Bangladesh Going 3G in August 2010

Bangladesh’s Post and Telecommunications Minister has confirmed that the country will offer 3G licenses by the end of August, although the exact method allocating the licenses is still being worked out by the regulator.

“Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is formulating required guidelines which will set the process for awarding 3G licenses,” Minister Razi Uddin Ahmed Raju told the Chinese Xinhua news agency. Although the details are still being worked out, an official confirmed that there would be at least four licenses made available.

The country has been promising to award 3G licenses since 2008, although political issues with the transition of the government was held responsible for most of the delay.

Via Cellular News

  • hey admin is there is any news about 3G in pakistan ?

  • Abrar

    Hamara number bhi khabi na khabi a hi jaye ga …

  • hashi

    @ Abrar U Saying right
    Conrag Bangladesd

  • Pakistani Minister shud think dat Bangladesh was always far behind in he technology but know they r going 2 Launch 3G.Pakistan government shud think on it.

  • SK

    Srilanka and india me 3G Launched hochuka ab bangladesh me b hoNe wala hay, Afghanistan me jub 4G Launched hoga tho shayad Tub Hamari Govr. Sharam k marey 3G Launch kardayn…..

  • The Truth

    Why would you want 3g – it will corrupt us, and we will probably ban it eventually. let’s stick to being simple people and not get ahead of ourselves !

  • jahangir

    well said the Truth :) 3G sercvice say baht bay hayie bharay gi :)

  • Kashif

    people like “the truth” and “jahangir” are the reason why we are far behind than our neighbours in the field of technology, you can misuse anything and everything its up to you how you utilize 3G, the video calling feature could be used to have chat-chat with girls or you could use it to help people far away from you…..unfortunately people like you always go for the neg use…be creative…3g will bring alot of ease for many of us….sky is not the limit!!!

  • Yasir Latif

    Be positive man The Truth and Jahangir…. what are you talking about… if you think in a positive way then you can acknowledge 3G technology etc. otherwise, there is no benefit of any kind of technology which we are currently using.

  • jahangir

    i m totally agree with u brother :) but i know na sirf 20% usefull work main use hoga rest 80% will used for crap thing saab ko pata hai ankhain band karnay ka koi faida nahi and i m not against of 3g technology but just telling u my point of u and it dosent mean kay app loog ais pay agree karoo wesay bhi meray sochnay ya na sochnay say kya hota hai :P hamaray misnister ko pata he nahi 3g hota kya hai .

  • omer

    world is moving towards 4g. by 2013 most of the nations will have it. by the time we will have 3g , 3g will obsolete.

    we should skip 3g and move directly to 4g now

  • Qasim

    Very Bad PTA Very Bad………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  • Ali Asghar

    This is realy frustrating, just collect money from peoples of all status, putting 21% taxes, way way back telenor was the first to introduce EDGE in Pakistan, everyone would have though we are on our way to move forward very fast, thn nothing, the peoples at the top are the real enemies who dont wanna see Pakistan develop, and thus they are so far successful to create a full stop in further development of Pakistan in technology. So they also assured “forget 3G in Pakistan” so u people forget it and look forward to pay some more taxes and etc.

  • Adeel Khan

    Hi All,

    If 3G license is issued then it will result in the demise of PTCL because PTCL shall lose it’s monopolistic stand in the internet provision untill and unless PTCL redevice the strategy to gain competitive edge.

    I think PTCL is related someway to PTA and that’s why 3G License is not issued because the money generated from PTCL is going directly/indirectly in the pocket of PTA.

    3G license will lead to drastic increase in quality and competition, while substantial decrease in price. Huge benefit to ultimate consumer conversely strong benefit to service providers as of now.

    That’s why this is the best chance for PTCL and PTA to ROB Pakistani nation. We should all understand that fact and ask PTA strictly what that bull shit! is going on? A strongest PETITION can be raised against PTA to exploit the Pakistani Nation.

  • Fahad Khan

    oh bhai o kis chakar mein par gaye ho pakistan mein sirf aik g tha aik g hy aur aik g hi rhay ga woh g hy Yes Sir G.

  • Nazim

    Han G.
    Thik hai G.
    Bilkul G.

  • Kia Baat Hai G :P

  • Hassan

    telecommunication componies said that only few people need 3g in pakistan, we will be in great loss if we intorduce 3g in Pakitsan…..! forget about it untill 2014 bcz in 2013 ptcl’s contract with governament will also ends…..Acording to that contract PTA has no right to isue any sort of new netowrk lisence as 3g is also a new one so PTA cannot and actully Etsilat of uae is responsible of it bcz PTcz is under their control……! forget it till 2014