Facebook Disappointed Over Pakistan’s Ban

Facebook is disappointed at being blocked in Pakistan over a contest that encourages users to post caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed and may make the offending page inaccessible to users there, the social network said late Wednesday.

“We are very disappointed with the Pakistani courts’ decision to block Facebook without warning, and suspect our users there feel the same way,” Facebook said in a statement to French news agency.

“We are analyzing the situation and the legal considerations, and will take appropriate action, which may include making this content inaccessible to users in Pakistan,” it said.

Pakistan blocked access to Facebook on a court order over a competition created by a Facebook user who set up a page called “Draw Mohammed Day,” inviting people to send in caricatures of the Muslim prophet on May 20.

Islam strictly prohibits depictions of Prophet Mohammed as blasphemous and Muslims around the world staged angry protests over the publication of satirical cartoons of the prophet in European newspapers in 2006.

The statement from the Palo Alto, California-based social network said “we want Facebook to be a place where people can openly discuss issues and express their views, while respecting the rights and feelings of others”.

Via Geo News

  • “We are very disappointed with the Pakistani courts’ decision to block Facebook WITHOUT WARNING!!

    Oh come on fb, were you blind when people reported that page??
    Did you take any notice of those 40000+ reports?

  • Now this is a huge answer to anyone who was thinking Facebook won’t care. Now imagine if 5-10 islamic countries do the same as Pakistan, they can force FB to remove all anti-islamic content from their servers in no time. Why diff TOS for different religions? They removed an anti-jew page in 20 mins and didn’t listen when it comes to ISlam.

  • hahah ab aaye na line par…. but abhi bhi sirf Pakistan mein inaccessible karenge.. they still not gonna delete that…

  • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA till 30th MAY :)

    They just couldn’t bear the humiliation that a 3rd world country like Pakistan took such a step.

    Don’t they understand.
    We’ve already banned its use in Pakistan and the citizens WELCOMED it

    Hence, we do not give a rat’s ass if they ban it in Pakistan or not.

  • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA till eternity :)

    They just couldn’t bear the humiliation that a 3rd world country like Pakistan took such a step.

    Don’t they understand.
    We’ve already banned its use in Pakistan and the citizens WELCOMED it

    Hence, we do not give a rat’s ass if they ban it in Pakistan or not.

  • time to abolish constitutional protection to deny Holocaust which may result imprisonment.

    Holocaust denial is illegal in 14 countries including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland.
    The European Union’s Framework decision on Racism and Xenophobia states that denying “crimes of genocide” should be made “punishable in all EU Member States”.
    This is freedom of expression and opinion in west. I am leftest but this time I am with rightest side by side and shoulder to shoulder.

    • The truth about holocaust protection is that holocaust is one of the worst hoaxes ever invented, that is why they (jews & their cronnies) cannot stand the chance of allowing it to be properly investigated or even criticized because such investigations are capable of revealing the truth, holocaust never took place in history. I urge everyone to read the book “ever thought about the truth” by harun yahya. The idea of cursing islam should not be tolarated, if jewish hoaxes were to be protected so also will be the dignity of islam.

  • What warning are these losers talking about??? as if they didn’t know.

    I only wish that other muslim countries also join us … this would be a good enough warning for not only FB … but the whole world.

    We might not dent them financially … but we can sure dent their perception that we are a sleeping Ummah and they can do and say whatever they want.

    Allah knows the best how to humilliate these losers.

  • Several peoples have already reported them, but they didn’t take any action for “Draw Mohammed Day” and now I think the time has come when we should delete our accounts from FB and tell them that we are not dependent on their services. Come on Muslims please take an action at your own end…

    I am very happy with our court’s decision to block facebook.

    Islam Zindabad…
    Pakistan Zindabad…

  • Hi
    Pakistan telecom authority need to ban the Twitter also, beacause they bloody bastards may use other options to degrade our Religion, Why western bastards dare to do this,when they want they do but we can’t able to stop them, why Pakistani govt didnt took any serious action against these activities,Pakistani govt must take a strong action against World wide web to stop these type of Unethical activities against any Religion, we Muslims are such respectable nation nad we didn’t ever think of doing such dirty act, Western countries are most advance than us but they are too much bastards in real terms, I dont know when Pakistani govt will take any strict action against them

    ALLAH save our ISLAM respect and gignity of our Religion.

    Muhammad Qaiser Abbas
    [email protected]

  • I am agree with you Sohail
    “if 5-10 islamic countries do the same as Pakistan, they can force FB to remove all anti-islamic content from their servers in no time”

    I think this is time to be united. which is not possible. Pakistan proved himself leader of Islamic countries. and credit goes to LHC and people of Pakistan. Allah Akbar. Pakistan zinda bad.

  • “We are very disappointed with the Pakistani courts’ decision to block Facebook without warning, and suspect our users there feel the same way,” Facebook said in a statement to AFP.

    I hate to break it to you Facebook, but the majority don’t feel the same way.

    They are proud that the court took a bold step. We fully support the ban.

    Despite thousands of requests to pull the page down, you guys didn’t.

    Why do you keep playing with Muslim sentiments?

  • Great, ab aya jayan ga ya line par. Abi be ham ko unite rehna para gaa….



  • still they just plan to restrict the access of that page to Pakistan instead of deleting it permanently

    shame of facebook

  • Please everyone stop using facebook forever

    don’t be enslaved to Jews due to their control over media and social networks etc
    we love our Prophet more than anything in the world and we have to show that to them

    Keep one thing in mind, if you use facebook, you are sponsoring them to do such thing again
    The Governments may unblock facebook after a short or a long period, but Please, for God sake, don’t even use facebook after it is unlocked

  • It’s still opening on proxy sites, which means this page is not removed yet.

  • This is the answer to people who say…Why Pakistan? ager khuda na khwasta ham India me hote to kon hame ye block kerne deta jis se aisa response mila..

  • i m so happy on this decision of ban on facebook….
    they thought that the young generation will die if they won’t be using facebook…..but nothing is much important than our Holy Prophet(S.A.W.W) for us…..
    we are not sleeping….although we have given place to western culture in our lives as a result of globalization….but we have not given them place to harm our dignity…..they can change our life styles but they cant change r bloods n minds….by blood and minds we r Muslims n v r ready to die even for our religion….
    We can also do same acts to abuse their religion n religious figures…but v have never done that n we will never do that…because we respect all religions….and Allah says: “kisi k khuda ko bura mat kaho k ye na ho badlay main woh tumhare khuda ko bura kahe”….and even after all that what happened,honestly i still respect every religion….THATS THE THINKING OF A MUSLIM…..THATS OUR POWER and SPIRIT….DEFEAT US IN IT IF ITS POSSIBLE FOR U PEOPLE….

  • Good work PTA & PTCL for blocking Facebook IP address range on its Broadband that I reported and was opening facebook till morning today.

    is now blocked.

    If 20 out of 56 countries block FB, it will be a warning to the rest to stick to atleast their TOS. We are not dectating Europe & US & they can’t dictate us to watch what they want us to see.

  • Zabardast……I think our PTA has done a very appreciatable step and we are with them in such bold deciesions inboth the cases of blocking youtube and facebook…………man………forget about ur network ur friends its the matter of OUR PROFET our faith so so no compromise still demands and conditionsand let believe that they will cum to toes of our Muslim because Allah is with Muslims and believe me our hacker can hack the facebook also and they will Inshallah if they continue the disgrace …………….thank you very much

  • “we want Facebook to be a place where people can openly discuss issues and express their views, while respecting the rights and feelings of others”.
    self contradictory statement, what a hypocrite nation america is.
    dont worry guys, such actions means, more alqaeeda and taliban members, more military expenses and more taxes on us citizens.
    but i request all to delete their face book accounts, i will delete my on the very first day i access face book.
    face book is not something inevitable or compulsory. i dont want to contribute 0.00001 $ as a result of my log in at facebook, which doesnt respect our prophet.

  • A job well done by Pak govt. All pakistanis support this decisions. Facebook be blocked in all the Muslim Countries. This should be minimum response to the outrageous act committed by the bastards

  • yeah thats justified.. war on terror to kill people and freedom of speech to mock particular religion! Good going US!

  • Being mulims it should b our faith that we will never accpet this and we should boycot facebook forever becuase thier administration hurt muslims. we should launch our own social net working website where we will give respect to all religion including relgion of those who hurt us. becuase its the eaching of our Great MUHAMMAD (S.A.W). Even if facebook applogise, we muslims should not accpt this at all

  • My Fellow Pakistanis,
    Let’s imagine a Pakistan without face book, O Yeah!!! I can see so much difference; I see employees are working whole day. My Goodness its enormous thanks FB but wait there is a word called “No Thanks” we can still live, Sleep, Eat and Hangout without you.
    Yes it is a correct decision and I want to block both “YouTube and Face Book” forever.
    They are talking about the freedom of speech & expression; well this is our expression “We don’t want them to spoil our religion”. We being Muslims respect all other religions and desire the rest of world to respect Islam.
    All right, that’s a financial hammering they are losing Ad’s from Pakistan and they will face more loss in business if they won’t stop messing with Islam (If rest of Muslim gets involved). I salute the person who brought this thing up. Awareness is among us and that’s a big deal.
    Maybe, in the next step we are able to quit supporting western brands. I am a huge fan of Coke but seriously guys, who wants to do business with the people who hate us this much. I will quit all the western brands if they won’t stop abusing Islam & Muslims. I hope you being a Muslim will think the same.

  • If PTA opens it , it’ll be Ddosed or again it will be hijacked by Turkish’s cuz now majority of people know about Ping of Death, and so on, i have a Script which creates account on FB and uploads heavy movies of no sense. i really hate it at all and those Muslims who are still in favor to support facebook but to remove only that page i will just say, you have lack of Emaan. by god if the SEO even a developer of FB cames in front of me. i wud have shoot him down. hah!! Muslims listen, how if someone draw cartoons of your Fathers or Grandfathers?????? …….. WAKE UP EVERYBODY its our exam by our Allah…. WAKE UP everybody.!!!!! Never ever try to support such evils..

  • blooody _________ facebook…. i will close my account for ever n will encourage my friends n contacts to do the same…

    [Comment Edited]

  • What i am interested to know is what legal considerations FB is looking into…guys be ready if they plan to sue our Pakistan Government for doing this, then be ready to place lawsuits on FB for inspiring hatred and hurting all us individual Muslims…I dont know law but it must fit somewhere…………………..

  • facebook is disappointed on loosing clients and business in Pakistan, they don’t care about feelings of muslims around the world.

  • Let us block it forever. Come on people we should teach them a lesson. Look at facebook’s reply they are disappointed on Paistan’s action. Shame on other muslim countries specially Saudi Arabia and UAE. We should promise to oursleves that we will never compromise on the name of our Prophet P.B.U.H.
    Please ask your friends to leave facebook forever. This is my request as a muslim brother.

  • عیسائیوں اور یہودیوں کی ویب سے بچیئے
    مسلمان بنیئے مسلمانوں کے بنیئے
    مسلمانوں کو فوقیت دیجئیے
    پاکستانی فیس بک
    مکمل پاکستانی ویڈیو ویب
    جہاں ان لمیٹیڈ سائز کی ویڈیوز لوڈ اور شیئر کی جا سکتی ہیں
    سرچنگ کے لئے گوگل کی جگہ

  • its good decision by Pakistan High Court to ban the facebook and i wish that all the other muslim countries may take this step so that muslim unity would display. (may Allah give the muslims tofeeq)

  • plz if u r really Muslim.so everyone should stop the use of face book.jo kuch ham kar sakty hain woh zror karain.

  • Summery of response:
    It seems, Pakistan is far behind to Modern world and Muslims are still living in Stone Age. Let me tell you “it is age of reason not religion”. If you will never allow others to criticize your religion it will never evolve and it is becoming problem for you and non-muslims too. It seems Islam can‘t stand on open scrutiny therefore Muslims don’t allow it be criticized. Open it for debates on your countries, either It will rule the world or it will become the History.

    Keep in mind “freedom of speech” on religions is pith in developed countries(Europe and American). They have left behind the religions in 17th century, most of them don’t take religion too serious so are progressing in this era. “Freedom of speech“ is non-negotiable in Modern World.

    When you ask for respect for Islam and your Prophet. You forget that prophet Muhammad himself destroyed idles in Mecca in the first place without caring other religions, Taliban in Afghanistan did the same way but never was such response. When you burn flags of other counties, is that not offensive for their nation.

    Through out the Islam expansion period Muslims destroyed other religions not with preaching with sword too.

    When Hindus ask you to not eat cows because it is like God of some Hindus, you laugh at them. This is the way you respect other religions.

    “Islam is religion of peace and Tolerance” is a slogan from moderate Muslims but Muslims never show any tolerance; see how your react in Pakistan showing tolerance and peace.

    Instead of asking other to read Quran and Hadith, better read it yourself first in translation. Which state that: ”you can beat your wife.” ‘Earth is flat” “Star are made to make sky beautiful” ”Muhammad married 9 years girls while he was 52 years old” “Kill the infidels” ”Jews can’t be your friend (even there was no Israel)” “Universe was created in seven days” “Islam orders kill the apostate” There are many more contradiction of science and human right with Islam. I know Islam is not bad but these are the issues which need to be discussed. When your religion causes “suicide bombing” “hijacking plans” “killing Journalists”.

    After having all these issue how world can put it above criticism even there is no exception for other religions.

    Only the problems with Muslims are they attached with religions too firmly and never negotiate on this. Please think that your religion can be false. Keep in mind that all religions are man made. Take them seriously in every wake of life is problem now because they were make centuries ago. “Peace””Love all humanity not only muslims brothers also Jews can be your brothers if you love them too.”

    [email protected]

      • Dear Mr. Imran Khan, it appears that your knowledge about religions is at infancy stage and your knowledge about what’s happening around in the world in just primitive. If you happen to look in the world, and analyse whats’ happening, you would realize that the polarization of the worlds in now on the basis of RELIGION!! Why is the west together on all issues against muslims? and they are poles apart on other global issues? Do you know what was the theme for presidential elections by Mr. Bush, both times he ran? Similarly, jews are all together when it comes to anything that has to do with Israel- the jewish state. The problem lies in us, as muslims, that we are unable to understand and face the reality and unfortunately our minds are not good enough to realize what is good for ourselves. I certainly do not believe in suicide attacks and killing non muslims, but I do believe in what we call social activism; to protect our interests- both national and religious and we MUST unit together……. Those who stands for nothing, falls for anything!

  • Simply F*** Facebook!!!!

    we’re never gonna use it even if government makes it accessible. Those who tried to vilify about our beloved PROPHET (PBUH)deserved to be knocked their heads off their filthy body……!!!!

    May Allah give Muslims the chance to kill those filthy entities…….May i be that fortunate, Ameen!

  • It should not have been banned at all. Why is it in Pakistan when any thing wrong happens we have to take extreme measures, remember when cartoons were made in Denmark of the same issue we burned down each other shops, cars, assets etc. Benazir was killed we again burned down looted each others property. On 10th of Muharram we looted & burned down each other property (Boltun market). If any body on facebook has done it banned that page only or may be leave it alone & dont visit that page. We all know you can buy liqueur openly, prostitution is spreading why dont we take action on that?? Look at our economy its going down the drain why dont we do some thing about it??
    Wake up Pakistanis please!!!!

  • Yes I totally agree that the media is biased, but always remember in todays world this is the best jihaad to counter these arguments or offensive literature, I deactivated my fb account because i dont want this type of entertainment in which I have sell my eemaan, may Allah give us strength to be united and accept our efforts in this regard, always remember Allah doesnt need u and me to protect his religion, jazakaAllah for all the efforts u all made in this regard, may Allah bless us and give us guidance, regards, nayyar

    • Inshallah. when we all made unity. nobody can even use his bloody tongue to speak. We cannot tolerate this thing even we should do something over it so that nobody can say anything 2 our Muhammad P.B.U.H beyond this we are repenting oh my GOD the way we have taken its lyke we have forgotten that we are muslims wake up my brothers its time to show them that we can also do something which would be harmful for those people who are bloody bastards.

  • Allhamdulilah we people r still awaked and this is a perfect slap to those idiots who r in damned thinking that they have conquered us through the name of globalization , liberation of expression and advanced modern culture….
    we must appreciate our courts , institutions and all those , who have made this possible to give solid answers to these so called disguised cultured people….
    we respect and love our courts
    we love Pakistan
    Islam is in our soul not in our mind
    and this is what they have to understand


  • I had been banned from Facebook and my account had been disabled a night before Facebook was banned in Pakistan. Before all this happened, I visited the blasphemous page “Draw Muhammad Day” and the content on the page hurt me badly.

    Once again a certain group of westerners called it the “freedom of expression” and went on to show extremism – something they always verbally disassociate themselves from.

    As a response to this lunacy, I thought it best to find out how they respond to others’ right of freedom of expression – I created an Adolf Hitler page right away and it read, “To all those who think they can ridicule Islam in the name of freedom of expression and yet punish those who speak of the genius of Hitler”.

    The comment on the wall read, “Let’s hit them where it hurts them the most”. Further I added some photos of the Fuhrer, Nazi Party and the Italian Footballer Paolo Di Canio who was banned and fined by FIFA two years ago for performing the “controversial” Roman Salute which according to him gave him a sense of belonging to his people.

    Within an hour tens of people joined the Hitler page which was named “H | T L E R”. The very next time I tried to log in I found out that my profile had been disabled for ‘violation of Facebook Regulations’.

    Facebook’s reply for my inquiry was as following (also shown in above screenshot):

    Hi Saad,

    After reviewing your situation, we have determined that your violated our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. One of Facebook’s main priorities is the comfort and safety of our users.

    We do not tolerate hate speech. Targeting people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or disease is a serious violation of our standards and has resulted in the permanent loss of your account.

    We will not be able to reactivate your account for any reason. This decision is final.

    User Operations,

    Now how is it that Hitler is termed as the most evil person in the history of mankind while those that bomb Muslims, commit heinous crimes in their countries, ridicule their Prophet and Quran and as a result hurt the sentiments of 1.2 billion Muslims are hailed as heroes? And I wonder why the victims of Holocaust are more important than victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Despite the protest of a large number of Muslims, Facebook has not removed the blasphemous page from the website.

    According the statement issued by Facebook their policy is to withhold such content in countries where it is controversial. The statement specifically says that we do not remove Nazi content from Facebook because it is illegal only in a few countries. As two-faced statements go, this one takes the prize. Perhaps before issuing the statement the Facebook did not realise that words like “Adolf Hitler”, “Sieg Heil” and “Nazi” are not allowed to be used on Facebook to create new pages.

    And if all this and the removal of Hitler page and the permanent deactivation of my profile isn’t enough, here is a testament to Facebook’s vile hypocrisy. The statement issued by Facebook on 20 May says, “We strongly believe that Facebook users have the freedom to express their opinions, and we don’t typically take down content, groups or pages that speak out against countries, religions, political entities, or ideas.”

    While, in another instance, Facebook replied me in entirely different way. Excerpt and screenshot is given above.

    Now these two conflicting statements speak volumes about the discrimination by the Facebook. It simply means that Facebook through its official statement to global media wants the world to believe that they are the torchbearers of freedom of expression and allow everyone to speak their minds out. On the other hand the face that individuals like me get to see is a much horrible one. It talks about hate and intolerance and all forms of so-called equality and unshakable resolve. While Facebook is portraying itself as the silent and innocent onlooker for the entire world, I wonder what gives them the right to remove a major chunk of my life from the web.

    I don’t think Facebook should come up with any clarification statements for the Muslim world over what happened. It is clearer than crystal that as long as we are labelled as extremists, we are not going to enjoy the equal rights in this world. And those that are trying to play God love to label us that. While reporting the Facebook ban in Pakistan in different articles, guardian.co. uk mentions the brutality of Pakistan Army in Swat while Yahoo thinks it’s necessary to unveil Al-Qaida’s plans of attacks on Danish and Dutch football teams. It is a blatant attempt to criticize Pakistan for placing the ban, link the country to extremism and terrorism and thereby justifying this sacrilegious act of Facebook users.

  • if anyone try to create pages on jews or hitler for instance they will call it violence of their terms
    i think this ban should be forever

  • Dear All

    All we have to do is to be united like we did. If this unity remain we can give huge loss to face book.
    its humble request to those Muslim who are still using facebook plz stop using facebook for the love of our last prophet. even on his last days of death he was thinking about his OMMAT and what we are doing?????????


    [Comment Edited]

  • i agree, ban it forever, and in all muslim countries so that the idiots know that they cant cross us and get away with it without any repercussions. they must suffer

  • DEAR ALL,,,,, it is very clear from the written History of world of 5000 years , , , in this world there are // and .// have been people of different culture // wisdom // habits etc, , , ALL those who give problems // troubles // to others are called FOOLS-CRIMINALS-THIEVES- DECO ITS- AS SUCH THE LAWS of the countries put such people in jail so that other-humans are not in problem, , , NOW if a govt. of a country it-self becomes under this category, , WHO WILL BELL THE CAT, , , GOD HAS ALREADY PUNISHED such countries in the past, , unless they understand, ,, , more punishement will be coming, , good luck , , khurshid a

  • Can anyone analyze the efficiency of work increased in offices after facebook is banned?????

  • DEAR, , , ALL , , when i went to LONDON to traffic was , , drive on the left-side , , , few days later went to USA , , the traffic drive was on the right side, , , , then in Canada , , , , ,,,,,,,,traffic was again on the left side, , , , AS a normal human being i have to understand and act as the law in that country is operating,, ,, , NOW coming to the point of , , face-book and ban-in-Pakistan, , , , all those who object to it can easily understand what they are from inside, , , agents or sub-humans, , , every country has the RIGHT to employ its own rules according to the wishes of the people in that country, , ,, ,no body has the right to object to it, , , ,good luck khurshid a

  • DEAR, , ALL, , , there is a country in the world where people spend $=1000.o per day on shopping and at the same time there are few countries, who spend $=1.o per month, , , people who object to the laws of any country are not only CRUEL but also AGENTS and HYPO CRATES, , HAVING A CLOSED-CIRCUIT brain and such actions prove their capabilities as SUB-HUMANS, , , sorry for using such words, , , progress at the cast of other humans feeling is not a progress, , it creates HATE AND NOT PEACE, , good luck, , khurshid a, , ,

  • DEAR , , ALL, , every country has its own law-makers after the election, ,in that country, ,every body living in any other country has no-right to say a single word on the laws of that country and rules, , , , until the time that person is a citizen of that particular country and then become a law-maker in the election, , till such time all words are un-wanted , , , so dear friends please stop on this issue to say useless words, , , thanks, , khurshid a

  • close