Another Down: Twitter [Maybe] is showing “This Site is Restricted” message to many users across the country, however, we couldn’t confirm official stance from PTA on twitter’s ban.

There are some 1150 plus websites banned in the crackdown against blasphemous content that has been available across the internet.

It merits mentioning here that Twitter is also widely used through third party applications through Twitter API. In this method users are not required to log-in on Twitter’s website.

Facebook, Youtube, Flickr are amongst other main victims of the collective shot down by PTA.

Update: We are told that Twitter is snipping in and out on various ISPs. It can be a temporary ban like what it happened with Google yesterday.

Update: As mentioned above, Twitter is repeatedly snipping in and out on some ISPs. A fellow on TGP just mentioned that only certain lists are banned, not the whole Twitter.

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