Pakistan Failed in Defending the Ban on Facebook

Maybe Government of Pakistan (through its teleocm regulator PTA) will not have to convince the people of Pakistan about the massive ban on internet, as 82 percent of voters (of a poll) are already asking for permanent or partial ban on Facebook. Merits mentioning, we have some local voices against the crackdown too.

However, global media is looking into this matter with entirely different perspective. They are taking this ban as censorship and mass scale violation of basic human rights.

This apparently is a clear indication that either government adopted a bad policy or maybe not in the right way.

Prophets’ Drawings [PBUH] were enough to ban Facebook (according to Pakistan’s law) but luckily, Pakistan had a chance to convince the world that this ban was not only due to the drawings, but due to Facebook’s discriminatory behavior and its apparent support for the Drawing content.

We have discussed before on how facebook didn’t listen to over 100,000 complaints while on other hands banned holocaust denial page in 20 minutes.

This point was never preached by the government; resultantly Facebook is enjoying the heights of media hype even after it violated its own Terms of Services.

How funny is it that Facebook wanted Government of Pakistan for contact before banning it in the country, while ignoring the fact that it didn’t bother to hear the pleas of thousands of Muslims.

Why is this so that Pakistani is always brought to knees? But this time – it was lack of knowledge/reasoning instead of a real sin.

Just as an example, watch following video of Dr. Yasin’s interview for “Aaj Karman Khan kay Sath”. Chairman said it was Ministry and ultimately the Court that ordered the ban – he sounded like, PTA had nothing to do with all this. He failed to defend that this ban was productive (if it really was).

Also note how Mr. Kamran Khan was exaggerating things in his traditional manner, without knowing the fact that protests in other Muslim countries was also on the rise.

Declaimer: Writer of this article supports ban on Facebook in Pakistan

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Humayun

    you call 1500 votes “82% of the population”???? what the hell is the matter with you??????????

    • admin

      Just a little correction, there are 1923 votes as of now.

      • Humayun

        that wasn’t my point. u said 82% of the population, on what grounds can u say that 82% of the population??(when u use the word population, that means the population of the country). u based ur writing on your so called 1923 votes. stop being misleading

        • admin

          you are right here. I have changed the line, thanks for the input.

        • Muzaffar

          When the word population is used then it means that the active users using the internet or the site that is going to be banned or the point to be referred hope you got the point.

    • eX

      People in here love to watch “Images” rather than reading blog :D

  • samz

    Is wikipedia back?

    • Aayan

      yes its back now…

    • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

      Yes wiki is back, only the specific pages of wiki are blocked.

  • Adnan

    This Bloody Facebook should be banned forever and their is nothing left behind.I respect the esthesis of the people of Pakistan.I salute Pakistani people for their great effort for Islam and against Facebook about this issue.

  • Afnan Pervez Chatta

    i thought Imran Khans is one of the best anchor or analyst in Pakistan but know he is looking like he is supporting the blasphemous group and content which hurt every Muslim.

    • Aayan

      how you can say this.. if he was not contacted to talk on this issue its not his mistake.. he is the chairman of PTI, Chancellor of Bradford University, Namal University, then he is running Shaukat Khannum Cancer Hospital, also building Pakistan’s first ever knowledge city in Mianwali.. so he is a busy man.. If he was not contacted to talk on this issue it dosent mean he is supporting all those things….

      • bro he was talking about Kamran Khan not imran khan, Imran Khan is a nice person indeed he is not an anchor :p it seems Mr. Afnan Parvez Chatta wrongly wrote Imran Khan instead of Kamran Khan

        • Aayan

          yeah thats what i was thinking that why he is saying Imran Khan as an anchor.. i thought he is calling him anchor in some other sense..

      • Muhammad Hassan Raza

        Sorry aayan i think afnan wrote the name of Kamran Khan as imran khan.. he is saying about kamran khan.. What i think..!

  • Fahad

    enough is enough, now google is also showing pictures of our beloved prophet. search prophet mohammad and you can see all the crap they are picturing about our beloved prophet..

    • Afnan Pervez Chatta

      Mr Fahad why are you searching for it han

      just leave them we are protesting against them
      what more we can do???

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    I support the ban.

    • eX

      Bad thing, ProPakistani is noFollow no need to drop link up you won’t get a PR :D

      • admin

        Comments are usually nofollow for 99.9 percent blogs, across the globe

        • eX

          That is a good idea indeed or we would see just link :)

  • Malik

    I fully support ban. Facebook management should not have supported it. That is the main point.

    • moz

      They are not muslims. This is something you need to understand. They don’t know anything about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

      • Malik

        Dear I am not only talking about religion here. Anything that is hurtful to others; its publication should be prohibited. More or less same are the terms set by face book. They are showing double standards on following it. Anything against Jews gets vanish in 20 mins, where as anything that is against our religion don’t. Even after it has been reported by thousand of users. I hope i am able to convey.

  • Khawaja Fahad Nazir

    And they are not even SORRY. Now if we won’t speak then we will never. Read and follow following link.

    [Comment Edited]

  • A khan

    While banning the page seems like a right decision on first look, I dont think its such a good idea. By banning, we have simply removed pakistani’s from having their point of view heard on facebook. I am out of pakistan and have been monitoring comments on various pages, notes and in general – i can tell you pakistani voices were loudest and most logical. Suddenly we silenced all those voices. it is hurting the cause rather than helping it.

  • Kashif Malim

    I agree with A. Khan here. Banning Facebook was one of the stupidest things our ‘educated’ population could have done. They simply threw out the only real way we had of protesting, and in return gave the PTA and the government free reign to block any content/site that they see fit!

    This is the best example I have seen of “Parhe Likhe Jaahil” in action!!

    • Maria

      blocking websites is not going to help i knw but there are two possibillites they might take that page down or they will make even more pages against islam…but still i think it should be banned in all Islamic countries we can use our own websites…we PAkistani’s ev got enough talent but we never get the chance to show it to the world this is the time we can show how much capable we are we can make our own search engines & social websites :)

      • Kashif

        It isn’t as easy as it looks Maria and secondly, the world is not affected by this at all. Read the news stories posted about this at any major tech/news site and you’ll know how they’re taking this. They’re actually considering this a bad thing. :)

        • Maria

          i know i am reading each artcicle and news but still i think we can do this…thats the way i think :)

          • Kashif

            Positive thinking can only get you so far :)
            Okay, tell me. What can we accomplish through this and how?
            Can you justify your thoughts?

            • Maria

              actually this can be my immaturity….coz i am only 15 and what I look forward to is continued immaturity followed by death….& you cann’t expect me to make a website or any software at this age….but i am doing whatever i can do.Rightnow i am trying 2 reduce literacy in Pakitsan this is what i can do. People in Pakistan won’t give me chance at this age but i am taking web designing classes aswell & i will one day show you how capable is the youth of Pakistan :)

              pls don’t discourage me

              • Kashif

                By all means, do so. Infact, let me know if I can help because I am also a web designer, though I’m not really that good but I can help. :)
                And you just showed how mature you really are with that comment. Age doesn’t make us immature, our thoughts and conception of reality does. You apparently have a very good understanding what really is happening here and what can be a plausible solution. Education, not literacy, and the ability to be mature, logical and objective are vital for improving Pakistani people as a nation, and I am very sure that teens like you are actually going to make a huge difference. :)
                Good job.
                Do you use Twitter?

                • Kashif

                  Frankly, I think you’re probably one of the most mature people online on this website right now :S
                  You’re objective and are willing to accept your shortcomings. Most people don’t acknowledge that they can ever be wrong. :-)

                  • Maria

                    thnks for not discouraging me :) and in case i need ur help i will ask u for that :)
                    nOpe i dun use twitter…thnks again

                  • Maria

                    sure :) thats my fav hobby

                    • Kashif

                      Good show! :)

                    • Maria

                      lol ye nai khool rai

                    • Kashif

                      Its under construction. The DoS attack from last night did something to my flash placeholder and its not showing now. Will fix it in a few days once this matter’s settled down a bit. :)

                      You’ll have to make do with the blog for now lol

              • eX

                @ Kashif

                Frigging my site got DOS last night when i posted a comment with my website on dang! :@

                • Kashif

                  lol yeah.. It was basically a retaliatory attack to counter Pakistani attacks on their sites..

    • Ahsan

      lol i agree with you

      btw i have a question for the admin of this site . dude why the hell are you deleting my comments in which i tell the people how to get over the bans are you this scared of zardari banning your site eh ?

      • admin

        Ahsan we have a policy for commenting, given here:

        Contact us if you have any further query, or feedback.

        • Sabir

          Mr Admin:
          Your policy seem MUNAFIQ. You have opened a discussion about facebook but u r deleting the comments of a person. I think it is against the freedom of speech.
          You people should be ashamed of this.

  • Jibran Hasnain


  • free website in pakistan

    By chance I got a copy of Orders passed by the Honourable Lahore High Court, Lahore. So, let me reproduce the same for the viewers of ProPakistani. The order is in detail but I am giving only its some portion right here;

    ” This Courts also directs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Govt. of Pakistan to act upon with immediate effect, by lodging an official and sovereign protest to the United States of America;s Department of State stating taht as per the laws of commerce and business the above mentioned enterprises is governed by the legal jurisdiction of the United State of America and that this global social networking portal “Facebook” has deliberately or recklessly been responsible for immense hurt and discomfort caused to the majority of Muslim population of Pakistan by deliberately or recklessly not taking any effective measures for preventing, stopping or blocking the very blasphemous contest of “EVERYBODY DRAW MOHAMMAD DAY” to which it has complete and autonomous authority and has already built in mechanism for preventing, stopping or blocking such a very blasphemous misbehaviour or misconduct. These mechanism have either been deliberately or recklessly not administered for preventing, stopping or blocking this blasphemous contest from taking place in the cyber realm of “Facebook”. The announcement of this very blasphemous contest has caused an immense furor and enraged millions of majority Muslim population of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and globally, who attach an immense sanctity to the every holy and sacrimonous status granted to the Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)”.

    So at this stage Govt of Pakistan has been giving a task for lodging an official and sovereign protest and upto my information this has not been done so far.

    give your views on the issue

  • Muhammad Maqsood

    Dear ADMIN!

    I just have one question, is there any forum or medium through which a common Pakistani can express his/her views regarding anything in front of our Government Officials.

    Waiting for your reply. Thanks!

  • Hassan Nasir

    Kamran Khan is just an idiot. I think its a great decision by government because atleast by this ban this situation didn’t get worse. The situation is neutral now by this ban.

  • Muhammad Hassan Raza

    I like the decision very much and i support it..! But i think our Idiot Government is again performing its slavery role (Gulamana Kirdaar) against these compnies. The bad is not to make any economic lose, it is to show protest. Government is F Shit.

  • Muhammad Hassan Raza

    i just like these lines..! Pakistan had a chance to convince the world that this ban was not only due to the drawings, but due to Facebook’s discriminatory behavior and its apparent support for the Drawing content.

    • eX

      Obviously that was discrimination as massive one

  • free website in pakistan

    Dear Muhamamd Hassan Raza,
    I am agree with you.

  • Shafqat Ali

    Well, I am very happy the stand pakistani government has taken.
    Facebook should be banned forever.
    Beside apologizing muslims they are blaming pakistan.

  • zaib ali

    We search that content or not but we must give them the message and point out whats just and whats not. How can we allow them to post such content publicly and intentionally and leave everything as it is. We have some duties that we have to perform people!

    • Kashif

      That’s precisely what the PTA’s blockage isn’t letting us do. Rather than blocking Facebook, people should have protested on Facebook about Facebook’s antics. Blocking those sites in Pakistan just means that we can’t see those sites. The rest of the world still can and they still are seeing it. Its still up and running and our ‘ban’ or ‘boycott’ hasn’t affected them one bit! :)

      • Shakeel

        Dear Kashif, I was reviewing all the comments and I found very interesting especially your own feeling of uneasiness regarding the ban against facebook, especially the particular ideology of yours and so many others about losing a chance of being heard internationally, so our voices can’t be reached to rest of the world to show them our point of view (although the action of banning the site is also represents unanimous view instead of registering individual complaints), secondly you think by this action we did not make any difference, but here is the point where you have to open up a little and extend your vision and understanding.
        First of all the whole thing is not a political, social and internal affair of Pakistan or People of Pakistan, actually this is an open insult/offend for all Muslim Ummah (we do not need to compare our social and religious rights and ethics to rest of the world’s religions as they have left with no standards in reality).
        So in reality the action of banning the particular site by Pakistan only will not have the real effect as if it was done by the whole Muslim Ummah/Nations/Countries (Unfortunately this was not the case) and this is the reason we have not seen a real harm to the culprit but if it was done in a way I have mentioned, you can see the real difference, that can be a onetime full and final message and I can guarantee you and all that this kind of mischievous and blasphemous act will not be dared to act so publically. So the root cause or mother of all problem is that we are not united as a nation and as a Muslim Ummah, and we have left with no say, our situation currently is exactly like a heard of sheep which is attacked by some dogs, and we are panicked and running in all directions without knowing our fate…..

        • Kashif

          Just have one small question: What effect has this ‘ban’ aka censorship had on Facebook and the international community so far? Did it stop them from conducting their ‘day’ and did it stop people from drawing those cartoons?

          • Shakeel

            this is exactly what I am saying this has no effect and will never have unless this will be done by all the muslim states together and at one time, I am not talking about whether this is possible or not at the current situation of Islamic countries especially the KSA but thats the only way to make them understand.

            As our opponents are in denial phase and they will never understand whatever sensible approach you have or how logical you are.

            There is nothing more logical then teaching of Islam but do they understand and accept ? so we have to make a point here that “enough is enough” otherwise if we keep tolerating and they will keep pissing on our heads.

            • Kashif

              Have you noticed what their perception of Islam is, and why they feel that way? When they look at us, they see people with bombs and AK-47s and wild, angry mobs that set fire to entire cities and market places. The only way we can rectify that is by being ideal Muslims and not how we are. We need to behave like educated people rather than starting each comment on a public forum with slurs and slang.

              Additionally, this ban is still pointless if it is being enforced by the PTA or any other government body.

              Here are some basic numbers about Facebook users the world over, and the number of Pakistanis on Facebook



              • Shakeel

                Dear Kashif,

                we are getting into a great debate… to me it’s not easy to convey my true and detailed point of view. In most of the aspects I totally agree with you, although I have my own opinion on some points…. unfortunately due to lack of time, very busy schedule, and having not good command on English language and comprehension it’s very difficult for me to explain and debate on those points but to end this right now right here, I want to make my possibly last statement that as you said and I totally agree that first we have to be an ideal Muslim, definitely that’s the only way to have a respect and power in this world and the best reward in The Day of Judgment… Thanks and appreciate and I have a great wish and dua’ that The Almighty ALLAH guide us to the path of righteous people (Ameen)

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    I fully support the ban. PTA has made us proud. I congratulate PTA and appreciate the efforts. Kudos to LHC and PTA.

  • Irum Khan

    I wonder if the ban would have any effect on FB?

    • No effect at all. You could install Adblock in your browser to block all the Facebook ads if you want to deny them ad revenue.

      Even then, with Pakistanis making up just 0.5% of Facebook’s userbase, it’s just a drop in the ocean.

      • eX

        First of all Pakistani Facebook users out of rarely 20% use Firefox and others IE 6 and out of that 20% users there are rarely 7% users like you and me know about “Ad Block Plus”

        • And, what? You’re just going to give up? Why not try to educate them and get them to switch over?

          By the way, there are adblock extensions for IE6.

  • Very well! This point has to be made clearer and clearer for authorities & media and i think it needs to be done again and again!! Because they are just dumb asses!!

    While living here in west, i clearly see west media keeping its policy straight and usual by just showing the news that describes only ban due to draw competition and nothing in detail. It should be the time when our media should defend their status of right to protest at national level. I appreciate the foreign office press release but it needs to be done more than this as till now the matter goes along same as it is.

    Also west media is not missing the chance to use new tacit to convince their people that Pakistani/Muslims are extremists and not human friendly by showing small selected clips from protesters on streets. Here below is an examples and all credit goes to BBC Urdu service!! True example of iron cuts iron!! (But thanks PTA, its already banned/limited its bulletins in PK radios)

    Line from a lady in a protest saying “We will give our life for this..” and a short smile on anchor face with ending the news-byte with “Oh, that seems serious!”

  • LOG

    I will give two thing which i have observed:

    First is, Technically speaking, there is NO END to it … because already multiple communities have emerged on facebook already and youtube and so u cant stop it. Suppose you ban them permanently, so they can goto other websites for portraying their hatred towards our beloved prophet P.B.U.H. … So yeah, sadly, u cant stop anything that happens on the internet.

    Secondly, Religious if we look at the golorious history of islam, Our Prophet (P.B.U.H.) NEVER showed hatred towards the KAAFIR people and always responded them with kindness and have always prayed for Hidayat for them. If i am correct you must have read about the women who always used to throw trash on our Prophet (P.B.U.H) whenever he used to walk near her house. But never he showed hatred and always showed Tolerance. This thingy happened several times until one day the women was never seen by him throwing trash, so when he inquired about it then he came to know she is ill. So he visited her house and prayed for her asked about her health :)

    Our prophet (P.B.U.H) didnt spread islam through force or sword. He spread it through tolerance and kindness. And in my opinion we should do that too. and Pray that they would be given Hidayath … Ameen !!

    • Faisal

      what if they attack your country tomorrow?? will you still pray for their hidayat?? someday you need to stand up and make your voices heard… i think its better if we consult some religious scholar about this issue…

      • LOG

        It would be better if you dont mix TWO things together. On the situation you conveyed, then JIHAD is farz against the people who attack our land.

        But on the situation right now.. is jihad compulsory for us? i dont think so. Secondly, i hope u are not a 12 year old kid, but if u are, consult your elders then they will tell u it is not the first time they have tried to humiliate our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) and similiar kind of drawings have been on the internet since MANY YEARS !! … why didnt sumone stood up that moment?

      • Nasir

        He is quoting a very famous hadees to highlight a very valueable point. And you want to consult some religios scolar about it. I remind you of anothr hadees wich says Ulema of the later days will be the worst creatures on the face of earth. It has been proved true. Religious scholars of today can only spread fitna, they have no knowledge about real islam.

    • casefile101

      Dear LOG,

      Fistly what I am going to say is please dont take what I am going to say as a personal attack… its not.

      Now I am quoting you ” If i am correct you must have read about the women who always used to throw trash on our Prophet (P.B.U.H) whenever he used to walk near her house.” This indeed happened. But in happened in the Makkan Period. The rules changed when in the Median Period. On a few occasions, the Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) ordered assasinations by his beloved Sahabah of individuals who were notorious for Blaspheming against him. I am not making this up. This is our history… fact.

      The biggest disaster today with our youth is that we are not taught our full uncensored history. Their is no doubt that The Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) mercy and tolerance superceded greatly in number these actions of selected assasination.

      You have to remember the Holy Prophet Muhammed was the greatest:
      -Army General

      and so on and so forth.
      “Verily in him (Muhammed PBUH) We have sent the best example upon mankind”_Quran (Please someone verify this reference for me as I am writing off the top of my head).

      What I urge all of us (including myself) to do is to learn our history. Only then we will be able to comment properly on what needs to be done.

      Now you also wrote “consult your elders then they will tell u it is not the first time they have tried to humiliate our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) and similiar kind of drawings have been on the internet since MANY YEARS !! … why didnt sumone stood up that moment?”

      My answer to that is if in the past we as a community did not do the right thing, does that condemn to all ways do the wrong thing? How many fard (farz) salat (namaz) have we all missed? Does this mean that we should then never prey salat again as we are doomed? Right up until the point of death the doors of tohbah are open for humans to do the right thing.

      I urge everyone on this forum to learn what it really means to be a muslim. what our history is. how to deal with the multitude of situations we deal in our puny little lives. Bickering with no knowledge is pointless.

  • Asif

    hi why pakistani govt failed to BAN facebook.whats the main reason.

  • Afaq Khan

    I’ve honestly failed to understand why in an earth are we wasting our time on facebook when Facebook clones are available on the net for Free. Just google “Lemance Facebook” and start our own Facebook that adheres with our culture and Islamic laws. Pakistan Zindabad!

    • Nazia

      Pakistan lets make our own Facebook, YouTube, twitter, etc. We’ve got the best minds. There are many Dr. Qadeers still alive in our country. Irony would be if we did not tapped and encouraged our own talent. If we can make our own nukes and drones why not few scripts? Think!

  • Muhammad Hassan Raza

    one thing you all people should understand. this ban is not about to make any economics lose. it is about the protest to let them know that they are hurting out feelings. just to show them that if they don’t have care about the feelings of 2nd biggest religion so the are not fucking mature and educated.

    Someone said up here that they are not Muslims, we should understand. Dear, if there is not religion in them after that there is a thing named Ethics in mature societies what they don’t have as they are showing

    • casefile101

      just a little correction. We are not the 2nd largest, but the LARGEST religion in the world. People tend to miss out the 250 million Muslims in China.

  • Mian Waqas

    People who say banning facebook is against “freedom of speech” must read this column in express newspaper

    • LOG

      Oh cumon, first of all dont link any of the local URDU newspaper column because Pakistani journalism is nothing but YELLOW JOURNALISM !!

      • Mian Waqas

        LOG read the article first than comment on this…
        Its not “YELLOW JOURNALISM”

        • LOG

          i m talking about this as a whole mate

          • Sabir

            Mr Waqas:
            If u dare start talking about HOLOCAST. You will get the results soon.

  • Sabir

    The bastard international media has no right to draw pictures of our beloved Muhammad (PBUH). If they are so liberal, they should solve the HOLOCAST issue first.
    Does any website across the world ever conducted any discussion about HOLOCAST?
    Mr Writer: Do we still need some justification to ban facebook when they are (nauzbilla) trying to insult our beloved prophet?
    I don’t understand that when a white pig is only slapped, it becomes a human right issue but those white pigs, what ever they do is not questionable at any forum in the world.

  • Haseeb Haider

    According to the situation of the Government of Pakistan, it is obvious that facebook is not going to be banned forever. But I request all of you, in case it gets unbanned again in Pakistan, please don’t start using it again. Facebook did block many pages that supported Islam without any reason and it did not ban numerous anti-Islamic pages even after more than 100,000 complaints.

    It shows that facebook itself is an anti-Islam propaganda. If we continue to use it, we would be sponsoring them to keep doing such things and that is HARAM.

  • Ali

    Mr. Kashif i think you only want Muslims to look at our shortcomings and don’t want non-muslims to be criticized for whatever they are doing. I suggest you read the column of “Oriya Maqbool Jan” In express News.

    Why the non-muslims countries have a law and severe punishments if you say something against the jews or holocaust? even if someone denies holocaust in european and US they are convicted.

    Do you think this issue is debatable (Muhammad P.B.U.H) ‘s caricatures? Can you convince jews not to do this kind of blasphemous heinous acts?

    I think you really need to know true values of Islam… instead of your blind favourism to facebook

    • Kashif

      Thanks for reading my reply. Well, for one thing, I am not blindly supporting Facebook as I rarely use it for anything more than professional networking, however what I am arguing against is this ban. Censoring those links in Pakistan isn’t accomplishing anything. This wasn’t a ban, this was a censor, and a censor can never accomplish anything. It doesn’t mean that those things will be removed and it doesn’t mean that you are going up against those guys successfully and protesting effectively.

      Before FB was banned, there were thousands of voices there against those caricatures and against FB’s inaction. The best way to tackle them would’ve been on their own grounds and on their own media. We should have taken them on legally, however, we emotionally charged everything up and turned this into a media fiasco that made Facebook and those idiots look like heroes.

      The simple and clear fact is that people here didn’t really think about this and they just reacted. Protests in Pakistan are being looked at by foreign media as a bunch of religious extremists who “dont have a sense of humor”. I’m quoting this from one of several foreign articles on this subject that you can find online. The international media and community didn’t even consider this a sensible boycott or ban because we did not organize our actions nor did we pursue this matter through proper channels. It failed because it was not the right approach.

      This censorship didn’t accomplish anything and instead just made Pakistan look bad because we didn’t tackle these guys on their playground and instead tried to bring the fight to our home. Rather than blindly following other emotionally charged people, look at this yourself. Has this whole episode actually affected the international community? Look at international news sources and foreign news agencies and blogs, not just local news channels.

      What this ban did accomplish is that it gave the government the opportunity to block websites such as Youtube and Wikipedia, sites that did NOT play a role in spreading this whole thing, however our ban/censors did provoke tons of other people to join the blasphemous idiots.

      I suggest you read this with an open mind:

      • Aesthetic

        what the fuk is wrong wd u kashif??? u care abt international media and their fukin thoughts but u dnt care abt ur Prophet and Religion??
        The emotional stupid muslims are much much better then u educated idiot, who care’s abt his repo over his relegion.
        Dude u really gotta hink of wt u r doin..

        • Kashif

          Firstly, mind your language.
          Secondly, this isn’t about my repo, this is about making those people look bad in their own media, in their own communities and making their communities realize what these idiots did was wrong.
          Thirdly, since you’re getting personal, just tell me one thing. How many times have you had to bribe someone to get some work done? Did you ever think what the Prophet (SAW) said about that?
          How many times have you broken traffic laws?
          How many times have you cursed your life when things didn’t go as you had planned?
          How many Sunnahs do you incorporate into your daily affairs? I doubt that you’re even aware of most because bad mouthing people and this sort of language was ‘hated’ by the Prophet (SAW) yet he did teach tolerance and patience, and tact in dealing with such situations.
          Have you shown any of those traits? I think not.
          I request the admins take notice of this language and do something about it.

      • Aesthetic

        what the fuk is wrong wd u kashif??? u care abt international media and their fukin thoughts but u dnt care abt ur Prophet and Religion??
        The emotional stupid muslims are much much better then u educated idiot, who care’s abt his repo over his relegion.
        Dude u really gotta think abt wt u r doin..

        • LOG

          I wanna ask the person above. Was our religion spread through force and power? i know you would say NO, because it was spread through kind deeds and TOLERANCE. Even in the era of our prohpet (PBUH), many kaafir used to throw stones, trash and even used to curse him but he always used to use kind words and pray for them. So i guess we should also have tolerance at this moment.

          Lasltly, the level of greatness of our religion and Phophet (PBUH) will never be lowered even if they keep drawing it till the end of this world. Keep in mind

        • Maria

          I appreciate the govt of Pakistan for the backbone they had to oppose this although the other Muslim nations did not open their mouths.
          On the other hand, shouldn’t we think differently here? Our beloved prophet was always forgiving and he loved even his enemies and showed them what is tolerance and love in Islam.
          Are we doing anything about people dividing the Muslims within the country? . How about other sites which are freely allowed, how about ever westernising of some tv channels, how about cable tv, how about massage centres? I have seen advertisement of so called specialist males offering massage to only ladies with contact details and more of course… why don’t we get angry for dirty things done by our own muslim brothers and sisters but get out with slogans when a non muslim does something? i am sorry if i am hurting your feelings but u should think about this when u calm down and u knw what education is a part of islam.

  • AamirB

    Kamran Khan is one pimp. GEO TV makes fun of serious issues. Kamran Khan should look in the mirror and find his real father. That might be a jew! S.O.B

    • eX

      Yes he was like lets block full internet i think his favorite p**n site is blocked too

  • Aesthetic

    Authorities are doing their work but the question is are we, the users of FB and so called muslims, fulfilling our responsibilities or not??

    Can someone get the hits count, as of how many attempts were made to access FB after its ban in PK and what were daily number of hits before ban (admin can u help?). This will give us a good idea of what FB users are upto..

    Guys we need to change our selves, even if the authorities lift the ban we should not use FB.

    I will also request authorities to ban all porno and other websites which have material which our religion don’t allow. Ban should also be applied on vulgar media.

    • Sajid Bega

      completely agree!

  • Muhammad Hassan Raza

    Dear Brother..!
    We all need to ban it by our word of mouth. From three days, my MSN Messanger Nick message and my skype nick message and my desktop wallpaper have statement, “Facebook is a shit”, “No More Facebook”. (I can mail these wallpapers if anyone want). It is a mission now to go against Fackbook on every forum. My cousins in Canada are also doing same things. Do what you can to stop every person you know to kick facebook’s a**. Thanks..!

    • Muhammad Hassan Raza

      to stop every person to use facebook and kick there a** i mean to say…

    • Kashif

      I agree. This is a hundred times better than having the PTA ‘censor’ these sites because then, it wont be considered a protest.

    • Maria

      we don’t need slogans bro & how exactly u can stop sum1 using fb by these statements??this is against the teaching of islam i think

      • Maria

        I wonder that we Pakistani’s love our country at all, it having no limits and no oneness; and when you try to make it a matter of the heart, everything falls away except one’s native State; neither can you seize hold of that,unless you tear it out of the Union, bleeding and quivering.:) be united coz at this stage what we need most is unity.This is the time we should forget all the fights and disputes.

  • @muhammad hassan raza… dear banning something doesnt fix the problem .. you need dialogue and rationalism … ignorance is bliss for you … by banning it and leaving it we have left facebook to the people who want to make fun of us .. and they are free to do whatever they want .. with us being there atleast they were scared and had a voice against them

    • Muhammad Hassan Raza

      Yse i am watching their sacredness from three days..! Don’t you? and also, if you are not in any room then ppl in that room can’t hurt you. same if Muslims are not in fkn facebook then they will not hurt us. you can’t stop them so stop the source at least. and one thing more. facebook is a big time wast to our youth now. it was good but now enough. it is time to stop this unproductive activity too. but the main reason is the blasphemous act.

      • Kashif

        One quick question: Did you know that you can use Facebook just like LinkedIn to develop a strong professional network as opposed to playing those stupid games?

        • Muhammad Hassan Raza

          just like what? :D

          • Kashif

   is a professional networking website that most professionals from around the world use to communicate and network. :)

        • Kashif

          My point is that Facebook isn’t useless/stupid. The people who waste time there are!
          Everything has proper uses and features as does FB; if people abuse those features/facilities, how is it FB’s fault?

          • Muhammad Hassan Raza

            i know what linkedin is.. i just want you to be realized that if you have a forum for some specific purpose so why you are supporting fb, who don’t care about 100,000 ppl who were against that group and who remove instantly anything about jews and doesn’t care about 2nd biggest religion. Brother! they did it by will. they are well informed about these kind of things. and it is the start. out silence will increase these kind of acts. and also, protest on GOVT level should be more powerful then what it is instead of what you people are taking this issue.

            • Muhammad Hassan Raza

              one more thing. Time and 21st century doesn’t matter at all. The rules are same for the respect of Muhammad (Sallallaho Alyhy Wasalam)
              فتاویٰ عالمگیری پانچ سو جید علما نے مرتب کیا تھا۔ اس میں لکھا ہے کہ جو شخص حضور سرور کاءینات محمد مصطفٰی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کے جوتے مبارک کی بھی بے ادبی کرے گا وہ واجب القتل ہے۔

              you should read about the legends of Islam that what they did to Gustakh ppl. Read Salah Udin Ayyoubi (Reh), Mehmood Gaznavi Reh.. My Brother leave Star Plus and all bullshit indian culture forcer channels. Read history of Islam. You will be realized why these people are doing this. Believe me.

              • Kashif

                Why don’t we just look at the Prophet (SAW) as an example? I guess he is the ideal role model of a human being, no?

            • Kashif

              Aah. Thing is, the PTA’s banning FB like this actually made matters worse. This didn’t fix anything but instead gave them a much better way to make people like us leave the internet, to make us get cut off from the rest of the world. The only real way to beat them is to use their tools against them and to turn their supporters against them. The world saw this ban as a government censor to quell civil unrest here because they feel that most of the Pakistani people are extremists. Do you honestly think that if we just stop visiting these places, they will stop putting these things up on the net?

              We need to start using our reasoning abilities to tackle this situation and hit the root cause of this problem. Facebook is just one tiny speck in this world of pure, raw hatred against Islam and its followers, against us. They don’t care if 2 million people leave that community. They actually want that. Wouldn’t it be better to use their tools to beat them?

              This whole thing should have been acted upon at the govt. level from the very start, or atleast at NGO level. These cartoons and stuff have been around for ages, yet no one reacted like this about them. Should we ignore such things and stop using their tools and hope that these things will go away or should we actually stand up and use their tools against them?

            • Kashif

              And yes, one reason why I use Facebook for networking is because its a lot less complicated then LinkedIn and most people, most youth don’t even know what LinkedIn is, let alone how to use it :)

              • Muhammad Hassan Raza

                i can feel what you mean to say. It is right that they want to kick back us from knowing the latest techs and all of this stuff. but what i think is, our Government is a drum full of shit. they don’t know how to tackle this matter. i was thinking it to fight our case internationally and make them remove it and make them apologize but government is….*. anyway as the post title is they have failed. whatever it is yaar. due to the act of facebook about defending this shit, i don’t want to use it anymore. u may have some professional issues with it but i can live without that. i will struggle against at all forms to make them think about their policies about Muslims.

                • Kashif

                  Spoken like a decent, sane Muslim. :)
                  By all means, you would be doing the right thing. I am doing the exact same thing; the only difference is, I don’t support the government’s censorship. All I say is that we should protest but in a way that the rest of the world understands and doesn’t take lightly. There’s no point in harming ourselves hoping that it would change their minds or it would affect them, because it doesn’t.

                  Glad I got the chance to talk to a sane Muslim for a change :)

      • > and also, if you are not in any room then ppl in that room can’t hurt you.

        If people talk about you in a room, and you leave it, does that mean they stop talking about you? You’ve just removed *your* voice from the discussion.

        • Muhammad Hassan Raza

          if they want to tees you with their words then what? if you are not infront of them then they will not bark anymore. bcoz they only want to hurt you.

          • Kashif

            Doesn’t quite work that way. They backbite a lot :)

            • Muhammad Hassan Raza

              so let them play in between them. I will protest when they tees me in front of me. and tell me one thing. if you have bar in your area and some of your dear ppl go there and drink a lot daily. Don’t you want to stop that bar instead of just saying your people to stop? It is the same as Musharaf said,”Who don’t want to see Fahashi on t.v he should’t put the t.v on.”

              • Kashif

                If the bar’s in a non Muslim country, I’d let it be. The Prophet gave them permission to perform their religious activities within their homes, within Makkah and Madina. They most definitely can have bars in their own countries. We don’t have any right to shut those bars down. All we can do is “Da’awah”; invite them towards Islam by showing them what Islam really is. These protests and the hypocritical behavior of most of the people in the country, such as most of the people posting here, is very far from what Islam is about :)

                • Muhammad Hassan Raza

                  so Musharaf was right…!

                  • Kashif

                    Yeah he was :P

  • zaki

    Face book sucks big time here n every where around the world.It should be banned for ever.I like Pakistan

  • Khizar
    • محمداسد

      Such an excellent article. Thanks for sharing.

    • Muhammad Hassan Raza

      It is wonderful. he is very good write..!

      • Muhammad Hassan Raza

        writter i mean

  • محمداسد

    جس پھرتی سے حکومت وقت لاہور ہائی کورٹ کے فیصلہ پر عمل دراآمد کررہی ہے اور بڑھ چڑھ کر ایک دو نہیں سینکڑوں ویب سائٹس پر قدغن لگ چکی ہے، میڈیا کے لوگ اسے خطرے کی گھنٹی سمجھ رہے ہیں۔ ان کے مطابق یہ چیز آگے جاکر خود میڈیا اور دیگر صحافتی ذرائع کی بندش کا باعث بن سکتی ہے۔

    لیکن سوال یہ پیدا ہوتا ہے کہ فیصلہ کے مخالفین عدالت کا رخ کیوں نہیں کرتے؟ دوسری بات یہ کہ اگر آپ نے کوئی جرم کیا ہی نہیں تو پھر بندش کا خوف کیسا؟

  • Sajid Bega

    People who are against the ban, please read the article by Amir Liaqat

    • LOG

      Oh cumonnnnnn not him. He is so stupid that he even declared that Pakistani team lost in Australia because their shoes lower part was in GREEN . If u need video of that, i can show it to u

    • Kashif

      I hate Amir Liaqat coz he promotes Bid’ah

    • Sajid Bega

      u should not discount a message merely on the basis of who is saying it.

      • Kashif

        If a person talks about Islam on TV, even though he doesn’t know enough about it and promotes Bid’ah; he loses his credibility in a hurry. Regardless of what his message is, he has no credibility and henceforth, his message has no credibility. :)

        • Sajid Bega

          We all here don’t know much about the topic and consequences associated with banning or leaving fb open. So betta we leave the discussion for those whose say really matters :)

          • Kashif

            If that is the case, why are you commenting here?

  • Muhammad Hassan Raza

    ok…. i do dislike Aamir Laiqat but the topic is out-rooted now..!

  • Muhammad Usman Butt

    Aamir Bhai Are You Scared Of Losing Terrific From Facebook.Thats Why you are against Of this ban.

  • Muhammad Qaiser Abbas

    127 comments are there on this hot issue but I must say one thing that Pakistan masses must make hackers groups to defend this type of situation in future, because what type of govt we have in our country, unfortunately you can never expect any good thing from them, so talk talk talk about this issue will be continue but has no solid result, because our Excellent govt is servant of WESTERN COUNTRIES like most respected country of world UNITED STATES OF AMERICA from decades and if this behavior continues then I hope this tradition will continue for coming generations in Pakistan,
    Our masses often said that thing, that (ALLAH maalik he Pakistan ka) I think they all are right, because our Excellent and most efficient govt will never do the good things and anybody will not expect from our govt, even they will never just think about it.
    So i just request to local masses of this country that do thinks by yourself, and for that i already suggested that make your hackers group that we need, if we have such group then we don’t need to wait for PTA or any other govt authority,that they will take any action against any bad activity on World wide web.
    We must pray for that
    Take care Pakistan
    Take care Muslim community

    • Muhammad Hassan Raza

      well said about the fkng govt. they are all slaves of them and just want more money from here. they care about no religion and no country.

  • asif arif ali

    App sumajadi hum sub stupid hai or ye amrican website ko istamal cure?

  • asif arif ali

    mani different sites on world wide web we have no use of this facebook

  • Abbas Ali

    I heard as due to the ban of facebook it cost a heavy Loss of 2 Billion Euro source was mentioned as BBC. But their’s nothing like that only Pakistani websites are showing that why? True? Fake? or Just BULLSH*T?

    Can anyone elaborate on this?


    • That’s what actually is called taking advantage of a situation. In UK, some mobile company has circulated such news and its all over the place now. Facebook never yet reached 1 Billion revenue in first place so in this case Muslims are again very clever to give a loss of 2 billion euros.. :)

    • Maria

      If Facebook has 400 million registered users than it means one users earn Facebook around $ 2.5 a year (roughly). With 2.2 million Facebook users from Pakistan, Facebook earns around 5.5 million dollars in a year. Divide it by 365 to get revenues for one day from Pakistan.In short, they are so huge that we can’t jolt their balance sheets with our 2.2 million users in Pakistan.

      chk out the article internet blackout

  • Adeel

    I support this banned

    Good luck PTA

  • Shakeel

    Dear Kashif,

    I was reviewing all the comments and I found very interesting especially your own feeling of uneasiness regarding the ban against facebook, especially the particular ideology of yours and so many others about losing a chance of being heard internationally, so our voices can’t be reached to rest of the world to show them our point of view (although the action of banning the site is also represents unanimous view instead of registering individual complaints), secondly you think by this action we did not make any difference, but here is the point where you have to open up a little and extend your vision and understanding.

    First of all the whole thing is not a political, social and internal affair of Pakistan or People of Pakistan, actually this is an open insult/offend for all Muslim Ummah (we do not need to compare our social and religious rights and ethics to rest of the world’s religions as they have left with no standards in reality).

    So in reality the action of banning the particular site by Pakistan only will not have the real effect as if it was done by the whole Muslim Ummah/Nations/Countries (Unfortunately this was not the case) and this is the reason we have not seen a real harm to the culprit but if it was done in a way I have mentioned, you can see the real difference, that can be a onetime full and final message and I can guarantee you and all, that this kind of mischievous and blasphemous act will not be dared ever publically.

    Hence, the root cause or mother of all problem is that we are not united as a nation and as a Muslim Ummah, and we have left with no say, our situation currently is exactly like a heard of sheep which is attacked by some dogs, and we are panicked and running in all directions without knowing our fate…..

    • Kashif

      Shakeel sahab,

      I’ve spent over 20 years in Saudi Arabia. I grew up there and I can safely say that the Muslim ‘Ummah’ places its sects/groups before Islam. The Middle Eastern Muslim states call themselves Arabs before they call themselves Muslims. They even initiated an “Arabization”; gradual replacement of expatriates from good/well-paying jobs and positions with Arabs, then Saudi Arabia started “Saudization”. They didn’t care about their “Muslim Brothers”. And did I mention that the first targets of this Saudization were Pakistanis? And regarding this issue, no one did a thing. Hell, even Saudi Arabia didn’t react to this and my sisters and father could access that page just fine till one of the page admin’s IDs were hacked.

      Fact is, we’re not even remotely strong enough to deal with these blasphemous people yet, and if we continue to call each other “non Muslims” or unIslamic, it’ll just set us back by another 100 years. The problem is our people’s rationale here. Rather than protesting in a way that can actually harm those idiots, i.e. by deactivating your Facebook account ourselves, we went up and had it censored, along with tons of other sites, most of which weren’t even related to blasphemous content.

      Just a few hours ago, one of my associate’s blog was blocked off for containing blasphemous content. All she had up on her blog were random posts about the political situation of Pakistan and a few articles/updates about the bans; and tons of personal posts as well as some random polls, none of which was blasphemous.

      The international community is looking at us Muslims, Pakistanis, as a bunch of illiterate idiots who are making an issue out of this with senseless protests. They don’t see this as a proper protest because things were not taken forward in a way that they would understand.

      The real problem is that we act without proper contemplation. I’m enraged at those caricatures too but this isn’t the way to show your disgust. They simply wont care and they would gladly continue this to keep us preoccupied with our protests that aren’t accomplishing anything rather than doing something more meaningful and perhaps suing them legally.

      Now answer two questions here, infact, I want everyone to answer these questions.
      1. What effect has this ‘ban’ aka censorship had on Facebook and the international community so far?
      2. Did it stop them from conducting their ‘day’ and did it stop people from drawing those cartoons?
      3. Did you do anything about the caricatures and such blasphemous websites that have been around for ages, before this situation erupted?

  • محمد طارق راحیل

    عیسائیوں اور یہودیوں کی ویب سے بچیئے
    مسلمان بنیئے مسلمانوں کے بنیئے
    مسلمانوں کو فوقیت دیجئیے
    پاکستانی فیس بک
    مکمل پاکستانی ویڈیو ویب
    جہاں ان لمیٹیڈ سائز کی ویڈیوز لوڈ اور شیئر کی جا سکتی ہیں
    سرچنگ کے لئے گوگل کی جگہ

  • Muhammad Hassan Raza

    Pakistan have 2359620 users of Fkn Fackbook.
    Saudi Arab have 2267060 users.
    And see.. China, the biggest community have only 45760 users of Facebook. Wow! Chinese are more practical then wasting time on these kind of Bullshits.

    • Muhammad Hassan Raza

      Love Child or i think the SHIT of USA, israel have 2901260 fkn Facebook users.

  • LOG

    One should read this article and ask themselves “What would our Prophet (PBUH) had done if it would have happened to him? ”

  • Anonymous

    Thankyou LOG! U’ve opened my eyes! I belive we all are just putting the crap all around. Just think of a second. What will our prophet do if this has happened in front of him?

  • Jango

    70% of UNsocial, Gay, Taliban voters you mean?
    Please dont call yourself “Pakistan”.
    Its Insulting.

  • Rehan Bin Iftikhar

    It is a very sensitive issue and requires a very thoughtful and mature approach to address it. In my understanding, as I have explained it in my blog, the decision to ban facebook by Government of Pakistan was made in haste without assessing the outcome, Which, yet another time have given an opportunity to western media, controlled by hawkish elements of western society, to rise finger’s on our very existence. Almost all the influential media of the world have made headlines, giving maximum time, and have criticized Pakistan decision to ban facebook. As anticipated, they have launched a campaign against Pakistan, telling the world that no Muslim country other than Pakistan have imposed such ban hence trying to prove, look how easily Pakistan can be provoked, and is an influential threat to the world peace, where” freedom of expression” and “freedom of speech” is suppressed which is cruel, and is violation of basic human rights.

    What is required here, to understand the complexity of the issue and motives behind this devilish act. Without understanding this whole episode, we will never be able to counter it in the most appropriate manner.

    Do you really think that this act of evil in the name of “Freedom of Speech” is staged just to insult our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or is there another conspiracy waiting to be unfold. Is this the first time they have brought sanctity of our prophet to question. It all started with one caricature in a Danish newspaper by a Danish artist and gradually happened one after another and today more than 1500 artists and ordinary non Muslims stood to celebrate this event. In my eye, the axes of evil behind this play have much bigger plot. They are moving very cautiously and slowly to uncurtain the play. In fact, the basic purpose of staging such acts is to study Muslim reaction towards such incidents. They are assessing the maximum outburst of Muslims in worst case which is very significant for the final episode. It’s a pity that we “ignorant fools” are leaving no stone unturned to come up with their anticipated expectations. I hope that you will agree with me that, from the very first cartoon till today we have done nothing but staging protests, chanting slogans, damaging our own property and slogans to boycott west. I am unable to understand what we have achieved by doing so, nothing but laughs. I am rather a bit Skeptical that most of the participants on this forum would agree but I see things like this.

    Even on the highest intellectual level we experience lack of wisdom and for the reason we have failed to confront this issue on literary grounds. Over the years I have not noticed even a single significant action, taken by Muslim Umma, collectively to prevent such incidents happening in future. Yes, in individual capacities one might notice some work done which is not fruitful as it lack a collective effort based on true teaching of Islam projecting its true sprite.
    Let us ask a question? Have we behaved and taken the issue in the manner our beloved prophet would have taken it. Answer is “NO”. He would have ignored all this and would have invited such people to embrace Islam by virtue of his deeds. The two examples of our prophet’s life are very significant in this regard.

    1. His visit to Taif
    2. The old lady who use to throw rubbish on him.

    During his visit to Taif he was stoned by non Muslims to an extent that his shoes went red with blood and Hazarat jabraeel came to take is permission to destroy these people and make them an example for the world, but he replied that My prayer and request to God is that please show them the right path so they can embrace Islam, and as of me I forgive them as they are ignorant.

    Secondly, an old lady who hate him use to throw garbage on him while he prays. One day she did not throw the garbage on him, our beloved Prophet (PBUH) went her to seek the reason and found her sick. He treated her and she was so impressed by the good deeds of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that she apologized from him and embraced Islam.

    These two tiny incidents leave us the question, where we stand?. I think if as Muslims, we understand only these two examples set for us by him, we can make a difference.

    I will conclude by saying that on Wikipedia there is a list of 100 most influential people ever existed and on the top is our Prophet Muhammad(pbuh). Even after 1400 years he still is the most influential personality of mankind, even his worst enemies cannot deny this.
    This leaves us with a question “Where we stand as his followers”?.

    • Rubiax

      i totaly agree…such stepx(permanent banx nt d temporary 1x) jux paintx a conservative pikchure of islam in front of d wrld..inspite islam teaches us tolerance n jux provex dat our religion teachex us xtremixm vich ix absolutely nt a true …
      wese b our PROPHET(S.A.W.W)standx far above dn dexe logon k kch kehne ya krne se hmare PROPHET(S.A.W.W)ki shaan me koi kami nhe aai ga..

  • Rubiax

    wel i say pakistan should concentrate to ban xtremixm nt on d thingx lyk facebook/youtube etc..

    fr supppose if PTA blockx FB 4eva, d whole flux wl b shiftd on odr social forumx and i think there xistx almost every comunity on evry forum, so if sum odr tym if dey again do d same thing on doxe forumx dn wot wl PTA do??? block awl doxe sitex also…??
    nw if yu jux go to google n write prophet muhammed, it wl b displaying millionx of blashphemous pikx…y itx nt been blockd yet,although itx running a gr8 tym b4 d FB event…??

    i think blocking such websitex prmennantly wl take pakistan back in d STONE AGEx..
    wel m nt supportin FB, m jux sayin blocking FB prmanently ix nt d solution to everything..

    And itx jux uxeless to ban FB ne further wen it hax deleted dat link wich was d bone ov contention..(if really it hax done so)…

  • Simply wanna remark on few general things, The website pattern is perfect, the articles is real great : D.