate. This is how i think & feel and i am not forcing anyone to take any action.

  • muminah

    I plan on doing that too, inshAllah – after suggesting it to all my friends
    Somehow, I don’t think I’ll be capable of truly respecting any Muslims that will continue to use facebook after this whole mess…

  • Nadeem

    Dear brothers,

    this group is still working on facebook

  • asif arif mumtaz

    hacking this page is great occupation for pakistani hackers and chance to flourish our computer industry – i wish i had such skill. If you do then please go to page and block

  • amna

    facebook was very useful for me because i found so many friends on it from whom i had lost contact a really long time back…and i could stay in touch with them everyday…the only thing i want is to have 10 mins on fb to ask all my friends to send me their e-adds and contact no. so that i may not lose them agin…after this GOODBYE TO FACE BOOK FOREVER…I JUST CANT LOOK AT IT THE SAME WAY AGAIN.

  • amna


  • Rameez Kakakhel

    Your Situation is same as mine…..!

  • Senan

    Facebook should be banned 4ever and this is the time for our IT specialist to bring an alternative to facebook so we muslims can use tat and believe me all muslims over the world would support it. Btw facebook is not tat important that a ban on it would cripple our lives.

  • fatema

    watever pakistan’s goverment has done dats correct!! but i think before banning facebook for good(if they are going to do so thn) they should give us ppl some time to take our pics n videos off from facebook!

  • Arshad Ali


    One thing i couldn’t get, I am listening to different TV Talk shows on diff Channels now a days. The face book lovers arguing we should not shut down Face book,rather we should talk to them individual basis, so that they do not do it again.

    My opinion is the staff, owners bla bla of face book are not Goofs, they did it deliberately. They knew Muslim will hurt. If one person has tried we could try to guide him/her or atleast convey our emotions like ” Look man, this will certainly hurt our feelings, please don’t do it”

    But I firmly believe it was a deliberate effort, in order to check at what stage of belief they are now, since Facebook has the policy that they atleast block any page in particular region if offending to any particular region, so they could have block those pages on 19th in Muslim countries but they did so on 22nd. Even though they didn’t gave any policy statement like sorry.

    So how can we convince them and they are firm with their decisions. Because it didn’t hurt their emotions. They are making alot of money like they were. Muslims are around 47.3 % of the entire face book users.

    This is the time to take solid steps,so i believe if we Muslims stop using Facebook for a while, that will certainly put a financial pressure on Face book authorities and make them realize that they commit something wrong and compel them to say sorry & they will not do such thing again.

    But if we didn’t in near future, you will see such things on regular basis that’s my promise, that was just the beginning, if you are facebook lover then continue using it and wait for the day it will commit again in other form. Being Muslims, I believe we have loose almost everything its only the “Prophet ‘s Love” that we left with and they want to remove it as well so that we left with nothing. Agree?

    At the end, I assure by stop using facebook for a while will not cease our breathe. We will start living as we were before Face book. Again its my own opinion, don’t want to enforce on anyone.

  • goooon

    you gyz know about the female who created this page and then what happened to she was so scared and she was so sorry try google it its cool story

  • Jong Derrah

    I appreciate this! Thank you!