Another Down: Twitter [Maybe] is showing “This Site is Restricted” message to many users across the country, however, we couldn’t confirm official stance from PTA on twitter’s ban.

There are some 1150 plus websites banned in the crackdown against blasphemous content that has been available across the internet.

It merits mentioning here that Twitter is also widely used through third party applications through Twitter API. In this method users are not required to log-in on Twitter’s website.

Facebook, Youtube, Flickr are amongst other main victims of the collective shot down by PTA.

Update: We are told that Twitter is snipping in and out on various ISPs. It can be a temporary ban like what it happened with Google yesterday.

Update: As mentioned above, Twitter is repeatedly snipping in and out on some ISPs. A fellow on TGP just mentioned that only certain lists are banned, not the whole Twitter.

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  • Ahmed

    This is simply overreaction by the authorities.

    Hum aur hamari joshili awan…

    • Terrorist

      I agree

  • Tanveer Akhtar

    Its Confirmed !!!
    Aamir Bhaii
    Facebook Not Yet Takes Down Controversial Page
    Facebook only block that page for Pakistan

  • Usman Khan

    Twitter should also be banned. The day we start banning these international websites local websites will emerge and we will be able to flourish the IT industry of Pakistan.

    • “Windows and Linux should be banned. The day we start banning these international operating systems local operating systems will emerge and we will be able to flourish the IT industry of Pakistan.”

      • Maria

        there are websites owned by muslims like
        n yes both of you are right…we PAkistani’s ev got enough talent but we never get the chance to show it to the world this is the time we can show how much capable we are we can make our own search engines & social websites :)

      • Maria

        both of yew are right….there are some websites owned by muslims
        we PAkistani’s ev got enough talent but we never get the chance to show it to the world this is the time we can show how much capable we are we can make our own search engines & social websites:D

        • Originative

          bro is not a Pakistani or Muslim owend site it and secondly it is not a search engine it just block certain word it is mashup and it not avaliable to date

          and rest of site you mention … did you open it ? i cant able to do that… :)

    • MOin

      hey monkey head.. if we ban all international websites there will be no internet for us right? so we should disconnect our cables and make a massive and exclusive pakistani LAN network where loosers like you can play doom multiplayer with other pakistani’s. got mind?

  • Ali Ahmad

    Roger… Thanks :-)

    I hope it won’t last long

  • Terrorist

    WTF! Why dont they ban the whole internet then

  • nameless

    Its accessible.
    They havn’t put it down.

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website is working. It was a glitch like what happened to yesterday.

  • Danish

    Honestly speaking apart from the cartoons i see other political motives behind banning of facebook and twitter (if banned) by pakistani govt.

  • WordLife

    Please don’t panic. is working

  • Crazy

    Hey, there was this international blog which i was going through and was surprised to find out that those people are themselves just fedup of that stupid fb!

    It said that-If you’re jumping on the quitting-Facebook bandwagon, then have we got a website for you:

    The site asks that, “if you agree that Facebook doesn’t respect you, your personal data or the future of the Web” then you may want to join in quitting Facebook on May 31, the date it has declared as the official “Quit Facebook Day”.


    • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

      Interesting. So maybe facebook is a FAD?

  • Muhammad Qaiser Abbas

    oh Twitter is still working my dear…..

  • living on the edge

    i can’t use twitter it says This Site is Restricted?

  • twitter is working correct. its not blocked.

  • Maria

    twitter is working correctly its just like wikipedia & google going on & off.

  • living on the edge

    yup its working fine now thanks for your help!

  • Maria

    i think i am following your comment policy then why are u deleting my comments??

    • admin

      Unfortunately, its ProPakistani that decides the definition of appropriate and in-appropriate comment.

      But we assure you that we are doing our best to bring the voice of community. Thousands of readers will second this.

      You were posting proxy websites, thus encouraging the users to violate the ban that is endorsed by the court, GoP and people of Pakistan.

      • Maria

        okay i won’t post it again

        • admin

          Thanks : – )

  • Saeed

    Now they blocked Opera mini also someone please confirm it

    • admin

      yea, that’s correct

      • Maria

        its working :S

        • eAhmadNowaz

          Nope, its not :(

  • Irum Khan

    twitter is out for me on ptcl at the moment.

    • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

      Nope, working fine here.


  • MOin

    I don’t get this ban thing.. why they need to ban inappropriate websites, websites which don’t even cover news and focus on web apps like i talked to the owner of this HUGE tech blog that what did they mention that pissed PTA and they told me ‘nothing’ at all like that in fact they are against Draw Day.. because founder and co-founders are all Muslim.

    What i want to say is.. Personals working behind our sensitive institutes like PTA are either mentally retarded, irresponsible or illiterate people.

    • lifeh2o

      Who the hell blocked, it always talk about software, technology etc…
      What is wrong with this website?
      how to contact PTA to unblock this website

  • Abdullah

    WTF!!! twitter is not working here> Im in KHI

  • محمد طارق راحیل

    عیسائیوں اور یہودیوں کی ویب سے بچیئے
    مسلمان بنیئے مسلمانوں کے بنیئے
    مسلمانوں کو فوقیت دیجئیے
    پاکستانی فیس بک
    مکمل پاکستانی ویڈیو ویب
    جہاں ان لمیٹیڈ سائز کی ویڈیوز لوڈ اور شیئر کی جا سکتی ہیں
    سرچنگ کے لئے گوگل کی جگہ

  • Ronan

    I seriously think we need something other than these crappy social networks to channelize our energies… We are people with heaps of time to waste..

  • asif arif mumtaz

    i agree with ronan social networking takes too long and i dont care if they ban fb – just leave us a choice if we want to network on other site – i dont but know too many who do so let them, just not on fb.

  • lifeh2o

    What the hell is wrong with that it is simple website that is all about software and technology. Why PTA banned this website????????
    Why is resitricted

  • visit karain asal site yeh hai