Ufone Introduces Youth Package

Ufone has today introduced a new package dubbed as “Youth Package”, narrated as Uth.

Following the footstep of Glow and Djuice, now Ufone has special offerings for the youth of the country. However, we can’t term Youth as a brand here.

If we look at tariffs, something that is really crucial amongst youth, they are only good for FNF numbers and night calls. Otherwise, normal rates for on-net and off-net are pretty high. Daily deduction of Rs. 1 may also annoy the youth – but they might love Rs. 2 for 300 text messages a day offer.

Other attractions include on-net night calls at Rs. 1 per 30 seconds and free call after 2 minutes, meaning that Rs. 4 per hour. Outgoing MMS are Rs. 1 per 64 KB message. Receiving MMS is free like any other Ufone package.

Following are complete details:

  • Daily Charges are Rs. 1 plus tax
  • Package selection will cost you Rs. 10 plus tax
  • You can have 5 FNF numbers of Ufone, PTCL or combination of both
  • Free calls after 2 minutes during nights are only for Ufone to Ufone calls
  • Maximum call duration can be 59:59 minutes

How to Subscribe:

Dial 444 to subscribe to Ufone Youth Package

Ufone’s official comment on this package:

Mr. Akbar Khan  Chief Marketing Officer Ufone said that this package has been created specifically for the Pakistani youth keeping in view all that our youth wants. Ufone’s launch of its Uth package is going to bring the Pakistani youth an amazing & unmatchable bouquet of offers and surprises which will delight our youth and offer them a cost effective package which is sure to bring a smile on their faces.

Update: Ufone Uth Package is updated with free on-net calls after first two minutes

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • fazee

    glow ki copy lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Omeer Zia

      Ufone ne copy to ki magar, that’s nice k kuch behter to dia… J

      • Aasim Tariq

        u are right

    • Azeem khan

      Highy Sapeed

  • Muhammad Haris

    There should not be daily charges and its only attraction is FNF charges otherwise … nothing new as such ….


    • Rameez Bakhtiar

      Warid glow 2.0 bhee charge kar raha hai Rs. 1per day?

      • Badar


    • ayesha


  • Amir.K


    • seher

      bhai reject kyun kiya

      • Khalid Ahmed

        Kion ky accept nahe kia na :p

      • Khalid Ahmed

        Kion ky accept nahe kia na :p

  • ali

    koi khas package ni ha yar i think

    • Ifra Rayaan

      “tum mein kuch khas hai’ J ali i will enjoy call free after 2 minutes. Isn’t it new ;)

      • Zeesh

        ahan then call me immediately n enjoy the call after 2 mintzz :PPP

      • Usmanullah

        sir please tell me what is FNF . i think that it means that friends and family. but i want to know that what is friends and family . it needs any settings or any call to ufone office . plase reply me . my number is 03135772566 . sir i shall be thank full to you .and please give me some information about uth pacakge . i have got much information but i am not satistied . thank you.

        • safna

          sary bakvas hn bs siraf paisy kamany k liy ye sb karty hn aur hamy dhoka karny k liy ok.

          • intizar

            u r right.

          • all is well ha yar.pakistan ma

  • ali

    aamir bhai night packages mobile companies ka ban ni ho gay thay.????
    yah us pay amal-dramd ni hova plz reply me

  • Jawad Ali

    Rejected ! Glow Rox..

  • umer khan

    flop package. warid glow is far better than this…. Warid glow roxxxxxx…….

  • zubair

    اس سے تو بہتر تھا پوسٹ پے پکیج میں سے سیکورٹی ڈپازٹ اور انواؤس چارجس ختم کر دیتا

  • Farhad

    The youth or i guess its Uth package has the cheapest SMS rates for heavy SMS users. If i am not wrong than it is 300 SMS daily for only 1.99 rupees only.

    • Sanam Janjua

      Yes farhad u r rite, uth package hs the cheapest sms rates for bulk users like me… Enjoying UTH

  • Sameer

    glow is costly in manners of msgs n week days cal rates. although m user of glow bt i’m loving Ufone.

    • Shehzad

      Glow mehenga par raha hai sameer. Lets go party and join Ufone uth. I ve requstd Ufone thru mnp. Ufone tum hi to ho… mein aa raha hoon!!!

  • Ayesha

    msg n cal rates r more economical than golw & djuice.
    Soch hai aapki

    • Ayub

      mobilink ki kia bat hay.

      • habib ali

        jazz is best…

    • g ap na sahe kaha

    • salam…plz tell me about uth package sms offer.. it will cost charges other than daily charge? or not.. and how many sms are free by this package

  • Farah naeem

    Glow is very much expensive… glow is the earning machine for warid.. they didnt even offer their MMS package on glow…only good thing about warid was their MMS. but on Glow they even withdraw that. Night hourly package is nothing new. n wht else is in glow?? i dn’t know. not even a single thing….

  • waqar hussain

    thank you ufone for giving low price MMS, bus yhi kami thi ufone mai aur ufne ny wo bi pori kar di.

  • zahoor ali

    wow…whole week….day time,,,hourly package,,,great….ufone rox

  • Adam.Ali82

    Rs 1 per 30 sec for on-net and Rs 1.25 per 30 sec for other networks…

    Are they fvcking with us?

    Thats dam expensive…

    • Imran

      But what about the cheapest late night rates to all ufone numbers and hourly FnF rates for 7 days a week. What about hourly FnF rates for PTCL numbers. What about the chepeast SMS rates of Rs 1.99/Day

  • Zubair

    Ufone new package main friends and family 2.99 per ghanta and 7 days a week available hain jabkay Warid Glow is 2.99 per ghanta on weekends only. Hhhhhmmmm

  • faizan

    wow….well who told thats a copy of glow?? well i have two sims activated at a time. one of ufone and one is glow…but ufone is much better than glow…glow sy tu call karta hua hi dar lagta hay k jitna bi paisa hain sab urh jana hain..well i’m thinking of turning glow off now..wasa bi nobody in my gathering has warid…thank u ufone

  • Ayesha

    i think this is the most attractive package i hv seen. everything is in it. msgs, mms, long calls thru out the week. Mzay aa jeyeing gay. Muuahhhh Ufone! LOVE U

    • Rizwan

      Daily charges RS 1.20
      mufti kay paysay dayi jao ufone ko

    • Glow is Glow yaar mujy koe bata dey hy ky Uth Pakag 0 33 44 33 86 87

    • Shaheryar Khan

      ayesha koon c package ka bool rahi thee tum uth ful time mufta ki baat ker rahi the kia mujha samaj nahi aya is packg ka i want to change kia kerow samaj nahi aaraha kuch

  • AA

    Aamir Bhai, since everyone is comparing UTH & GLOW. Kindly publish analysis of both for better understanding users.


  • Ahmed Butt

    i have a question… whats the future of super call offer? is dafa 31 may k bad dobara reactivate hoga ya khatam ho jaye ga hamesha k liye?

  • Muhammad Zeeshan

    Anyone seen the tv ad of this youth offer i just seen it on youtube its very interesting check it out guys…

    • ali

      yar link send karo na add ka?

  • zahoor ali

    ufone no doubt, has fulfilled all of its customers’ desires in this package. thank you ufone

  • Zumiya Furqan

    Ufone Leaked Youth Ad on Youtube…i have seen this its grt

    • Faheem

      Dear plz tell me about Uphone ghanta afer without daily charges.

  • ali

    hahahah nice yar…………… yah onair kab tak ho ga

    • Omeer Zia

      Class hai yarr!!!!!!

  • Ifra Rayaan

    Larkey ki acting ki apni hi batt hai yaar…
    Thanks to Ufone, we are smiling always …

    • ayyan

      plz tell me about youth pkg?fast

      • safna

        bakvasssssss hnnnnnnnnnnnn…..

  • SID

    well ….
    i also use u fone

    subha 9 se raat 12 baje tk 1 rupee + tax….. matlb din mai baat krna ho tou ho gaya kaam…..

    raat 12 se subha 9 bje tk peh 2 mint tak 1 rupee per 30 sec pay kro means Rs 4 … than u ll get it free, yara 4 ya 5 rupe ghanta tou already package hai he naaaaaaaaaaaa….

    OMO Rs 1.25 wo bhi per 30 sec…. ho gay kaaaam

    Fnf …. hhmmm attractive

    sms n mms also attractive……….

    daily uth also attractive….

    it is better for conditionally…. normally tou kaam ho jy ga bhaiiiii

  • zahoor ali

    ufone is as great as always……ufone is unmatchable…..any other company not even close.

  • mubashar

    well, i think this package is specifically for youth. u had a good analysis.. bt ap ny tu har jaga kaam karva diya hay. bt in my view, wht does youth need?? Hourly package, SMS, & MMS….
    i see all of these things in this package, awesome..everybody is comparing this wid glow..lets do it…glow has hourly package, weely sms package..hmmm Good…bt MMS…God…i liked glow bt let it go for No MMS…bt i think Rs. 1 for MMS..nice…i’m going for Youth..Ufone Roxxx

  • Hameed

    Uth is nice package. Heat in on now among Ufone, Glow and Dejuice. It seems to be Twenty 20 triangular series. customer will get better services at low rates. This is good for all. Ufone has bowled a swinger yorker which is right on block whole of Dejuic and Glow.

    Very few people might be knowing Glow compaign is 100% copied of Sunsilk campaign which was run in India in the of “Gang of Girls”

  • Ayesha

    i jst saw the ad , it’s great. ufone is always so innovative n classy. wonderful job by keeping the ppl with smile by tv ads.



  • Ali Hassan

    Uth package i very very good. i like it very much and subscribed it. I Love Ufone

  • Waheb

    Ufone chaa gy ho app mjy aisay packag ka bohat arsay se intazar tha sara din aur sari rat sirf 2.99/h main bat kr skta hoon main ab ufone fnf pe. thanks a lot ufone for giving this amazing youth packag love u always…..

  • syed naqi abbas

    kan tota pakg ha kuch khas nhi is mein sb se best jazz ha.03007562162

  • jony

    Daily 1rupee deduction really annoying

  • Its Good but not better than Warid Postapid My5 or Ufone Solid Offer

  • eAhmadNowaz

    Fazool, Bakwassssss

    After activation of SMS bucket, daily charges will go 3.56 PKR. MMS offer is quite attractive:)

  • nabeel

    now ufone has put charges on mms receiving again

  • zaffar

    We, the Pakistanis have some particular mindset and watch all the things under that psyche. If we perceive something as good than its good no matter what reasoning the other person have. Same is the case with our attitude towards mobile companies. In the above comparison, No body has noticed that for Youth package one has to pay Rs90(30 for daily Charges+60 for daily SMS charges)+tax with out making a single call. Youth totally ignored weekly or monthly SMS Bundles. Also the highest call rate on Glow is 0.89+tax(all other rates are less than that) for off-net calls where as in youth case is 1.25+tax. For comparison, Glow rates are posted.
    Call rates(Rs.) Weekdays Weekends
    Peak Off-Peak Peak Off-Peak
    On-net 0.79 0.69 0.69 0.69
    Off-net 0.89 0.89 0.89 0.89
    GLOW Unlimited SMS Bundles
    Enjoy 250 SMS at Rs.2.99/day
    Enjoy 700 SMS at Rs.6.99/week
    In the end we can say that Youth has some good option but it not extra ordinary and will definitely increase the monthly bill of user. Glow wasn’t that bad but Warid make it after increasing various indirect charges like FNF addition, package change etc. Kindly give inputs on the comparison. Thanks

    • Adam.Ali82

      and not to mention that all regular calls would be 1.25 / 30 sec for offnet and Rs 1 / 30 sec for on net in addition to Rs. 1 daily charges…

      Thats obsurd.

  • Fahad

    Ufone Youth Ko Pagal Samaj Raha hay … BAKWAS PAKAGE HAY SAY NO TO DAILY CHARGES

  • kamran

    we are very happy

  • Raghib

    Daily charges ne poray package ko kharab kar dia… Ooh no yar!!! 30 rupees monthly!!! simple glow package is better then uth package and glow 2.0

  • shehreyar

    ufon ka uth packg os sorat me bilkol sahi he jb daily chargs ko khatm kia jaey,daily chargs k sath es packg ka maza bilkol nahi he

  • Aamir waqas

    Ufone is always better than others so keep using ufone tum he to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ayesha

    ufone is better coz daily sms charges n FnF call rates r lower and it makes us ease to call in the morning also, without waiting for the mid night. But other mobile networks make condition much strict. If you are to call in the day time, would to like to wait till mid night times. Surely not. every one is doing business, but on the whole Ufone is meeting with the public demands well.

    • Amjad Ali

      hi’Ayesha how are tou

    • rana

      U r right aysha

      • seher

        but i think u r right

  • Yagbu Team

    Ufone server hacked

    Enjoy PTA!

  • stranger

    glow is better than this
    calling OMO is much expensive and also sms rates are now same yar on all the networks, and daily 1Re deduction , that really sux


  • Usama

    Loagon soch hai aap ki!!! Uth package cha gaya hai. Aap loag yahan larein mein tau Uth ki incredible offer puri tarhan enjoy kar raha hoon

  • mubashar

    Well, everybody is comparing Uth with Glow. Ok, Let me compare it with glow, Djuice, mobilink, whtever, just name it. and then u decide.

    Lowest SMS Rates Rs 0.20/SMS or 300 SMS for Rs 1.99/Day

    Glow charges Rs 0.25/SMS. Uth charges Rs 0.20/SMS

    Glow allows 200 SMS for Rs 2.99/Day. Uth allows 300 SMS for Rs 1.99/Day

    Djuice allows 200 SMS for Rs 1.99/Day but on packages with higher daily service charge of Rs 1.99/Day or more. Uth allows 300 SMS for Rs 1.99/Day and the daily service charge on this package is Rs 1/Day which is much less then Djuice.

    Mobilink allows 500 SMS for Rs 3.99/Day, where as Uth offer 300 SMS for half the price of Rs 1.99/Day

    Zong allows 500 SMS for Rs 3.99/Day, where as Uth offer 300 SMS for half the price of Rs 1.99/Day.

    This is the SMS comparison, which shows Uth is the best package ever introduced in the Pakistan telecom industry.

  • AyEsHa

    Hereeeee I go. Customer kay pass choice hay that he can subscribe to the sms bundle or not. If the customer doesn’t subscribe, he can send SMS at very low rate of Rs 0.20/SMS as compared to Rs 0.25/SMS of GLOW. If he wants to send a lot of SMS, he can use Uth SMS bundle of Rs 1.99/Day giving 300 SMS. This is the lowest priced daily SMS bucket in market and will cost subscriber Rs 0.006/SMS. No other operator offers such a low SMS rate on Daily SMS Bundle.

  • mubashar

    Now lets take a look at the on net call rate comparison of Uth and glow, Djuice, Zong, Mobilink.

    All U-U calls free after 2 minutes from 12:00am-9:00am:

    ==> Uth package has free calls after two minutes from midnight till 9 am on all Ufone to Ufone calls. ==> Glow only offers hourly late night rates on 5 FnF Warid numbers. ==> In case of Uth, you can make calls to unlimited number of ufone numbers at above mentioned special rates.

    ==> DJuice only offer hourly late night rates on 5 FnF Telenor numbers.==> In case of Uth, you can make free calls after two minutes to unlimited number of ufone numbers.

    ==> Mobilink offers hourly late night rate of Rs3.99/hr to Mobilink numbers only and also against a very high daily service charge of Rs 2.99/Day.==> On Uth package, you can enjoy free calls after two minutes against Rs 1/Day which is 1/3 of Mobilink’s.

    ==> Zong offers hourly late night rates to Zong numbers between 12:am-7:am.==> With Uth, you can make free calls after two minutes beyond 7am that is from 12:00am-9:00am. Two more hours and when one is likely to be awake!
    Wht do u say?? others are not even close to Uth.

    • my name QUMAR QNS from layyah.
      my cell no. 03436182390

  • Rafi

    arey bhaio warid glow iss sai acha hai iss k call rates other network par 1.25 +t /30sec hai jab k glow main .85/30 sec hai.tho ab batawo dosto konsa acha howa.

  • mubashar

    agar abi tak kisi ki tasali nai hoi aur wo Glow Glow karna chata hay tu let me show u, wht the Uth is really about…Is there any Company who is offering a hourly call package in day time for the all seven days of a week…..???
    i dn’t see anyone until ufone comes up with Uth.

    All FnF(Ufone+PTCL) Calls at Rs 2.99/Hour between 12:00am-5:00pm at Uth

    Uth package is the only package that allows a lowest rate of Rs2.99 from 12am till 5pm for all 7 days of the week.

    ==>Uth package has all calls to 5 FnF numbers (Ufone+PTCL) at Rs 2.99/hour from 12:00am-5:00pm. ==>Glow offers Rs 2.99 to 5 FnF only Warid numbers till 5:00 pm but ONLY on Weekends(Sat, Sun) .
    ==>>In case of Uth, you can call at Rs2.99 for 7 days a week.

    ==>Glow only allows Warid Friends and Family for Rs 2.99 Rate.
    ==>On Uth, you can call to as many as 5 PTCL Friends and Family numbers also or any combination of 5 Ufone and PCL numbers.

    ==>DJuice offers Rs 3.5 to 5 FnF numbers till 5:00 pm against a high daily charge of Rs 1.99/Day .
    ==>In case of Uth, you can call at just Rs2.99 with only Rs 1.0/Day .

    ==>DJuice charges Rs 0.50/30 Sec for 5 FnF numbers after 5:00 pm.
    ==>Uth package charges Rs 0.45/30 Sec for 5 FnF numbers after 5:00 pm.

    ==>Glow offers the most expensive FnF rate of Rs 0.61.
    ==>Even at peak time, Uth offers FnF rate of Rs 0.45 which is the lowest FnF rate among all mobile companies!

    ==>DJuice allows only Telenor Friends and Family numbers for Rs 3.5/hour Rate.
    ==>On Uth, you can call to Ufone as well as PTCL Friends and Family numbers at Rs 2.99/hour from 12am till 5pm every day!

    ==>Mobilink does not allow any hourly rate to its Friends and Family numbers after 7am.
    ==>Uth offers it from 12am to 5pm longest hourly calling time.

    ==>Zong doesnt not allow any hourly rate to its Friends and Family numbers during day time.
    in short, it means Uth is the best package on FnF as well along with sms and on net.

  • Farhad

    The Uth Package charges Rs 1/Day daily service charge for 2 reasons.

    Reason # 1 would be that subscribers can call 5 friends & family numbers at Rs 2.99 per hour till 5 pm during the day and that too for 7 days a week.

    GLOW only allows subscribers to call at Rs 2.99 per hour during day time on Saturday and Sunday which makes only 2 days in a week. All other packages which allow hourly rates during day time for 7 days a week charge up to Rs 6 per Day WHEREAS Uth is only charging Rs 1 per Day.

    Reason # 2 would be that subscriber can make free calls after 2 minutes to any ufone number during night time WHEREAS GLOW only allows Rs 2.99 per hour to friends & family numbers during night time. It is basically 5 friends & family of Warid vs unlimited nos of Ufone.

    I think this is the best offer ever in the history of telecom in Pakistan.

  • mubashar

    @rafi kya cheez ho…itni detail sy samjhaya phir bi samj nai aya…Uth package ka jo maqsad hay wo yh .3 rs nai…uska focus youth pa hay n youth is the one who is gonna have it..mai ny tu karva liya hay n i enjoyed a lot it today..ufone ny solid offers and super call offer close karni ki compensation da sii…infact name doesn’t make a different..it is same super call and solid offers and most important, it is not limited time as it is a package not a offer…so i means it is here to stay always…thank u ufone

  • parizada

    Rs. 1 daily deduction doesn’t even matter…..jis ny din mai aur raat mai 2,3 hour baat karni ha…wht difference does this Rs 1 make any way…n Glow..dnt even talk about it…i hate glow because of it Rs. 10 limit..if u have less than Rs. 10 in ur balance….u can’t even make a call or even send a single sms…Glow suxx…Uth roxx

  • dats nice package…..hamary liye tum hi tou hooooooooo…..

  • Danish Siddiqui

    Ufone our national brand………….

  • Zohaib

    pakege tu acha hia
    pher activation charges kitney hian aur dubara uwon ana ho to?
    is main sms bundle offer avail hogi k nahi 80 main 8000 sms wali???

  • stranger

    and what about calling other mobile operators?

    glow is the only one offering 700 sms for only 7Rs only, and you can reactivate the package as many times as you want, glow is offering 10fnf members, and its new version you can call 5of your other mobile operator family members in only 61paisa per 30sec and also calling from uth to other mobiles operators is so expensive….


  • Usman Ihsan

    Yaar ye daily charges wali jhak na martay tu ye aik bahtareen package tha. though they could increase call charges a little which i might accept but this daily charges is a piece of shit. listen All telecom industry !!!! that any package which has daily charges kinda shit in it, does never gain fame in customers. if u dont believe then check all history of such packages in all companies. such daily charging packages remain their slogan but they dont earn from them.

    yes glow old is a great package. no company can beat it by applying daily charges. a soothing matter abt glow is that i can have in on my normal regular sim bcos it has no daily charges. but i cant have UTH package bcos it cuts 1 rupee just for doing nothing. it wud be a good package for lovers but not for business cum family personnels. but glow is for business cum family persons.

    still glow is unbeatable !!

  • stranger2

    @stranger…..i dn’t know wht makes u think that glow is good 4 sms…ohh plzz..u know wht….if ur weekly sms package is finished on glow before the end of the week, then either u’ll have to wait for the end of the week, coz weekly sms package will be reactivated automatically after one week by Glow…or we have to deactivate and then reactivate it again…means separate charges for reactivating and deactivating……thts wht u call glow…sh*t it better than glow.

  • rabi

    Uth is the best..thanks ufone

  • waqas

    ye sub bakwas he karty hain.
    in ko to bus logon ko lotnay ka bahana chahye.

  • majid


    • maria

      soo true man

  • rabi

    iss sy sasti sirf khamoshi :P ufone chaa gya

  • maria

    its gud…but daily charges really sux yarr..

  • Atif

    Super Call Offer will end on May 31st. You can enjoy this offer till Jun 30th for just Rs.30+Tax! Reply with Y on 130 before 3pm on May 31st to avail it. The renewal of this offer is for old active super call users new users can not avail that offer. Dear Amir bhai plz confirm this for other people i have done my duty. Thank u.

  • saba

    im saba said assalamualikum pkg bhut gud hy but bbut but FLOP HOJAE GA DALY CHaRJIZ ki wja se so warid glow is the bst no daly charjiz n d.r fre wth bal chek fre plz reply me u al gud persen

  • ayesha

    east of west, ufone is the best. Uth is an unmatchable package. every type of youth’s needs can b fulfilled thru it. n tag line is so innovative frm our daily routine. this is wt real mrketing is.


  • Saquib Ali Khuwaja

    Dear Friends,

    I am facing problems in activating Uth package, i have sent 22 to 444 for activation, had made thrice complains at Ufone Call Centre but no action has been taken yet,

    1) When i call at 363, IVR says your package does not have facility to call FNF.

    2) when i call 444 it says your current package is Uth.

    3) I called at Ufone HelpLine they said your Uth package has been successfully installed.

    4) I tried to sent SMS for subscribing daily sms bundle to 612, i received Message Sending Failed Error.

    Same is the case last time when i ported in to Ufone from Zong they deliberately entered wrong CNIC in to system and when i went to get duplicate sim they said no sim is issued against my CNIC, i filled form for correction, but issue was not resolved. Then finaly i made complain at PTA then they updated my CNIC number.

    Inshort Ufone Customer Services are not satisfactory…!!! they will loose their customers very soon, if they did not updated their customer services.

    if any one at ufone kindly help me in this regard… thanks

    • majid

      due to heavy subscription load on 444 thier are problems in pkg changng….it wud get resolved in almost nxt 48hrs as load goes down….

  • Waheb

    @maria Ufone youth pkg best ha dialy charges to service charges hain ab etny kam rates aur etni free calls krny k liy kuch tu dna paray ga na… app to chahty ho hr chez free ho.mjy koi aur telecome company bta do jo etny kam rates calls k aur sms k dti ho…

  • Waheb

    @saba wa alaikum o salam. app k liy b main yahi kaho ga k uth pkg k call rates aur sms package k samny yeh dialy charges kuch b nahi hain app mjy yeh bta k warid ka glow ka packg aisa ha kia entay kam rates mian aur ktny ganty free bat kr skty hain glow ka to koi b call pkg b etny hrs nahi dta calls k.

  • Arima

    youth package is the best of the best. LovE u Ufone.

  • Amina

    I love Ufone and uth package is greattttttttttt

  • rizwan

    how to select fnf numbers?? and their charges ?

  • Atif

    Yar i have read all the comments and make a decision that the voters of uth are much then glow so its simple that uth is far better then glow. And one more thing 6 month before warid beat ufone and got 3rd position in telcos ranking and after that ufone have introduced great packages and offers and in 1 or 2 months ufone gain back its 3rd position. On the other hand warid can not save his position.Note that warid allready had launched glow those days. So simpley by the majority decision of the voters Uth package is much better.Thank u.

  • ayesha


  • ahmad

    abay yr uth pkg k afmily num kaisay add krnay hain will ny bdy telllll mee plzzzzzzzzzzz?

  • saira

    bakwas poackage

  • Waqas Aziz

    Ufone, PLZ do something like this for UR POSTPAY USERS as well.

  • Aftab

    Ufine did copy of djuice but there call is costly in othernet and and daily Re1+tax is going to cost a lot. Djuice doesn’t have daily charges. and cheap onnet call than Ufone.

  • amjad

    wow…whole week….day time,,,hourly package,,,great….ufone rox
    Ufone is always better than others so keep using ufone tum he to!!!!!!!


    koee khass package nahee ha albata lovers k leeyai achaa khass kar students k leeyai.
    parents k toray paisay buch jayainai gayy


    Wah bhai wah ufone ny to kamal hi kar dya hy.


    Bhai sab network sirf awam ko baiwqof bana rahy hain. ki lagi hoi hy.wam bhok sy mar raha hy or in ko packages

  • farrukh

    bhai log agar ufone pasand ni to number swap krwa lo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Muhammad Yasir

    Ufone ka ye packg bohat acha hai. hamaysha he ufone ne koi acha packg diya hai,
    magar Mobilink packgs k hivaly say sub say ghattiya aur thaki hui compnay hai,
    Ladies first packg diya thha wo bi khatam kar diya , mein tou kehta hou Mobilink company ko ufone khatam kar day ga.
    Ufone tum he tou hou

  • amna

    how to add fnf nos plz tell me

    • Saquib Ali Khuwaja

      Call 363 from your Ufone number to add FNF numbers. One time activation cost Rs. 59.75 will be deducted from your balance.

  • usman elahi

    package is nice for only ufone numbers if your call rates to other mobile netwoks is equal to tension free call rates than this package is best of pakistan package. thanks best of wishies.

  • umar mengal

    bas theek hai magar dely sarvis charg,s its not fair.

  • hammad ahmed

    sir plz muje btao that how i make my fnf numbers because i want to do

  • Pak Telecom

    Ufone is a leading telecom company of Pakistan covering more than 40% share of Pakistani market in GSM cellular services. Ufone Uth package is unbeatable that provides lowest call rates than other networks.

  • Abdullah

    Sms Rs 1.99 Daily means Monthly Rs=1.99*30=59.7
    Daily Sms are 300 and Monthly sms are 300*30=9000
    Daily Charges Rs=1 means Monthly Charges Rs=1*30=300
    For choosing this package only for sms is stupidity bcz
    If we add Monthly Charges and Monthly sms
    It will cost 59.7+300=359.7 means we got 9000 Sms in 359.7 RS
    In other hand we can choose Normal ufone unlimited sms package
    In which we got 8000 Sms only in 80+tax ha ha ha
    Package is very nice if ufone remove daily charges :)

  • abdullah

    khas nahi. is se acha glow 1.0 hy aur daily charges b nahi + sat,sun b 2.25 rs per hour best hai.
    daily charges ne aur beqar karida uth pkge ko

  • Sham

    can any1 tell me how to set FNF numbrs? or will have to call sucking help line :D lol
    if any other way please let me knw asap thanks :)



  • Kashif03318306368

    Some thing is better than nothing guys


  • Kashif03318306368

    whats wrong with you guys?
    it is pakistan with Zardari’s govt, i guess u guys are looking for something free of cost how come? come on yar just take an advantage of what has been offered if any one still wants miracle he or she may go for walky talky.

    Enoy guys do not take it personal

  • tehseen

    warid glow z better than this
    ufone should improve its call rates per 30 sec in uth package and stop this daily charge of rs.1

  • RAYYAN +923326948125

    ufone walon ne to kamal hi ker diya international msg sirf 2.5o rupes …love u ufone

  • Imran

    Warid Glow best hay


    is main koi b daily deduction nahi hay.

    aur weekend pay pura din aur raat aap baat kar

    saktay hay sirf aur sirf 2.50 rupees per hour means

    janab 2.50rupees/60min

    ufone b aisa package dy to phir baat bany gi.

    haa haa haa hoo hoo

  • SK

    What Abt ZONG new Daily SMS ofFer 2ruphe me 500sms’s, Zong k samney sub Networks Tail hyn, Internet Pkg 2GB per MOnTH 200rupe plus tax. Jub k ufoNe 1.5GB pkg 500plus tax lol Warid,TelenOr, or mObilink ka tho naAm he mat lo inho ne tho aBi tak Internet pkgs diye he nahe, ZoNg freE pkg me dialy 1ruphe pkg charge, unlimiteD zoNg numberz adD karo or un pe rat 12am to 7am jitni cALZ karo 1 plus tax me parega and other zoNg numberz pe 4 ruphe per hour 12am to 7am, mms pkg chahiye tho 4ruphe sms dialy pkg use karo or zoNg freE pkg me 12pm to 2pm otherz zoNg numberz 4ruphee hourz, Tm sub ka djuice,Glow, and Uth sub fazoOl hay ZONG AND ZONG FREE pkg k samNey, NOTE: jo mobilink use karta hay wo pakistan ka sub se bada jahil insan hay, Thank Yu

  • RashiD Saleem

    Dears ufone good company but its uth pacakge is like other company packages. like mobilink, telenor and other.its like genta packge.

  • usman

    no yar chawal package hy….boht e costly parta hy….i dnt like this….telenor is best….

  • imran ali

    very very economical package hai!

    soch hai ap ki

  • Anonymous

    do we have to select the five F and F numbers?? if yes then how??

  • kashan

    sab kamai ke bahanay hain U\-Fone ke… public ko fool bana kay lootna bus.
    wese be balance me se hidden charges itnay deduct horay hotay hain.complain karanay pe kehte hain kay 24hrs sabar karo.. aur 24hrs ke bad kehte hain hamaray pas asa kuch record nae jis se ap ka balance deduct howa ho…

  • nomz

    yaar ye uth package kaisy khatam ho ga?

    • Amjad Ali

      sir nichy or tangy uper karny se

  • Amjad

    Best package for youngsters

  • Amjad Ali

    If you want to make long call your friends
    u should come on uth package
    u can try this per apny marzi se

  • Anas

    IS uth package main ptcl k kitnay noz fnf list main add krsakte hain??

    • admin


      • safeer

        djuice besy haaa

        • safeer

          djuice besttttttttt haaaaaaa

  • khas nai hi yar.

    warid has same packeg . glow better than ufone

  • Hamid Ali

    Super call offer was best package of ufone but this time Zong is most suitable network no hidden charges and daily charges.

  • zahid siriya

    Salam to All friends……..
    mere pas ufone ki sim 3year se hy but last 20days se ufone ne apni networking bilkul bekar kar di h………
    aur youth package very bad…..

  • adeel

    yr Uth package hy to acha magar ye daily charges ka system khatam hona chayia or is me 1 khami hai 5pm se 12am tak koi khas package nahi hai magar ufone ka super call offer bhot acha tha 30 RS monthly katta tha or 2.99 ganta 24 hours bat karo u to u ……… ye package khatam nahi hona chayia tha — ab ho gaya to kya kar sakta hai laikn ufone best hai yr

  • adeel

    koi ye to batao — FnF number add kasie karta hai plz

    • Nehal khalid

      DIAL 363

  • adeel


  • rimsha

    plz tell me about the night calls in uth pakage???????



  • Nehal khalid

    Dial *22# and ur calls will be free after 2 min’s 24hrs A DAY till 30th july. THIS OFFER IS VALID FOR ONLY UTH PCKG.

  • abdulrehman

    assalam-o-allekum ..ufone sim sab se achi sim hai aur package bhi bahut hai ……my number 03343152151…bye bye bye

  • Shoaib

    Just FNF k liye baqi same ha yaaaaaaaaaaaar

  • murtaza

    koi asa package ho jo sara din free after two mins to all ufone number.tub kahay u fone tum he to ho.other wise warid to ha na.

  • warid free black berry is going to end…….

    please note that the end date of Blackberry SAF Promotion has been extended till 31st July, 10.

  • kashif

    yar zong ki tarha in ko b free call pakg dena chahiye
    kashif chaudhry khanewal

  • salman

    good yaar!

  • Ahsan

    frndsssssssssssssssssssssssssss ye ufone uthhhh bht bura ganga pckge hai bht taxxesss hain iss me plzzz ap ye mt on krwaiyee ga mera rat ko card load kr k sota hn subha uthta hn to crdt end hua hta hai likeee thissss ye situation haiii ufffff in ko to Alaah pocheeee sooooooooooood khorrrrr Kafir hain ye sb

    • AREEJ

      koi yeh bta sakta hy k yeh packade deactivate kaisy hoga?????????/wakai acha nahi y yeh package …ya hosakta hy k acha hoga…megar mery kaam ka nahi hy

  • Sadiq Amin Khattak

    yar ye sary jitny bhi Packages hai.sary k sary young generation k ly noqsan dih hai.ap log khod socho.ye hamare study ka time hai ya sari raat call krne k time hai.sary celluler company young generation k tabahee k ly hai.

  • ali

    yaar ye u circle kese banate hain

  • Adnan Ali

    packege acha hea per Daily k charges nahe hona chayiea the ye per month ziyada hean chahe ap use kero ya na kero daily k apk passy kutte rahe ge ye meri nazar mea sahee nahe hea is se achha packege Warid ne diya hea “Gilo” good by Warid

  • Aqeek

    ASSALAM-O-ALIKUM evryone. yar im so confused k mai uth packege kro ya nhi plz yr ager kisi ko glow or u mai differences pta hai to plz tell me. yr sahi se detail mai btado plzzz thanxxxxxx

  • safeer

    sab bakwas ha uth pckage djuice jagtay rahoo best ha sab pckages ha free call ha fnf koi charges nahi only per day 4rs and wht u want ……

  • Ali

    wah ji wah wrird ki to baat hi kuch aur ha aazma kar dekh lo :

  • Farheen

    HATE the daily charges!! sadly rejected

    • seher

      ap bilkul sahi ho


    Dear ager ap yh janena chahain kh ufone ki sim kis k nam pe hy tu dail krain.
    use ker k daikhain aur mail kr k btain kaisi hy yh.

    • disqus_uP5tEDQX9m

      app really LAIBA HO

  • Shami

    The packege is good but call rate per 30seconds is too much, due to which majority of users would not be able to afford it. The other thing which i must mention that service charges Rs. 1/day is extra burden for users bcz, deduction in 30 days will make Rs.30/-.They must modefy the mentioned extra rates then, users might take interset otherwise, it is just fake, nothing else.

  • swati

    brothrs pzl mujy ye btain k uth ka daily sms pkj unsub kesy karty hain

  • its not a fair package for all users becz its too much expensive to call other net works….!!!!! my FND no also not activated yet!!

  • Nehal Khalid

    Uth Package Promotion to be end today I.E 27 Ramadan 7-sep-10.Now No Free Calls 24hr.But U Can Use FnF Numbers To Talk 4rm 12am to 5pm.


    Yesterday On 27 Of Ramadan Uth Promotion 24hr Free Calls Has Ended And Those Subscribers Who Will Remain On Uth Package Till 14th of October Will get This Promotion 24Hr Free Calls Till 14th November Without any Activation Charges.

  • seher

    mujhy pata nahi ufone sim k bary main kya main use karon

  • seher

    salam and ya ali madad friends can i use ufone sim

    • Nehal khalid

      Yes u can use ufone sim because it has good pacakages compared to other Networks.

      [email protected]

  • samman

    i hav activated uth package bt im not able to subscribe for sms package at 612. it says ur not allowed to subs to the desired sms package. now wat is this yar.
    im doing this for 2 3 hours n cant activate package still ..even called at 333 ..bt the prob continues????????


      Try Dialing 100 to Subscribe desired package !!!!!!

  • mumtaz hussain

    its not a good package . why we wait to freee calls after two minute at night 12 am , its bwkas

  • Gul Hassan Samejo

    هن کان بيکار نيتورک کوبه نه آهي.
    گل حسن سيميجو

  • ayzy

    great i love uf0ne

  • Anas

    Uth pakg main PTCL kay kitnay noz add karsakte hain fnf list main 1 or 2 or 5???
    koi kheta hai k sirf 1 no koi kheta hai k 5 noz whats the truth???

    • Nehal khalid

      you can add 5 numbers but till 15nov no need to activate FnF.


  • s.ali

    yar ya daily charges kya hain ?? explain to kar do kuch !!

  • waqar anwar

    maybe its a better package but all the time you cant wait for midnight to talk with your friends.means charges will occur without using the service.

    anyhow try it

  • munni


    • disqus_uP5tEDQX9m

      KYA bat ha munni

  • sheraz

    jani sub bakwas karty ha ya paasy tu kamaty ha chalo kama lo mager apni sarvic bi tu thak karo bhaina tu call karny waly ki awaz samaj ati ha or na hi sms time per puchta ha farz karo my apny office sms karo ky my ajj office nahi awo ga tu wo sms office off hony ky bad milly ga is ly i chang my netwark apna zoong sub kha do ager yaqeen nahi ata ha tu mujy sms ya call kr ky dakh lo 03138382998 or 1 acha dost pao ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg im watinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • umair


  • Abbas

    koi bataega k fnf kesay add hongay ????


      dial 363… or send an sms to 363 with the numbers u want to add e.g 03331234567,03342345679

  • iftikhar ahmed

    o yarrr daily Rs 1 ki deduction na hoti to mza a jata.

  • S.M.WAFA

    uth package unsubscribe krne k liye kya karna hoga



  • all is well

  • siraj o3459118304

    its good for boys who talk at night. lagay raho sari rat guzar k

  • hira

    how can i unsubscribe from youth daily bucket sms package? plzzzzzzzzz tel me

    • nehalkhalid

      try sending blank msg to 506…..

  • waleed

    o yar main ney bhi telenor ki sim lay le hai tum log bhi yehi kar lo ye ufone walay koi acha package nai dena walay


      whatever only Ufone is best…..

  • waleed

    yaaro ye GPRS kaisay activate karaon main ufone ki sim per……. i have n95… original not china……. help me plzzzzzzz

  • hira

    friends meray pas n70 hai vodafone ka….. telenor ki sim hai… now plz tell me main GPRS kaisay activate karaon?


      goto telenor comment page…


      call 333 and ask them to activate gprs/mms

      mms pckge 4rs+tax 150mms/day


    Now onwards uth to ufone from 7:00pm to 10:00pm will be charged at 1rs/30sec..

  • saim sarosh

    rat ko signal theek nhi aaty

  • Atif

    itX nyx !! :*

  • Ufone jaisa b hai acha hai aur uth pakage sa …….
    [Comment Edited]

  • Mudassar ( MD)

    I think youth package same package of sms is should be give to other packages than its great package than its weak opporunity other wise its waste less market term

  • majeed

    koy bata sakta hai k uth package main fnf number kis tarah add kate hain

  • Noor Mohammad

    mery is ufone ky # 03212368638par daily charges katty han jab ky meny koi package nah kar waya hoa hy.to phir mery daily charges kiyun kat rahy hy?


      People Having Daily Charges Try this..

      1. dial *88#(6 Paisa)(for samsung dial *#88#(6 Paisa) then goto setup by dialing 3 and then dial 6.(unsubscribe mymail)
      2. unsub to 770 (rs 2.40)(BGM)
      3. unsub to 666 (rs 5.98)(UTUNES)
      4. unsub to 5552 (foc)(Music station)
      5. unsub to 491 (foc)(Info services)
      6. unreg to 491 (foc)(Info services)
      7. dial 660 (rs1.20/m) to deactivate double number
      8. dial 180 (foc) to deactivate MCN

  • sarfaraz Ahmed

    ofcourse uth package is a wonderful package regarding daters, but one thing is that I really don’t like service charges Rs=1.00 daily. All the service is fine perfect and superb….

  • somia

    ye fit pakage hai,, under my budgets, jaise takleef hai, dusarey connection mai chala jaye, but UFONE IS THE BEST

    • disqus_uP5tEDQX9m

      jee yeh fit fa mager koi gf nahe ha……

    • disqus_uP5tEDQX9m

      somia muje sa doste kro ga

  • Full detailed Uth Packages….

    Uth Ala Offer (5 piasa) to Subscribe dial *27# charges 17.93

    U-U 10pm to 7pm 1st min rs2.98 next 30 secs 6paisa
    U-U 7pm to 10pm rs1.49/30sec
    U-OMO 1.49/30sec
    FNF 5 U/Ptcl 12am to 5pm 3.54/hr – 5pm to 12am rs.1.49/sec
    Daily charges rs1.20

    Uth Non Stop Offer to Subscribe dial *22# charges rs.17.93
    U-U 24hr call free after 2mins charges of 2mins/rs5.96
    U-OMO 1.49/30sec
    FNF 5 U/Ptcl 12am to 5pm 3.54/hr – 5pm to 12am rs.1.49/sec
    Daily charges rs1.20

    Uth Full Time Mufta Offer (FTMO)to Subscribe dial *23# charges rs23.90
    Uth FTMO – Uth variantes from 12am to 9am 1paisa/hr
    Uth FTMO – Uth variantes from 9am to 12am call free after 1min charges of 1min/rs2.40
    Uth FTMO – U other than uth packages call free after 2min from 10pm to 7pm 2min chages rs4.80
    Uth FTMO – U other than uth packages from 7pm to 10pm rs1.49/30sec
    FNF 5 U/Ptcl 12am to 5pm 3.54/hr – 5pm to 12am rs.1.49/sec
    Daily charges rs2.39

    Uth SMS Packages

    daily sms package (LIMITED Time OFFER)
    sub to 612
    600 Sms daily auto renewal
    unsub to 8612 FOC

    weekly sms package
    sub to 608
    1200 Sms per week

    All rates are inclusive of Taxes.

  • sadam kaleemullah

    sir please tell me what is FNF . i think that it means that friends and family. but i want to know that what is friends and family . it needs any settings or any call to ufone office . plase reply me . my number is 03326733347 . sir i shall be thank full to you .and please give me some information about uth pacakge . i have got much information but i am not satistied . thank you.

    • sadam, FNF – friends and family, is an option that gives you low call rates to chosen numbers. You can add numbers to FNF list and calls to those numbers will be charged lesser as compared to regular calls.
      You need to add numbers first and each company has its own mechanism of adding numbers – you can ask that from helpline on how to do that.

    • Nehal Khalid

      dial 363 to add 5 fnf numbers charges rs,11.95 to activate fnf 5ptcl/ufone rs3.54/hr from 12am to 5pm

  • Asif from Abbaspur, A.K

    Miss Safna i 100% agreed to you. Ye sub time waste karne wali bat hai yar. Phir b ye log nai samajhte nai. sub paisa kamane ka dhang hai.
    http://[email protected]

  • Asif from Abbaspur, A.K

    Han ek bat or. Jis ko krne ko kuch nai wo beshak time pass karta rahe. Magr ye mat bhoolo k shayad Telenor ya koi or network es se behtar hoga.

  • Asif from Abbaspur, A.K

    Agar phir b samajh na aye to http://[email protected] zroor contact karein. shayad ma ap logon k kam ajaon.



  • naveed ahmed

    wah wah kea bat ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahaahahahahhhhhhhhhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahah?

  • ENGR


  • hamza

    how to add fnf num in uth pakege….please sir give me ans my cellnum 03335095013

  • SyeDa AfIyA ShAh

    aP lOg bhAaAT ZaDa TxT Ly Ty HeN iTNa ToO kOI Or nEtwOrK nhI lYtA……:-/

  • disqus_uP5tEDQX9m

    yar yeh to complete detail tax kha sath nahe bta tha ha…….youthpackage kh bare me

  • ahmed majeed

    joh b ufone ka incharge yah mannegar hai mera msg us k liye hai k sirr apniii service b to bahter kry nah aap k pakages to bohat ala han lakin service achi nahi hai signal he nahi aty han….service k lihaz sy warid sub sy agye hai lakin pakage k lihaz sy ufone…..ufone ko chahy k woh apni service b behter kryy…..

  • malik

    Yar uth package main Internet ke maximum speed kya hai

  • mahak

    glow ki copy

  • Fahdy Ali

    sim ko uth packege par lana hai kis tarha ho gi